Helen M2

Name: Helen Curtis (M2)

Gender: Female

Age: Early 40s.

Fandom: The Prisoner

Journal: umpteenthdream

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Helen Curtis is the wife of Summakor's CEO, a corporation led by a ruthless man known in the village as 2 and the mother of 11-12. In the real world, Helen was, for a long time, artificially maintained in a sort of waking dream. The Village is a dream present in every single human, at a level of consciousness which runs deeper than the unconscious. However, the Village's first inhabitant was Helen (M2), and it can be believed that it existed in Helen's mind at first. Summakor later recruited other inhabitants for the village, purportedly to 'help' them in their therapy.
The existence of the village is made possible by Helen's waking dreams, which are medically induced and maintained. In the Village, M2's dreaming state manifests itself like a comatose sleep, which makes her interactions with other villages impossible, as her wakeful state in the Village induces the appearance of bottomless holes or voids in the Village. This became clear when M2 spent a day with 11-12 in order to explain to him his origins, the existence of the holes as well as simply spend a moment with the son of her dreams. In that conversation, it is also revealed that M2 has seen everything that 11-12 has done and forgives him. This however does not stop 11-12 from smothering M2 in her comatose sleep in an attempt to free her.
Meanwhile, in the real world, through Curtis (2) a young woman called Sara (313) meets Michael (6), the Village's troublemaker and a former Summakor employee. In a bid to do the 'right thing', 6 accepts to replace 2 in the village, with 313 as his 'dreamer', which ends M2's stint as the keeper of the Village and forces her to return to the real world.

Physical Abilities

M2 has the same ability as any normally constituted woman of her age.

Superhuman Abilities

Despite her 'abilities' in the Village, M2 is just an ordinary woman at the Mansion. However, she has an acute ability to control her own dreams and could create a dreamscape for others (provided they took the right medication to access it.)

Unusual or Magical Possessions

Nothing unusual, just her smile. :D


Helen Curtis is a mature woman (in her young forties) with blond hair and a heart-shaped face. While her face shows signs of age, Helen has aged very gracefully and is still beautiful. She's 5' 7½" , of a healthy weight and always impeccably made up, manicured, dressed and coiffed. She usually prefers in loose-fitting slacks and shirt, in light colors, white, beige, eggshell or things of the like. She is played by the beautiful Rachael Blake.


Helen is now stable - the typist plays her at the end of her canon, after she's been 'healed' in the Village and recuperated from the trauma of 11-12's attempt on her life. Thus, her demeanor is that of M2's: kind, patient, motherly, wise and generally easy to talk to.


RP Canon

2013 update

Helen (M2) - broke an ankle, in Remy's and 11-12's care. She's otherwise okay. Muraki wanted to marry her last month, she gently refused.

In 2010

  • Has been reunite with 11-12, who promptly introduced her to his extended family (Bridget and Angelique).
  • Has been talking alchemy lessons with Alphonse.
  • Attended Angelique's wedding and danced there with Muraki.
  • Met Aramat when they were both little girls.
  • Had a really interesting conversation with Arthur (from Inception) on Dear Mun.
  • Was greeted by D'eon (and Lia) de Beaumont, who showed her around.
  • Met Gellert Grindelwald and scolded him for stealking 11-12's appearance.
  • Had a pleasant conversation with Genkai, though it ended a bit abruptly.
  • Met Hisoka, though she doesn't know his link to Muraki.
  • Has been trying to help Muraki fight his inner demon.
  • Met Nerdanel and should have tea with her one of these days.
  • Greeted Remy Lebeau and was later kiddified with him - he might be a bit of a protege to her.
  • Was greeted by Richard Dinardo and confused him with her questions.
  • Had lunch and a pleasant conversation with Schwanhelt Bulge.
  • Has been comforting Titus Groan as much as she could in her spare time.
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