Idril Celebrindal

Name: Idril Celebrindal

Gender: Female

Age: 'Old' —- yes, very specific. She looks like she's 22-25 anyway.

Fandom: The Silmarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien

Journal: helcarsurvivor

Typist: Jules

Quick Biography

Daughter of Turgon (the King of Gondolin) and Elenwë, who perished during the crossing of the Helcaraxë. Born in Valinor, 1496 Years of the Trees. Her mother was Vanyarin while her father was Noldor —- also brother to Aredhel, Argon and Fingon and son of Fingolfin. Her Quenya name is Itarildë or Itarillë (Sparkling Brilliance). Also called Celebrindal (Silver Foot) for her habit of walking barefoot.

She participated in the Flight of the Noldors and almost lost her life at Helcaraxë, her father saving her but losing his wife. She was secretly loved by her cousin Maeglin (son of Aredhel), but rejected his advanced because she thought he had a dark character and that they were too closely related (ha!).

Her father built the hidden but lovely Gondolin, where she met Tuor son of Huor, the messenger of the Lord of Waters, and feel in love with him as he with her. They were allowed to marry without difficulty (unlike the other famous Elven/Edain pair, Luthien and Beren), as her father loved Tuor greatly and trusted him to a high extent. Later she gave him a son —- who was to become Eärendil the Mariner.

When Maeglin returned to Gondolin after his secret, albeit sudden encounter with Morgoth, Idril suspected something and started to work on Idril's Secret Way. During the fall of Gondolin, Maeglin counselled Turgon against fleeing, and finally took hold of Idril and her child and threatened to throw the infant over the edge of the city walls. Tuor saved the day by defeating him and throwing him over the edge, where he found his death.

After the fall, Idril and Tuor became leaders of the exiles at the Mouths of Sirion. When Tuor grew old he departed in his ship for the West, and she went along. It is believed that they bypassed the Ban of the Valar and now live in Valinor.


Stunningly beautiful, but they all are. Long blonde tresses, a heritage from her Vanyarin mother.

Her PB is Sasha Pivovarova (all image rights reserved).


Idril is thought to be wise and well-spoken, and to be able to 'see in the hearts of others'. Princess of Gondolin, she is noble and refined. She has a quick mind and can think of pragmatic aspects (see: building Idril's Secret Way).

RP Canon

Idril is taken to the Mansion moments after Maeglin's fall, just because typist lacks any touch of maternal instinct and wouldn't want to botch the description of a mother missing her son (too much). So she is aware of Maeglin's betrayal, but not of what came to pass after Gondolin fell.

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