Grell Sutcliffe

Name: Grell Sutcliffe

Gender: Genderfluid (see below)

Age: At least 100 years old

Fandom: Black Butler

Journal: kidscissoreaper

Typist: Matrix Refugee

Quick Biography:

Black Butler shinigami appear to simply come into existence, somewhat in the manner of Death Note shinigami (rather than being formerly human, like Yami no Matsuei shinigami or Hollywood angels). Grell appeared sometime in the late 1700s, making hir way through the training required by the Shinigami Dispatch Society (which appears to handle cases in an alternate universe Great Britain where Anachronism Stews are the order of the day) without much promise at future competence, particularly since sie was given to flirting outrageously with hir then-partner and future supervisor William T. Spears (one wonders what's up with Grell: shinigami in this 'verse appear to be somewhat disinterested in, ah, certain things, so just where does that fascination with sex come from??).

In the late 1880s, sie encountered one Angelina Durless, a noblewoman and surgeon, who, in a fit of frustration, had tracked down a prostitute on whom she had performed an abortion, and killed her former patient. Lady Durless, also known as Madame Red on account of her red hair and her taste for red clothes, had wanted a child of her own, but after a terrible carriage accident, she lost her unborn child and her ability to carry future children; the fact that her patients were throwing their children away caused something inside her to snap. Impressed with her drive to kill, Grell approached her, offering to assist her. By day, Grell served as Madame Red's butler, but by night, Madame Red would give hir the name of a prostitute to track down and dispose of.

The newspapers caught onto these killings, calling the killer Jack the Ripper, due to the gruesome nature of the victims' injuries (caused by Grell's death scythe, which, despite the name, is actually a huge-ass gas powered chainsaw; we should mention the Black Butler 'verse is somewhat of an Anachronism Stew). The killings finally came to the attention of Madame Red's nephew, Ciel Phantomhive, a thirteen year old semi-detective known as "the Queen's watchdog". With the help of his butler, Sebastian Michaelis (who is, himself, a lot more then he seems), Ciel sought to corner Jack the Ripper, and in so doing, confronted the killer, surprised to find that his aunt's butler is so much more than the bumbling klutz that he seems. Discovering that hir mistress's motives for killing were driven more by sentiment than sie approved, Grell turned on Madame Red, killing her and effectively ending "Jack the Ripper"'s reign of terror. Ciel ordered Sebastian to finish off the matter by defeat Grell, but their fight was somewhat derailed by Grell's flirting with Sebastian, and by Grell's supervisor arriving to intervene. Grell, it appeared, had violated several rules of the Shinigami Dispatch Society, including unauthorized modifications to a death scythe and killing people not on the "To Die" list. For this, Grell was obliged to use a death scythe that resembles… a pair of safety scissors (what this typist and her family call "kid scissors" hence the username!) while carrying out further assignments….

Physical Abilities:

As long as sie's got hir death scythe, sie's competent in a fight; without it, sie's somewhat useless.

Superhuman Abilities:

Shinigami abilities: strength and speed that are greater than a human's, also can withstand injuries that would normally kill a human. Oddly enough, sie needs to eat and sleep like a human, but unlike a human, sie doesn't breathe while sie's sleeping (which sometimes causes people to think sie's dead).

Unusual or Magical Possessions:

None: sie'll have misplaced hir death scythe, to hir dismay.


First a note on pronouns: there's a certain controversy in fandom (sometimes friendly, sometimes downright vitriolic) about what gender Grell is. In the original Japanese, Grell uses the word "okama", a word used in Japan to describe either effeminate gay men or male to female transgender folk, which leaves the matter somewhat ambiguous. Typist finds the argument a bit unnecessary since Grell isn't human and thus wonders if gender as humans know it even applies, and thus is going to side-step the matter by using gender neutral personal pronouns, ie. "sie" instead of s/he, "hir" instead of his/her and him/her and "hirself" instead of himself/herself.

Think of a cross between Ryuk and an over the top Victorian/Edwardian dandy: sie's about middle stature (one character guide puts hir at about five-foot-nine) with a slender, rather feminine build. Hir crimson hair is styled in jawlength layers over a toushe-length cascade in the back; hir face is somewhat sharp-featured, hir eyes are green within yellow (something typical of Black Butler shinigami) and sie's got a mouthful of saw-like fangs, usually visible since sie grins wickedly a *lot*. Typically sie's seen clad in a red frock-coat style jacket with black trim, worn slipped down to hir elbows, a copper-colored brocade waistcoat with black facings and a red and white four-in-hand tie over black trousers and red "do me" boots. Black gloves and red framed cats-eye glasses with a silver chain picked out with teeny silver skull beads complete hir outfit. Speaks in a slightly shrill countertenor with an utterly fruity lilt and a somewhat exaggerated British accent.
When sie shifts to a more human form, hir hair turns to a dull shade of dark brown, worn tied back with a red silk ribbon, plain steel rim glasses and a sober black suit. Also, hir face takes on a rounder, more nebbish look, hir eyes turn a simple shade of green and hir voice becomes a timid alto.


In hir human-like mode, sie comes across as a meek, slightly grovelling, incompetent sort, a bungler given to wacky fits of emoness and making absurd suicide attempts whenever sie makes a terrible mess of things (not that these attempts 'take', of course).

In shinigami mode, however, hir real personality comes out: sie's flamboyant, confident and cocky, histrionic and theatrical but happy to be that way, unabashedly flirtatious toward males and females (mostly males, though). Sie's campy as a drag show and proud of it. Hir sense of humor can be somewhat bawdy and morbid, but gleefully so. But make no mistake, behind this campiness and this obfuscating wackiness, sie's still a killer who takes great delight in ending the lives of the souls sie's supposed to collect — and hir unauthorized victims. It's nothing personal: it's just how sie is. Sie is, however, capable of moments of compassion: later in the anime, during a fire of supernatural origins in London, Grell is seen worrying over a baby orphaned by the catastrophe (sie also claims to want to bear children of hir own, but is unable to due to lacking the right equipment; we're not sure if that means sie's physically male or if sie's just plain lacking in reproductive bits entirely. Typist is going with the latter.).


  • Family: None
  • Lovers: Madame Red (heavily implied)
  • Score card: Sebastian Michaelis (aaaaalmost)
  • Friends: Ronald Knox (protege/student)
  • Enemies: Anyone sie's ticked off (??)
  • Allies:
  • Affiliations:

RP Canon

To be played out…

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