Hive Mind

Name: The Hive Mind

Contact Information:

Email: carpemods[at]gmail[dot]com
Livejournal: carpemodteam

What is the Hive Mind?

The Hive Mind is the Carpe_Ho_Ras Moderating Team. There are five of us, working in a joint effort, although some are more organized than others. We are all people and all friendly - if you have a question or an issue, it's best to let us know - though if the issue is with another person, please speak to the person themselves first. However, we are all contactable by an email to the mod google group, and we're really not that scary. We're here because we love roleplaying, just like everyone else.

Components of the Hive Mind:

Louisa: character consultant and Greek mythology expert. Her characters have been known to have systematic problems with elves.
Meg: Wiki coordinator and the longest running player currently in game!
Wil: sometimes known as the single-handed mod squad for her incredible ability to stay on the ball in the face of all odds. Rumored to have killed Chuck Norris (but probably has not, and is being used as cover by Steven Seagal).
Shar: Since joining Carpe in 2010, Shar has introduced several chars in the game. When she isn't RPing, she most likely has her nose in a book or hanging out with her kids.
Souji: Player of non-humans and unconventional characters, Souji has been with us since Carpe's early days. A rather quiet individual, he may be the game's best kept secret!


Carpe Staff was implemented in October 2011 as a means for players to further participate in the game by helping the mods with administrative tasks. Once we are all organized properly, the team will very likely be expanded. The more of us are involved actively in maintaining the community, the more involved everyone will feel!

The staff account (carpe_staffers )is in use by staff and mods. The mod account, carpemodteam , will however remain in use by the Infamous Hive Mind.

NPC Characters

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