Greenback Jane

Name: Janet Bhai, better known as 'Greenback Jane'

Gender: Female

Age: Early to mid twenties, give or take

Fandom: Black Lagoon

Journal: greenback_geek

Typist: pashchan

Quick Biography

Not much is known of Jane before she first appears in the story arc that bears her codename. She was hired by a Floridian Cartel to create in her own words, 'Perfect Counterfeit Money'. However her employers got impatient and demanded that she make a product…or else. She escaped her employers and ended up in the middle of Roanapur a wanted woman. She came to a church, (no ordinary church mind you, it was the Church of Violence, an order of gun and illegal goods smugglers posing as members of the Catholic Church) demanding sanctuary. Of course Revy and Eda were at the chapel at the time and being true Roanapurian citizens, rejected her. At least until the cartel came for Jane and decided to shoot at Revy and Eda…

Big mistake there.

After some of the other church members got involved with their guns. A large gunfight ensued, ending with the Cartel with their tail between their legs. Afterwards, the head nun Yolanda demanded that the young lady explain her plight. And Jane did… which promptly led to her getting booted from the church, but not without giving her a place to stay and collecting "a donation" from her.

Of course being typical Roananpurian citizens, their kindness wasn't altruistic at all. Eda figured she could use this situation to squeeze as much money from Jane as possible by purposely putting her in danger and forcing her to hire bodyguards. (IE, Revy and herself.) She tells the cartel about the on the run counterfeiter's location… The Ran Sapp Inn. Which is Jane's 'taken from' point in the canon, right before Eda's plan starts.

Physical Abilities

Not really blessed in the physical aspect of combat. But she can run, and tie up people using computer cords, and make fake money like nobody's business.

Superhuman Abilities

None whatsoever.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

Will come with the clothes on her back and a large duffel bag containing her laptop.


Jane is of normal height with golden eyes in glasses. Her short blond hair, coupled with her dark skin often hints at her being biracial. Typically wears whatever feels comfy at the time, which means anything from jeans and a t-shirt to…skimpier stuff. Her PB is M.I.A.


Jane is a counterfeiter first and foremost, and is perfectly happy knowing what she does is against the law. After all, she does her job for the challenge, not the legality. However she does have a noted aversion to violence and compared to others in her canon is rather… sane in her approach to things. (Meaning like Yukio, she's an outsider in Roanapur, literally and figuratively.) Being a world-class counterfeiter, Jane is rather proud of her abilities and is somewhat of an insufferable genius. She also has quite the smart mouth.


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RP Canon

(What's happened to them in previous RPs, and since they arrived here)

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