Name: Isolfr (and his wolf sister Viradechtis)

Gender: Male (Viradechtis is female)

Age: Early twenties

Fandom: A Companion to Wolves by Sarah Monette and Elisabeth Bear

Journal: ice_wolfbrother

Typist: Meg

Quick Biography

Isolfr was born Njall, son and heir of Gunnar, a Jarl (lord). As a youth he agreed to go to the local Wolfheall when they came for their tithe of older boys to try to bond to their wolf pups, over his father's objections. He was allowed because he had a younger brother who could become the heir. He also has a younger sister. Soon after his arrival the konigenwolf (alpha bitch) Vigdis gave birth to her litter of puppies, including one black and red brindled female that Isolfr promptly declared the prettiest. The puppy was named Viradechtis and as she grew she quickly began displaying an attachment to Isoflr that was recognized as a bond before she had even reached full adulthood. Viradechtis was identified early on as another konigenwolf who would grow to lead her own pack one day, and Isolfr was groomed to lead with her as wolfsprechend of her future pack.

Trellwolves are much more intelligent than real-world wolves, and all members of a pack, human and wolf, can hear each other in their minds. It's called the pack sense, and it means that Isolfr and Viradechtis can communicate without speaking. She communicates with pictures rather than words, but she's smarter than most and can understand some abstract concepts.

Isolfr had a lover, and while they separated when he became wolfsphrechend of the Frangangford Wolfheall because he had to move far from his original heall and she had received an offer of marriage, before they separated they had a daughter together.


Isolfr is not a big man, slim and barely of average height, but he's strong from life in the heall. He's very pale, with blond hair generally kept in braids and light grey eyes. He is also considered very beautiful, though he's acquired a long scar on his face, along his forehead and down his temple. The wolves tend to think of him as a pure white wolf (puppy, if it's Vigdis). He's stronger than he looks because of the difficulty of life where he's from, and from the previously near-constant warfare between the wolf packs and the trolls. He's well trained in fighting with a battle axe.

Viradechtis is a very large, red and black brindled wolf bitch, large even for a trellwolf, which means she comes up about to Isolfr's chest. Isolfr declared her the prettiest of her litter when she was born. A trellwolf's true name is a scent for those who can perceive it, Viradechtis's is the smell of sun-warmed pine boughs in summer. As a konigenwolf, Viradechtis is a very dominant alpha wolf. She doesn't like challenges to her authority, which can cause a great deal of friction with other intelligent canines or humans who can turn into canines.


He is stubborn, practical and very straightforward, traits especially developed in his position as Wolfsphrechend of his pack. Wolves are blunt creatures, and humans bonded to them tend to become so as well through life in the pack. He is not shy at all, something that also comes from life in the pack, as the majority of the pack sleeps together in one large hall. He is also kind, fair and puts a great deal of importance on honor, as is common in his culture. He believes in more equality between men and women than one might expect because of his own struggles over reconciling his masculinity and sense of self with his role in the pack and the demands placed on him because of his bond to a female wolf.


  • Family: None
  • Lovers: None
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating): Sebastian
  • Friends: Robb Stark (and Grey Wind), Belize
  • Enemies:
  • Allies:
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not):

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