Name: Guenevere

Gender: Female

Age: Eighteen + 4

Fandom: Arthurian Legend

Journal: sissy_queen

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Gwen was born in Lyonesse, got married to King Arthur after being courted in an improbably silly/gentle way, and became Queen at about seventeen, which was much too young to expect rational judgment from her. Shortly afterward she started a love affair with Lancelot which they managed to keep secret, or semi-secret, until they were both well in their thirties, or middle-aged by Middle Age standards. That was when Agravain, with his usual finesse, brought the affair into the open, getting him killed. A trial commenced, the lovers were found guilty, much death occurred — none of which was theirs — and slowly but surely everything went to hell. After Arthur's death at the battle of Camlann, Guenever became a nun and Lancelot a wandering something-or-other. She died first.
For a short period she was "married" to Mordred. They probably both want to forget it.


She's young, she's clearly young. Her hair is long and wavy, brown, very soft and fine. Her eyes are hazel. She tends to dress simply but richly, an oxymoron which she is very good at achieving.


Gwen is really too young for all the responsibilities that come with being Queen: being nice to people she hates or who hate her, counseling Arthur should he ask (he doesn't often), coping with his crazy vengeful sisters and his strange bitter son, filling in when he's at war or away, running the castle, and making sure the silver matches when people come to visit. It is a little much for a princess who never expected anything more than a very poor prince or a very rich noble. She's in general sweet and gentle but can get pissed off. And then either throw a bad fit, or cry. All in all she's a very sweet, gentle, almost shy girl, who's getting used to a new and strange life. She is good at listening and bad at offering any truly helpful advice, and when she needs to reward someone she usually overdoes it.


RP Canon

2013 update

Guinevere - I… kind of moved her on from Sam by letting her be more fickle than usual. She got saved from a fire in the quake by Mal Reynolds and wants him knighted. Lolarity may ensue.

In 2011

Guinevere hasn't been doing very well, subdued and fairly asocial since the events at the end of 2010. She's however hung out with Gellert, with whom she gets on well, on Christmas night. She also greeted Yukio, whom she thought was very sweet, and Sam Winchester, who was odd, but… compelling. She's going to be busy Not Thinking About Thinking About Sam for a while. Somewhere in the middle of that, she acquired an additional protector in the person of Spike. Apparently, demonic boys and Gwen are the flavor of the year. ^^

In 2010

Guinevere's live has changed in several ways since the Old Mansion was replaced by the New Mansion. She's also met Iskierka, who promptly traumatized her inspite of herself, and later accidentally knocked her out with her tail. She also had several sources of joy, namely the arrival of her bff Isolde and of the generous and patient Parsifal filled her with extreme glee. At his request, she introduced Parsifal to Jeanelle, who promptly proceeded to (yet again) try to make her a Queen, against Guinevere's protestations.

Then, Medraut showing up a touch later caused quite a bit of drama llama, caused her to be comforted by Isolde, Parsifal, Armand St-Just, Sebastian and Altra (Gwen still has to figure out the cat can talk). The fact that she feels no longer safe, however, is prompting her to follow Isolde's lead and seek to live outside the Mansion, despite Armand St-Just 's educated advice against it. However, she is seeking to make this move with Sebastian's assistance, and is thus tributary of his own efforts in finding them a safe abode.

Further encounters include:

  • Gwen has been confused by 11-12 and Gellert Grindelwald's switcheroo, but she remains friendly with the wizard.
  • Agravain tried to strangle her and got in trouble with Sebastian and Mal Reynolds.
  • Altra comforted her after Medraut traumatized her.
  • Bridget was friendly, but confused her.
  • She befriended Daeron, to the typist's surprise.
  • She greeted Enide but had to break sad news.
  • Gwenevere remembered dreams of a friend, and reacquainted herself with Iphigenia.
  • She greeted Iskierka, which created much drama, particularly when the dragon knocked her out with her tail.
  • Guinevere was overjoyed when Isolde showed up, and is now very concerned about her absence.
  • She renewed her friendship with Maglor only to see him disappear once more.
  • She gained a friend and protector in Mal Reynolds when she sowed him back together.
  • She's finally met Melou - and is having a debate with him about what is is to be queen.
  • Parsifal has offered to hear her confession, but she yet has to summon the courage to go.
  • She's thinking about adopting Riku Miyagusuku as a foster parent.
  • She had a very confusing conversation with Uther Pendragon.

The most important event of 2010, for Guinevere, was the Orkneys' arrivals at the Mansion. Medraut was unpleasant, Melou was… odd, andAgravain tried to kill her, resulting in Sebastian laying down the whammy and going into exile, and Mal becoming her appointed protector in his absence.

At th'other place

Upon reintroduction was greeted by:

Also was crackplotted into a rash and duly rescued by Lamorak, very disturbed by Sagramore's words that Galahad is here and that he is Lancelot's son (Du Lac still has to explain himself, on that one).
She is also befriending Maglor, with whom she visited Peredur, the only Arthurian with whom the relationship isn't strained - he even hugged her once.
Later King Arthur returned, but he's a child, and as Lancelot is now off to do Knightly Things pretty much all the time, Gwen is starting to be lonely and bored, and as an 18 year old young lady, she's bound to fall in the arms of someone dashing, like Lamorak, for example. Or to be confused by him, as he went, kissed her, only to go and be cold at her later. It was fun.
Jaenelle Angelline has also been trying to make a ruler out of her, without much success, so far. The POV gun, however, did have an impact on her when Maglor and then Kay fired it on her. She's not as naive as she used to be, but we're still waiting for Kay to tell her about her husband being under age.

ETA: Has developed an odd friendship with her "children" Lleu and Goewin, and feels less lonely now.

ETA2: Is effectively crazy about Sebastian. Even if he's an incubus. She is however suffering from endless discomfort due to guilt.

ETA3: Sebastian got possessed by Morgoth and killed her. It didn't really affect her much in that she forgave him, but she is now highly determined to not let happiness slip away. She has been quite harsh on Kay, mostly for being himself, poor him, and very worried about losing the twin's affections. Also? Her interactions with Sandor Clegane are very uncomfortable.

ETA4: She seems to have some how made a friend in Daeron, and lately visited the Merlin with Armand St-Just.

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