Isolde of Brittany

Name: Isolde of Brittany, or Isolde of the White Hands

Gender: Female


Fandom: Arthurian Legend

Journal: maidenbride

Typist: Tate

Quick Biography

Isolde is the daughter of the King Hoel of Brittany. After Tristan is wounded by a poisoned arrow, he comes to her for her skill in healing, which is nearly equal to that of Isolde the Fair. She treats his wound and also happens to fall in love with him. Tristan becomes friendly with Isolde and her brother Kaherdin, and when Tristan is properly healed he uses his ~knightly skills~ to defeat King Hoel's enemies.

Kaherdin overhears Tristan singing tragic lays about his love Isolde, and mistaken thinks Tristan is in love with his sister. Because of this, and out of gratitude for the service Tristan has provided to him, King Hoel offers Tristan his daughter in marriage. Tristan eventually decides to accept the offer, and he and Isolde of Brittany are married.

On their wedding night, however, he is reminded of Isolde the Fair when he catches sight of the ring she gave him, and fails to consummate the marriage, blaming pain from an old wound. Isolde initially accepts this, but later grows frustrated with the situation. When out riding with her brother one day, water splashes across her thighs and she comments to Kaherdin that the water is bolder than any man has ever been. Kaherdin furiously confronts Tristan, who confesses his love for Isolde the Fair, and tries to convince Kaherdin that she's even hotter than his sister by going back to Cornwall with him to see her. They return to Brittany friends once more.

Later, Tristan helps Kaherdin carry out an affair with the wife of another knight. They are attacked by the knight's retainers, Kaherdin is killed, and Tristan badly wounded. Though Isolde of Brittany is initially successful at treating in the wound, it festers and Tristan knows his only hope is Isolde the Fair. He sends for her, instructing the messenger to raise white sails on his return if he successful in his charge, and black sails if he is not. Isolde the Fair readily consents to come heal Tristan, but Isolde of Brittany, unable to bear the thought of Tristan again being with the woman he ignored her in favour of, lies and tells him the returning ship has black sails. Tristan dies tragically in a ~fit of grief~.

Physical Abilities

She's really good at healing, if that counts. A good horsewomen too.

Superhuman Abilities

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Unusual or Magical Possessions

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Isolde is very beautiful. She is fair haired and skinned, and is particular known for her pale, elegant hands.


Isolde is passionate, intelligent, and not afraid to speak her mind. She's possessive of those she loves, and prone to jealousy. Though she'll put up with a certain amount for those she cares about, Isolde puts herself first, and she'll act to get what she wants if she can. She loves Tristan very much, and though this love doesn't lessen throughout the time they are married, his failure to consummate their marriage left her bitter and unhappy.


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