Jack Benjamin

Name: Jonathan "Jack" Benjamin

Gender: Male

Age: Mid-twenties

Fandom: Kings

Journal: true_n_the_dark

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Well, he was the boy and Michelle was the girl in this twin set. She was the saint and he was the sinner. Jack in fact did all he could to build himself up into an ideal of masculinity, until he got captured by Gath and rescued by David Sheppard. This resulted in a demotion and threw him into Shiloh's political arena. Made to pull the strings of the new minister of Information, social climber and former exotic dancer Katrina Ghent. The latter blackmailed his mother into a deal which made Ghent Jack's royal fiancee. This was a failed bid to cover up Michelle's affair with David, which only served to further divide the Benjamin clan. While his betrothal to Katrina might have been a good deal for Jack, his mother did not approve of it. This lead to a discreet cover up of the betrothal, followed promptly by an unfortunate (and lethal) accident for Katrina.

Later, having been publically betrothed to Lucinda Wolfsen, a former girlfriend from an upper class family, he is appointed prosecutor in David's trial and conspires with his father to frame him as a Gath spy. He however eventually publicly denounces his father and goes into hiding with the help of his uncle, William Cross, who plans to relieve Silas of power and replace him with Jack as a puppet.

Jack eventually assumes the throne briefly, first acting on his own initiative and demonstrating good intentions. However, under his uncle's influence, Jack reveals uncanny abilities to be a ruthless and harsh tyrant, even though he had dreams of being a good king. Once his father is revealed to be still alive, he is told by Rev. Samuels that he is not the Chosen One. At this point, Jack clearly forsakes whatever sense he had left, and descends into some sort of madness? manipulated power hunger? in other words, omgwtfbbq?

This culminate a council member getting executed summarily by the royal guard upon questioning Jack's legitimacy and his mother and sister being held at gunpoint and placed under surveillance for doing the same. (However, how much of this is Jack's initiative, and how much is William Cross' remains to be argued.)

Jack is however never crowned: the crown is stolen by his mother's artifices, and his father's return interrupts the ceremony. He might have fled with his uncle, but returns when his father threatens blood on the coronation guests, and tells his father he has nothing left, but death, and expects execution, but is taken away instead.

His penance is to be locked up with Lucinda, who loves him genuinely (and had no idea he was gay until it was waaaaaay too late). He can't quite stand her, though, but is stuck with her until he has produced an heir, to be raised "properly" by Silas himself.

Physical Abilities

Jack has all the abilities of a highly trained soldier, but he is definitely an ordinary man, at least physically.

Superhuman Abilities

None, he is absolutely human, despite his extraordinary powers of ANGST.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

None. He shows up unarmed.


Sebastian Stan: dark, brown hair, brooding. While he is slightly resemblant to Mordred (who shares his PB), he is on second glance quite different. No doppelganger RP, please, IF YOU ATTEMPT THIS WE WILL ASK TEMERAIRE TO EAT YOU. /jk ^_^


Very twisted, poor lil Jack is. Gay, and the heir to the throne of Gilboa, he put up a womanizing and carousing front as soon as he could in order to hide his sexual orientation from his father. Sadly, King Silas knows everything, informs him of this, and proceeds to demanding that Jack prove his ability to remain forever in the closet.

Trying to be the son his father wants is what destroys his psyche, ultimately, and he participates in a coup, which serves as an excuse, later to exile his sister, while David Sheppard is on the run. Other casualties? A prophet is assassinated, and presumably other people's lives get pretty messed up after his father decides he is the ENEMY OF GOD.

It's to be noted that Jack gave up his identity, his love, his loyalty to his father (whom he seems to loathe in the extreme by the end of the series), and even his obedience to God. It's quite possible that there's a strain of insanity running in the family on the paternal side, and that Jack inherited some of it. He is clearly emotionally unstable, manipulative, calculating, needy, extremely ambitious and hypersensitive.

As such, Jack could be considered to be exhibiting signs of sociopathy, such as failure to conform to social norms, deception, impulsivity, irritability, reckless disregard for safety of self or others, irresponsibility or lack of remorse.

However, these signs appear mostly after he ascends to power, and his impulsive reaction to his father's tyrannic ways during David's trial suggest that either his sociopathic tendencies were dormant until he gained power, or that his apparently sociopathic behavior was episodic. As these signs also appear after his lover Joseph Lasile committed suicide, one could also surmise that Jack's grief, combined with Cross' manipulations and his original Well Done Son syndrome threw him over the moral event horizon. Jack's previous protective behavior towards his sister and his later inability to follow through with his threats suggest he is indeed disturbed, but ultimately able to regard life as valuable, and therefore not sociopathic.

In short: he may look like a sociopath, but he's probably more likely to have undiagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder, possibly in response to untreated PTSD and total lack of agency over most of his formative years. And we blame Daddy IssuesTM. We also think deep down he needs to be loved, but he won't make it easy on anyone.

Did we mention there were no therapists in Gilboa?

Whether he can be redeemed/healed/whatever remains to be seen.


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