Name: Hatter. Possibly also David.

Gender: Male

Age: The clockwork's not ticking properly…

Fandom: Alice, the Syfy miniseries

Journal: wears_a_hat

Typist: Meg

Quick Biography

Hatter is a bit of a mysterious figure. He seems to have once been friends with the now Mad Marsh, but that was long ago. He runs a Tea Shoppe, selling 'tea' made from the sucked out emotions of 'oysters' from the world beyond the Looking Glass. He assists the Resistance but is regarded with great suspicion by most, especially Dodo, for "playing both sides of the court" to keep himself in relative safety and comfort. This also gave him the opportunity to keep an eye on the activities of both sides and provide the resistance with much-needed food and supplies. Despite the help the resistance considers him a great coward for not openly declaring his support for either side. Despite this, when the Ratcatcher encounters a young woman named Alice he takes her directly to Hatter, who sees no reason not to help out a pretty girl in a very wet dress.

Hatter has an abnormally powerful right hand. Dodo refers to it as a "sledgehammer" and when a blow connects Hatter can easily render a man unconcious or damage a solid wall without injuring himself. Perhaps there is some connection to his murky past relationship with the assassin Mad Marsh.

He's also practical, wearing body armor and willing to bribe or threaten if it will help him with whatever he needs to do.

Physical Abilities

Hatter is good in a brawl, and has a high tolerance for pain. He's experienced with both firearms and swords, and can drive a speedboat as well as handle and ride a horse

He also, probably like most city residents in Wonderland, has no fear of heights.

Superhuman Abilities

His right hand, for unknown reasons, is especially powerful. It's been described as a sledgehammer and he's been shown to take people out with one blow when it hits right and knocked the edge off a stone pillar when he hit it.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

His hat. It's not a particularly unusual hat, or magical at all, but it's a very nice hat. He does tricks with it.


Hatter is a rather unassuming young man in appearance, skinny under his brown leather coat with tousled brown hair under his tall porkpie hat. He's got bit of facial hair framing car salesman's smile.


Hatter's mental processes are a mystery, lightning quick and often contradictory, making him confusing and often difficult to follow. He's not as mad as some (like his old buddy Marsh), but he's almost certainly a bit left of sane. His heart is in the right place though, even if he sometimes tries not to listen to it, and though he certainly tells himself that he looks out for himself above all (and it's definitely true when he first meets Alice) he usually does the right thing. He's physically tougher than he looks and able to take a hit, but he can be more easily hurt emotionally than he'd ever care to admit. He'd like to pretend that nothing can touch him, using a talent for talk to deflect, but he runs deeper than the flippant and occasionally manic facade would indicate. He also has a bit of a decitful nature to go along with the too-charming smile, messily honest most of the time but willing to omit if he thinks it's in his best interest, your best interest, he doesn't want to acknowledge it, or he just thinks (hopes) it may not happen. He wouldn't knowingly put someone into a situation though that would be genuinely life-threatening if he could avoid it. He's a basically good guy.


  • Family: None
  • Lovers: None
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating): None
  • Friends: Alice, Dormy Adrian Ivashkov
  • Enemies: Mad March
  • Allies: Dodo, Duck, Owl, Caterpillar, (nominally) Jack Heart
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): None

RP Canon

Arrived: Mar. 17th, 2010

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