Henry Fitzroy

Name: Henry Fitzroy

Gender: Male

Age: 450 years old

Fandom: Blood and Smoke Series



Quick Biography

Henry Fitzroy is a 450 year old vampire who was originally the bastard son of Henry VIII. Changed at seventeen, he moved to Canada only about twenty years ago and met Vicki Nelson, a very interesting women. He befriended her quickly and fell in love soon afterward, but was forced to change her to save her life, forcing them apart. He kills only rarely to feed, and usually only when the Hunger is out of control. From sunrise to sunset, he is completely oblivious to the world, in a sort of half-death that he emerges from only slowly as the sun goes down.


He has the Tudor coloring, with reddish gold hair, hazel eyes, and a distinctly cleft chin. Very handsome, with fair skin that shows a blush very easily. High cheekbones and generally a refined air, as he was aristocracy in life.


Henry, despite his essentially fierce nature, takes his obligations very seriously. He's also shown to be a gentle and caring lover, a loyal friend. Good to the bone, but impatient, impetuous, and of course continuously hungry.

RP Canon

Currently in love with Anita Blake, though he doesn't know he's sharing her with Sam Spade. However, as he is also sleeping and feeding regularly with his good friend Phedre no Delaunay, he may have to explain himself to Anita if he is too jealous.

Also found out recently during a canonized An-OTP with the Vampire Pandora that he doesn't hate all vampires, and that it is possible to leave the Mansion through flight. He chose to stay when he could have returned to Vicki - brownie points for him. He aided Valen through Anita's first shift and was rather forcibly pushed into feeding on Anita, which he didn't like but could deal with and was necessary. Has comforted Anita several times after she's been bled on by other figments, and has promised her to take care of Caliban Leandros should anything happen to her. As well as promising, after much drama llama, not to turn Anita, should she be dying.

More recently, after frightening Sugar badly when he ill-advisedly invited her to his room, he gained another person he has their permission to feed on, much to his relief. However, this didn't prevent him from needing to go hunting, and killed Ambarussa and nearly drained Jonathan Harker, and bit Mina Harker, which was epically stupid. Pandora caught him burying the former and half-accidentally burned him as a warning, and offered to change him so he would need to feed less, with the alternative of dying if he killed at the Mansion again. He declined, but since then things seem to have been patched up. While his relationship with Anita Blake continues to be dramatic as hell, things seem to be doing okay after much arguing, fighting, and promises. At least, it was until Henry tried to kill Locke Lamora once and would have again. In the process of that epic fail conversation, Anita, Henry and Phedre almost came to a happy Menage-a-trois situation, but then Locke provoked Henry into anger again, and Anita got jealous again, and now they're back to square one, with Anita in full denial mode, Henry sort of torn(ish), and Phedre still heart broken. This was probably the closest to breaking off their relationship that Anita's ever gotten, but with much pleading and such, Henry seems to have made it back into her good graces. We hope that the allied fight against Morgoth will encourage them to be a little nicer to each other.

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