Name: Isolde (a.k.a. Yseult/Isotta)

Gender: Female

Age: Early to mid-twenties.

Fandom: Arthurian Legend

Journal: labiondaisotta

Typist: Jules

Quick Biography

Iseult the Fair was the daughter of King Anguish of Ireland and Queen Iseult the Elder, say some versions of the story.

She first springs to life when she heals Sir Tristan's wounds, begotten after his fight with her own uncle, Morholt. When his identity is revealed, however, he flees; only to return later, to win the fair princess' hand in marriage for his uncle, King Mark of Cornwall (yes, we know, a lot of uncles floating about).

After a fair share of adventures, her parents agree, so Iseult is shipped to Cornwall (literally) under the surveillance of Tristan. But then, lo and behold, the drinking of the love potion occurs — from reasons disputed among the versions. And so, Tristan and Iseult fall desperately in love with each other.

Once arrived in Cornwall, they resume their affair, but guess what, King Mark discovers what's been going on behind his back and wants to punish them. However, the two manage to escape and they live together in the forest of Morrois until Mark discovers them (he had a nose for it, you'll have to admit!). Iseult goes back to Mark (reluctantly, we might think), while Tristan goes off to Brittany to marry her namesake (not Brittany's).

Finally, Sir Tristan begets a mortal wound — sources are parted when referring to the cause — and sends a friend to fetch Iseult, the only one who can heal him. Off the friend goes but when he returns, Iseult in tow, Tristan's wife lies to him about the color of the sails his friend was supposed to put up if he were to bring the 'right' Iseult.

Hence Tristan dies of grief. And Iseult dies over his corpse. The end.

However, Ysi here arrives at Carpe after wandering for a while through the world of lost souls.


Isolde's PB is Imogen Poots (all image rights reserved).

She is slender-built, with long gracious limbs and elegant movements. The fair hair she's so famous for she usually wears cascading on her back, and it brushes her shoulders, flowing down to her hips. She has a beautiful pair of wide blue-green eyes that change their color by the moment of the day or by the emotions she experiences.


Although essentially shy, Isolde can and will speak up if she needs to defend an idea or something/someone she loves. She is quite passionate and hasty in decision making, and would throw herself at things without second-guessing. Mostly she's very compassionate, empathic and sweet.


RP Canon

Isolde was promptly reunited with Tristan after her arrival at the Mansion, and they renewed their love vows in a very we're-not-leaving-the-room-for-ages manner. Tristan then proceeded to introduce his lady love to his lady friend, the dragon Iskierka; Ysi is still having a hard time getting used to the idea of sharing a home with her in the future. In exchange, she militates for Duck's adoption.

Isolde was happily reunited with her friend Guinevere, as well, and keeps questioning her about her lover Sebastian. She wishes to meet him in spite of her knight's warnings. Isolde also met Galadriel(who subsequently offered her space in her greenhouse), Iggy (who was the first one to help her, give her food and offer her clothes at the Mansion, so she sees him as her savior and protector), his foster mother (who taught her some geography), a mysterious but protective Merlin, a very grumpy Sandor Clegane, an extremely polite and courteous Armand St. Just, and a moody Maglor. She befriended 11-12, with whom she had a very mature conversation, and she took part in Nellas' feast. Though taken aback by Iphigenia's and Echo's odd behaviour, she still thinks they're sweet; also, she did meet Sir Parsifal.

Isolde was the one who took care of Pasha Antipov's wound, which reminded her of the times when she used to heal people. She had an eerie encounter with Elphaba and an empathic one with Celebrian(blonde parties, much?). Among her many meetings there were also a couple of downswings: Mordred and Curufin (none of them very polite or mellow), Aramat Drawdes (who managed to steal a kiss from her and has persuaded Steerpike to stalk her) and Ines Serrano (who apparently can't stand her and her apparent meekness).

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