Harumi Chono

Name: Harumi Chono/Maria

Gender: Female

Age: Mid to late twenties, at least.

Fandom: Paranoia Agent

Journal: abutterflysplit

Typist: pashchan

Quick Biography

We first meet Harumi as Maria in the third episode, Double Lips. Not much is known about her life aside from working at Todai University and being a tutor for a local boy named YĆ«ichi Taira.

At night however, she is a call girl for a prostitution ring called 'Double Lips' it's then that Maria takes over in persona. The two personalities communicate with each other through the answering machine. Harumi is there for the day, and Maria takes over at night. While Harumi has distress over what her second personality is doing, Harumi begrudgingly accepts Maria, as long as she doesn't interfere with her life and vice versa.

One day her superior at the university proposed to Harumi. Seeking no conflict with her fiance over her condition, she attempts to repress Maria from her mind. This works… at first. Maria grew furious at her dominant personality and started to ruin Harumi's life however she could. The conflicts only grew worse and worse until Lil Slugger, an enigmatic serial assailant around the city came and knocked her out with a baseball bat. Afterwords, it seemed that Maria was gone forever from Harumi's mind. (Or not gone for long.)

Physical Abilities

Can probably shag a man senseless as Maria, but aside from that, nothing that a daytime assistant to a professor can't normally do.

Superhuman Abilities

Nothing, until severe mental problems seem to count.

Unusual or Magical Possessions



Harumi is portrayed in the anime with an average height, short dark brownish hair, round black eyes and glasses. She typically wears conservative clothing and modest, barely-there makeup. Her PB is Naoko Mori. Meanwhile Maria has various hairstyles and colors dependent on the wig she wears. She wears heavy, almost garish makeup, and wears wild and revealing clothes. She wears no glasses. Her PB is Destroy X.


Harumi Chono can be described as passive, almost repressive in person. She's usually calm and easily flustered for some reason or another. Overall, a nice, smart woman, but kinda shy. However, Harumi suffers from dissociative personality disorder and has a second persona known only as Maria. Harumi often feels that Maria is a problem, and needs to disappear. Maria is the exact opposite of Harumi, loud, show-offy, flirtatious, and almost irritating. Often times Harumi comes into conflicts with Maria, who honestly believes that she is a part of Harumi and cannot be erased or simply shoved away when convenient for her. (She may have a point.)


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