Name: Gunji

Gender: Male

Age: mid-twenties

Fandom: Togainu no Chi

Journal: rr_hood


Quick Biography

Gunji is from a post-apocalyptic world, in the country that was once known as Japan. He, along with his partner Kiriwar, are Punishers for the Game known as Igura. Igura is played to the death and has few rules, but said rules are strictly enforced. Breaking the rules earns you a date with the Punishers.
Not much is known about Gunji's past and he seems content to forget all about it himself, or at the least keep his mind distant from it.

Gunji, being a Game Over character (as in, you get caught by him or Kiriwar, it's an automatic Game Over) has no real start and end point so he's simply being taken from mid-game.

Physical Abilities

Through genetic manipulation by Arbitro, he does have a few tricks up his sleeves. He is almost frighteningly fast and has intense stamina, able to keep up with the most rigorous physical activities without ever showing signs of slowing down. He's not very strong physically, but his speed and flexibility make up for it.

Before he was broken, Gunji was extremely intelligent and highly trained in a large variety of things. From time to time a few of his learned abilities pop up in his day-to-day life. For example, if he were given a rifle, he might either shoot himself in the foot or suddenly be able to take it apart and reassemble it in less than ten seconds. His weapon of choice is a set of ten inch claws strapped to the backs of his hands.

Superhuman Abilities

See above.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

Has a set of six inch claws that he straps to his hands to use in fights. Also has two belts covered in dog tags that are etched with card faces. Feel free to ask about that.


Gunji stands at just over six feet tall and is quite lithe, his body seemingly made for constant, fluid movement. His bright blonde hair is worn long enough to brush his shoulders, with bangs that usually keep wild gray eyes covered. A tribal-esque tattoo, covering his neck, back and upper chest, is colored in mostly black with a bit of red around his shoulders in a sun design while a red and blue flame tattoo wraps around both wrists. Seven piercings in each ear, six silver rings and one silver stud. He has no visible scars. He likes to paint his fingernails and toenails black "just because." A red jacket, with the sleeves pushed up to show off his wrist and arm tattoos, is his favorite thing to wear. He hates to wear shirts. They feel too confining. Tight black, boot-cut pants and high, black, steel-toed boots that are well broken in are his preferred clothes. From his two belts hang numerous dog tags, each with a symbol of a playing card etched onto it. His wrists and palms are wrapped up with white athletic tape, which he uses to keep his custom-made clawed gloves, his weapon of choice, from rubbing uncomfortably against his skin.


Hyper, loud, annoying, pushy, violent, and child-like are all good words to use when describing Gunji. He doesn't understand the concepts of compassion, mercy, love, or pity, but the first time he felt rain in his memory, he stood outside and just marveled in it. Gunji's mind has been broken, numerous times, and what he's managed to put together in the end isn't even remotely sane. His thoughts jump around, and he's always on the lookout for something fun to do. His ideas of fun usually involve death, blood and internal organs.


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RP Canon

(What's happened to them in previous RPs, and since they arrived here)

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