Handy Abbreviations

We Carpe folk are a busy type, with lots of important things to do. Or, we're just lazy. Either way, there is a specific set of vocabulary, mainly for character names, that you as a new player may find confusing. So here's a list, indexed by alphabetical, to help you with understanding our various jargon and babble. If you need it. You might well not.

Character Names

Active characters

Aggy - Agravain
Al - Alphonse Elric
Ange - Angélique Hubert (Rougon)
Ar (with a capital A) - Aredhel. Also known as Irisse and Ireth.
BR - Bobby Ray
Bree - Brienne
Cal - Caliban Leandros
Cal S.- Cal Stephandies
Cara - Caranthir
Cat - Catelyn Tully Stark
Cathy - Catherine Morland
Cele - Celebrimbor
Del - Delilah Rose Johnson (sometimes confused with Morgana's horse >.<)
Dom - Dominic Cobb
EluTwins - Elured and Elurin
Emmi - Emmeline Fox
Fara - Faraday
Fav - Favrielle nó Eglantine
Fea - Feanor
Feenie/Nick - Phoenix Wright
Frob, Frobish - Robert Frobisher
Fyoosh - Fuchsia Groan
Galie - Galadriel
Genie - Geneviève Émery
Gwen - Guinevere
Iggy - Icarus
Iphi - Iphigenia
JackB - Jack Benjamin
Kling - Klingsor
L - L Lawliet, most commonly known, in game, as Ryuzaki.
M2 - Helen
Mal - Malcolm Reynolds
Mag - Margaret "Blind Mag"
Merls - Merlin
Mur - Kazutaka Muraki
Ned - Eddard Stark
Nev - Neville Longbottom
Nita - Anita Blake
Nik - Niko Leandros
Pan - Pandora
Phed - Phèdre nò Delaunay
Red - Elured of Doriath
Rin - Elurin of Doriath
Schery - Scherehazade
Seb - now used to refer to Sebastian Verlac, previously used for Sebastian
Shadz - Shadow Moon
Sophs - a portmanteau for Sophie Rackham and Sophia Peletier when they act as a team.
SP - Steerpike
Stark - Sandman Slim
Tats - Seiichiro Tatsumi
Tris - Tristan
Tsu - Asato Tsuzuki
TwiSpark - Twilight Sparkle, also known as Sparky
WarrenP - Warren Peace
Wendy - Wendla Bergman
Z - Zhane
Zach - Zachry O'Bailey

Inactive characters

Ad - Adrian Ivashkov
Bri - Celebrían
Cass - Cassandra of Troy
Cleeg - Celegorm. Also known as Tyelko.
Curu - CurufinFiryo - Armand St. Just (from his adopted Elvish name Firyafinwë)
FK - Firekeeper
GR - GraveRobber
Iski - Iskierka
Mae - Maedhros
Mags - Maglor
Mel - Melisande Shahrizai
Milli - Millicent Bulstrode
Nell - Nellas
Ner - Nerdanel
Ysi - Isolde
WarrenW or WarrenIII - Warren Worthington III
Wolfie - Wolfram von Bielefeld

Fandom names

AA- Ace Attorney
ASOIAF - A Song of Ice and Fire, the novel series on which Game of Thrones is based.
BJT - Black Jewels Trilogy
BL - Black Lagoon
CA - Cloud Atlas
DN - Death Note
DoL -Doctrine of Labyrinths
GoT - Game of Thrones (the first book in A Song of Ice and Fire series) and matching teleseries.
HP - Harry Potter (not Hewlett Packard)
LotR - Lord of the Rings
KT - Kushiel's Legacy (formerly a Trilogy)
SA - Spring's Awakening
SG-1 - Stargate:SG-1
SGA - Stargate: Atlantis
Silm - Silmarillion
SJ- Superjail!
SPN - Supernatural
TCLS - The Caliban Leandros Series
TCPW - The Crimson Petal and the White
VC - Vampire Chronicles
YnM - Yami no Matsuei

In-Game Elements

SAngels - The Shadow Angels

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