Jack Harkness

Name: Captain Jack Harkness (likely not his real name)

Gender: Male

Age: appears to be in his late thirties to early forties, but it's estimated he's been in existence fir about 2,000 years

Fandom: Doctor Who/Torchwood

Journal: 51stcentry_jack

Typist: Matrix Refugee

Quick Biography

As typist has been saying, this guy doesn't have a timeline so much as a web of "wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff" for a history. He was born in the 51st century, at a time when humans have spread out across the universe, encountering diverse cultures (and being influenced by them to be a lot more easy-going about sexual expression). As a fairly young man, he was drafted by the Time Agents, eventually leaving them after they erased two years of his memories, and in time became a time-travelling con-man. At one point, he crossed paths with the Ninth Doctor during the London Blitz and briefly became one of his Companions. During the battle with the Daleks on Satellite 5, he was killed, but when Rose Tyler took the time vortex into her being, she used its power to resurrect him. Somehow, this caused him to become a permanently fixed point in time, meaning that he can no longer die or be permanently injured and that he appears to be aging at a glacially slow rate.

After that, he ended up on Earth in the year 1869, where he was somewhat forcibly drafted into the original incarnation of the Torchwood Institute, an organization established on Queen Victoria's orders to keep track of alien encounters and other strange phenomena (in a bid to keep the Doctor from coming back, long story…). He lived through the 20th century, keeping an eye out for the Doctor, and in that time, he reshaped Torchwood's purpose into a somewhat more alien-friendly organization. By the early 21st century, he was the team leader at Torchwood Three, in Cardiff, Wales, whose main purpose was monitoring the effects of the time rift under the city.

There is also a running gag among several folks in production (John Barrowman included…) that Jack eventually evolves into one mysterious recurring character, but typist is not ready to reveal that unless the gag becomes canon.

Physical Abilities

He's an excellent shot and hard to beat in a fight. Clever at planning cons, but has a habit of seeing them fall apart in his face. He's also known to jerry-rig weapons out of whatever is handy (eg. two robots that tried to kill him).

Superhuman Abilities

He cannot die, become ill, or be injured permanently at all. He's been shot at, stabbed, exploded, etc. etc. etc. dozens of times and yet he keeps coming back to life or reconstituting (typist reserves the term "regenerating" for The Doctor). Also claims to be gifted with "51st century pheromones" which seem to add to his nearly irresistible charm.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

None to speak of (unless his ego counts…)


Typist has described him as "a genetic cross between Cary Grant and Jonathan Rhys Meyers." Appears to be in his late thirties or forties, but has lived a whole bloody lot longer than that. Tall and robust with a nicely but not heavily muscled figure. Lightly tanned skin and blue-grey eyes with an almost permanent twinkle of mischief. Naturally tousled brown hair worn trimmed above the ears and with a bit of fringe over his forehead. A face that manages to be ruggedly handsome and boyishly pretty at the same time, often seen with a grin that manages to be playful, friendly, flirty and a little cruel. Usually seen wearing open-collared blue or grey shirts and dark-colored trousers with a 1940s-ish cut to them, topped off with a World War II-era RAF greatcoat.


Cocky and amoral, but at heart he's generally a decent sort. Unafraid to kill (or let himself be killed) where necessary, but has an odd sense of honor. Very charming and friendly with a wicked, somewhat bawdy sense of humor. Fond of telling stories of his adventures (and given that he's been in existence for about 2,000 years, he has a *lot* of stories) but rarely tells anyone about himself. Also: appears to be bisexual pansexual omnisexual — dammit, he will flirt with and/or try to bed anyone/anything sentient that moves and isn't trying to kill him. However, he's a gentleman about it: he keeps his hands to himself, unless that person (loosely defined) is clearly receptive of his attentions.


  • Family: Franklin (father, deceased), Grey (younger brother, deceased), Unnamed Mother (not born yet), Alice Carter (daughter), Stephen Carter (grandson), Unnamed Edwardian Lady (wife - deceased); Verrity (newborn daughter).
  • Lovers: If I try to list these "we'll be here till the sun burns out", to quote Jack himself. But the major ones include: John Hart, Ianto Jones, Angelo Colasanto, and several dozen historical figures including, but not limited to, Christopher Isherwood and Arthur C. Clarke. At the Mansion: The Warden, Lystra,
  • Score card: The Ninth Doctor (really!);
  • Friends: The Tenth Doctor, Mia Fey, Michelle Benjamin, Melou
  • Enemies: The Time Agency
  • Allies: Torchwood Three
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): Torchwood

RP Canon

(What's happened to them in previous RPs, and since they arrived here)

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