Icarus (Maximum Ride)

Name: Icarus aka Iggy

Gender: Male

Age: 14(ish)

Fandom: James Patterson's 'When the Wind Blows' and the Maximum Ride Series

Journal: blindbomber

Typist: Souji

Quick Biography

James Griffiths was genetically engineered to combine bird and human DNA and implanted in a woman. Carried to term, she died giving birth to him and he was taken by the School. He's only 98% human, with the remaining 2% that of a bird, most likely an albatross due to the color of his wings. While there, he was unintentionally blinded after an experiment to enhance his nightvision went wrong. Oops. He and the other winged children, led by Maximum Ride (they gave themselves their own names in The School. He chose Icarus and was given the nickname 'Iggy') and with the help of sympathetic 'whitecoats' (doctors at The School), he and the other members of the flock managed to escape when he turned eleven and they lived in hiding and relative peace for a few years before being found again.

Erasers (wolf-men created by The School to hunt them down) showed up at their shack of a home and kidnapped the youngest member of their Flock. They went after her and were on their way to California when Iggy wound up at the Mansion.

Taken from the book 'The Angel Experiment'.

please note that Icarus is taken from both series of books, so if you've only read one or the other, you might be a bit confused
*And keep in mind that the 'Maximum Ride' series is very much for teens. It's fun (mostly), but if your a lit. snob (like me), you may be annoyed with … a lot of it. Still! Fun to read!*


Iggy is a very tall (6'4") 14 year old with long,lanky limbs and very pale skin. His hair is strawberry blond and pretty messy,falling across his blue-violet eyes which, while a nice color, are cloudy and usually unfocused when they're not closed totally. His current PB is Johnathan Brandis r.i.p.

His wings are noted to be the color of an albatross (what species is never really mentioned, so I've picked the Wandering Albatross. Light grey on top, white on the bottom. They span a full 16 feet when fully opened and he can fold them up tightly against his back well enough to almost hide them under a heavy, bulky coat. Almost. Please keep in mind that he's also still growing.

For people that get in physical contact with him, here's some fun facts! Iggy's heart beats at almost three times the rate of that of a human. His body temperature is also higher than that of a human (and he likes to be warm). He's very lightweight, but much, much stronger than an average human.


Iggy's friendly and likes to joke around with friends. He can be shy and skittish around strangers, but once he warms up to a person, he's a good and loyal friend. He likes to play pranks as well, though never anything really destructive or outright mean and he can't stand it when others are teased unfairly. Ah, and he's got a fondness for cooking (which he's quite good at) and making explosives (which he's very good at).

RP Canon

(What's happened to them in previous RPs, and since they arrived here)

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