Name: Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckner

Gender: “I am both at once and I am neither one.” Biologically and predominantly male.

Age: 29

Fandom: Cowboy Bebop

Journal: jupiterjazzman


Quick Biography

Gren was born on Mars and had a reasonably happy childhood that he looks back on fondly, keeping numerous pictures on his wall as an adult. However there was some sort of falling out, he sounds like he’s speaking from experience when he tells Faye that she left because she was afraid that her comrades would leave her first. As a young adult he joined the military and shipped out to fight in the war on Titan, where he met Vicious. They served in the same unit and Gren greatly admired the other man, which was only cemented when Vicious gave Gren a small music box that he’d been listening to and saved him from a deadly scorpion. Vicious was hard and closed-off, but believing he’d seen something deeper in him Gren fell in love with him.

The war was lost, and on his return Gren was arrested and tried for espionage. Vicious testified against him at the trial. He was incarcerated in a military prison where, suffering from insomnia and depression, he was given an experimental drug. The side effects severely imbalanced his hormones, causing him to grow feminine hips and breasts. He was eventually able to escape from the prison and went on the run, determined to prove his innocence and learn why Vicious would have testified against him.

Some time after his escape he found himself in Blue Crow on Callisto, a run down and depressed town with no women, and began playing saxophone for tips at a bar called the Rester House. One night about a year after his escape a beautiful woman named Julia walked in, and for the next several months she sat on the same barstool every night, always requesting the same song. Over time she and Gren became friends and he told her his story. On learning that the music box was a gift from Vicious, she revealed that she had her own history with the man and urged him to open it. Inside they found a solar transmitter, forcing Gren to accept that Vicious had been the spy all along and he had used Gren’s admiration to frame him for the crime. Julia left soon after, and Gren began to plan and make a small name for himself in the drug trade selling Lunar Red-eye, though after his previous experiences with drugs he never used it himself.

Two years later he had finally made contact with Vicious and set up a large, very lucrative sale to the Red Dragon syndicate knowing that Vicious would come to make the exchange himself. The night before the deal was supposed to occur, another woman walked into the Rester House and sat where Julia used to. Her name was Faye Valentine. Gren spotted her after fighting with some thugs and, now knowing that it was Faye’s way of blowing off a little steam, “rescued” her and brought her back to his apartment. They chatted a bit and then Gren left to shower, leaving Faye alone in the room when Vicious called. She heard the message that he was leaving on the answering machine and, having her own history with Vicious, she immediately confronted Gren, gun in hand. As he was still in the shower at the time she also discovered his secret. Gren sat her down and briefly explained his history and the situation. Faye tried to shoot him, and after a brief scuffle managed to subdue her and leave her handcuffed on the bed so that she couldn’t interfere.

Gren disguised himself as a woman to meet with Vicious, but once Vicious’s henchman Lin put payment of Titan Opal in front of him he kicked it back at Vicious and shot the case, triggering the bomb that Vicious had concealed inside. He then demanded to know why Vicious had betrayed him, and on learning that Vicious really didn’t care at all he shot at him, killing Lin who leapt to Vicious’s defense. The battle then shifted to the small ships that had brought them there, where they were joined by Faye and Spike, who had come looking for Gren to get information about Julia. Gren’s was hit by a missile fired by Vicious, causing severe internal injuries and throwing him from the ship when it crashed. Spike landed and demanded to know where Julia had gone, but Gren didn’t know what had become of her after she left Blue Crow and begged Spike to put him back in his ship and set a course for Titan, even though he knew that his injuries were too severe to get there alive. If he couldn’t go back to the last place he’d ever felt like he belonged, he thought that dying on the way was a good way to go.

Spike towed Gren out of the atmosphere and sent him toward Titan. Gren died peacefully in the cockpit en route.

Physical Abilities

Gren is a trained soldier, and proficient at hand-to-hand fighter as well as a trained marksman with a handgun and rifle. He’s also trained in desert survival in extreme conditions…for what good that will do at the mansion. And he’s very dodgy when getting shot at.

He also plays piano and saxophone, especially jazz. He’s talented enough to be confident in his ability to replicate a melody on his sax months after hearing it played by a music box.

Superhuman Abilities


Unusual or Magical Possessions

A small, broken music box that used to play a sad song called “Julia.”


6'2" and 175lbs, with straight black hair down to his lower back and blue-grey eyes and very attractive. An experimental drug he used in prison altered his hormones enough to cause him to grow breasts that he generally keeps wrapped in some way so that they don’t show. Has the figure to pass for a woman if his chest isn’t at least somewhat bound, but only if he doesn’t speak and it helps if his face is at least partially hidden.


Gren is a quiet and sad person. His experiences haven’t made him bitter, but he does feel isolated by them. He is friendly toward everyone but slow to actually trust, keeping everyone at arm’s length though he craves emotional connection that he feels he can’t have because of his status as a fugitive and what the drugs did to his body. Alone and desperately lonely, he even “rescued” Faye Valentine from a gang of thugs and took her back to his place out of a selfish desire for (platonic) companionship on what he believed to be the last night of his life. Feeling cut off from everything he once cared about and betrayed by a man that he loved and trusted he as buried himself in the task of finding a way to confront Vicious about his betrayal and in his music, the one comfort he has left. He doesn’t precisely have a death wish but he has no fear of dying, he fully expected to be killed during or after the meeting and readily accepted that.

Though he was initially alarmed by his unexpected physical changes and settled in Blue Crow, a town with no women, as a result, he’s come to be mostly at peace with his body as something he can’t change. He identifies as male and homosexual, but has a slightly androgynous nature that he is comfortable with. He doesn’t habitually cross-dress but will do so when it suits his purposes, such as when he saw Vicious at the drug exchange for the first time since his arrest and wanted the other man to know everything that had been done to him as a result of his betrayal.


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