Jack Frost

Name: Jack Frost

Gender: Male

Age: Around 318

Fandom: Rise of the Guardians

Journal: snowballsandfun

Typist: Meg

Quick Biography

Like all of the Guardians, Jack was born a mortal boy. When ice skating with his younger sister on a frozen lake, the ice began to crack beneath their feet. He saved her by soothing her fear by turning it into a game of hopscotch and pulled her out of danger with a hooked tree branch, but as a result the ice where he was standing broke under him and he fell into the freezing water. As he died he was Chosen by the Man in the Moon to be remade as Jack Frost. The branch he used to save his sister became the staff he uses to focus his powers of ice and snow.

300 years later, no one believes in Jack and so no one can see him. When Pitch Black the Bogeyman threatens to destroy the Guardians, the Man in the Moon names Jack a new Guardian, much to their (and his) dismay. In defense of the children and to regain the memories of who he was before he was before became Jack Frost he agrees to help the Guardians fight Pitch. Pitch lures Jack away with the promise of the memories locked in Jack's baby teeth from when he was human and nearly succeeds in driving Jack and the other Guardians apart, but when Jack refuses to join him because he doesn't want to be feared Pitch breaks Jack's staff and throws him down an Antarctic crevasse. After he leaves Jack in despair, one of Tooth Fairy's baby fairies (Baby Tooth) unlocks the memories and Jack remembers saving his little sister.

Inspired and filled with renewed confidence, Jack is able to restore his staff and he seeks out the one child who still believes. He does his best to reinforce Jamie's faith, and when the boy realizes that Jack Frost is real as well he becomes able to see Jack. They gather Jamie's friends, and the renewed belief of the group of children enables the Guardians to defeat Pitch. After the Bogeyman is driven away, Jack is happily sworn in as a Guardian.

Physical Abilities

He's a skinny teenager. His strength doesn't exactly lie in the physical.

Superhuman Abilities

Jack is a master of ice and snow, from the lacy frost that forms on windows to iced roads and snow days. He's able to make it snow indoors if he wants. He can also charm snowflakes or snowballs to improve a person's mood and inspire them to have more fun. He can make small, three-dimensional illusions out of snow.

With his staff as a focus he shoot streams of icy magic that he uses as a weapon when he has to, though he'd rather have a snowball fight than a duel.

Jack can also call the wind and use it to fly, and he can balance on nearly anything as easily as solid ground.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

Jack's long, crooked wooden staff that he uses as a focus for his magic and as a weapon.


Jack is a thin, waiflike teenager, appearing to be in his late teens (his official age appears to be eighteen). He's as pale as his namesake with large blue eyes and silver white hair. His hair and nails look like they should be brittle from cold. His teeth are very white and shine like new snow (at least according to the Tooth Fairy). You might think he looks like he recently died of hypothermia, and you wouldn't be wrong. He wears a greyish-blue pullover hoodie with drawstring hood covered in frost and brown wool pants tied tightly around his lower legs, ending raggedly just above his ankles. He wears no shoes.

When Jack was human, he had a warm skintone and his eyes and hair were brown.

Jack can only be seen by those who believe in him (belief in other mythical beings isn't enough, it has to be him specifically), animals, other mythical beings, and those with magic.


Jack describes himself as "Snowballs and fun times." He's a mischievous and carefree person who dislikes rules and obligations and likes nothing more than to have fun and to see others do the same. He's usually happy on his own, making his own fun and living vicariously through the children, but at times he feels intensely lonely because he hasn't been believed in like the Big Four. He's a bit starved for contact and connection after 300 years essentially alone, unable to be seen or touched by anyone but the other legendary figures and their helpers. He can be slow to trust after the long isolation and is a bit snarky and sarcastic as a defense mechanism, but once he considers someone a friend he will do his best to help them even at great risk to himself. He loves children, especially seeing them happy and having fun, and he's much more in touch with actual kids than the other Guardians with their much larger operations.

He is the Guardian of Fun and he can be a prankster in the pursuit of it, enough to land him a record-holding place on the Naughty List. It's rarely mean-spirited (not that he can't be a total troll, at least where the other Guardians are concerned) but he doesn't always consider the consequences of his actions. He tries to live in the moment when he's enjoying himself.


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