Name: Sir Gingalain, aka Libeaus Desconus, The Fair Unknown, etc.

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Fandom: Arthurian Legend

Journal: beau_fis

Typist: momentsplinter

Quick Biography

Gingalain was born to Sir Gawain and his wife, Ragnelle. We don't know much about his early life, except that his mother died when he was young, and his father was probably absent a lot, as he was busy doing Knightly Things. Eventually, Gingalain ended up living on his own with no idea who his family were or even what his own name was. All he could remember was the nickname his mother had given him. (Which was "Beau-fis", because he's so ridiculously pretty).

One day, years later, he goes into the forest to chase a deer and comes across the dead body of a knight. He arms himself in the dead knight's armour and heads off to King Arthur's court, where he asks Arthur to knight him. Arthur agrees and gives him the name 'Libeaus Desconus' ('The Fair Unknown'), since they don't have anything else to call him. Sir Gawain teaches him how to fight, though, at this point, they have no idea that they're related to each other.

Gingalain then asks Arthur if he may have the first fight any man asks of him. Arthur agrees, and shortly afterwards a dwarf and a maiden named Elene arrive at court with the news that the lady of Sinadoun has been taken prisoner and request that a knight be sent to free her. Gingalain enthusiastically volunteers, and soon sets off on his first ever quest. He first defeats Sir William of Salebranche and his treacherous nephews, and sends them all back to court to tell everyone about his great deeds of arms. He continues to defeat impossibly tough knights and giants and such, and to send word of his knightly deeds back to court, and so gradually becomes more and more famous.

Eventually, Gingalain comes to a city named L'lle d'Or, where he frees a lady who was being held prisoner by a giant. This woman, named La Dame d'Amour, puts Gingalain under a spell so he falls in love with her and spends a year living with her in her castle, until Elene comes and tells him off for wasting so much time. Then he feels bad and leaves to continue his quest.

Once he reaches Sinadoun, he discovers that the city has been taken over by two evil fairy sorcerers named Mabon and Yrain. He fights them, and wins (of course). As he's kneeling to pray, a serpent with wings, paws, and the face of a young woman comes out from the wall and kisses him on the mouth, thereby breaking the spell that held her. She transforms back into a woman and tells Gingalain that Mabon and Yrain had enchanted her to stay in that form until she kissed Gawain or another knight of his kin. She offers to marry Gingalain (and to give him fifteen castles). He accepts, and they get married. The typist also assumes that, at some point, he revealed to Gawain that he'd discovered they're actually related and Gawain told him what his real name was, but that part's not actually in the legends.

Physical Abilities

Physically fit, and he's a very talented warrior. Not superhuman by any means, but he's always winning fights against giants and powerful sorcerers and such. The legends basically claim that he's the best swordsman in the world, but they say that about everybody. At any rate, he's very good, and given his young age and relatively little training, he's basically a child prodigy.

Superhuman Abilities

(He's half fae, which psychic and supernatural types might be able to pick up on. This doesn't actually give him any special abilities, though. He's a very boring wimpy fairy who doesn't have the tiniest bit of magic. Though his typist does wonder if his fae blood has anything to do with how pretty he is.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

He's coming in fully armed, so armour, a shield, his sword, and the axe he uses as a backup weapon.


Young (only just sixteen), dark hair, brown eyes, well-muscled but lean rather than bulky. He's also really pretty. King Arthur actually said that Gingalain was the prettiest person he'd seen in his entire life. (But then again, Arthurians do tend to exaggerate a bit when it comes to that sort of thing). There's also something vaguely… fairy-ish about his features, though it's not enough that you could tell he's not fully human just by looking at him. But if you know it's there, you can see it. To most people, he'd just look like a handsome (and entirely human) young lad with an interesting face.


Gingalain is very much the stereotypical knight. He genuinely believes in chivalry and bravery and protecting the weak and such, and he takes these principles very seriously. Too seriously, in fact. He's courageous to the point of total overconfidence — he even made a vow that he would never back down from any fight. So, naturally, he ends up doing a lot of dangerous and just plain stupid things in the name of keeping this vow. Even when he's certain he's going to get killed, he still refuses to retreat. If he wasn't such a talented fighter, he probably would be dead already. He tends to be very rash and impulsive about knightly things. Often he'll hear about some situation that needs to be put right or someone that needs to be rescued, and he'll rush in in a blaze of knightly glory without stopping to think first. He doesn't pay heed to possible danger, even when it's obvious, and he tends to not listen if people try to warn him about it.

And while a lot of this heroism is motivated by a genuine desire to help people and Do The Right ThingTM, not all of his motivations are so noble. He's also someone who is very proud, particularly about his own prowess in battle, though it's not an arrogant stuck-up kind of pride. It's a childish sort of pride, kind of like a kid who's just learned to ride his bike and can't stop showing off. Or something like that. To be perfectly honest, this may actually have been the biggest factor in why he went on all those quests in the first place — he wanted to prove how awesome he was and become a famous knight. After performing some great deed of arms, he pretty much always sends someone back to court to tell everyone about it.

Though, as stated, he does have a genuine belief in the principles of ~chivalry~, and it's a very naive, idealistic belief. He's someone who's very naive in general. He tends to always think well of people, unless they're obviously an unchivalrous brigand or something. His own noble and chivalrous principles are so firmly entrenched that he tends to project them onto other people and expect that everyone else will behave as fairly as he does, so he doesn't expect that anyone would lie to him or cheat him, or do any other similarly dishonourable thing. He tends to accept what people say at face value and not really question anything. In other words, he is incredibly, hilariously gullible. Plus, he can be very oblivious, so even if there are indications that what he believes isn't really true, they tend to go right over his head. A lot of stuff goes over his head, actually. He's not exactly the brightest crayon in the box.

He is, generally, a nice kid and someone who's pretty easy to get along with. He's mostly agreeable, and only really gets difficult or stubborn when it comes to knightly business and something or someone is getting in the way of his determination to Be A Hero And Do The Right Thing. He's cheerful, excitable, and at times overly enthusiastic. And though he's a bit self-conscious and easily embarrassed by some things, he's not shy in the least. He's very much an extrovert and is very outgoing and friendly. He talks a lot, and usually doesn't realise if he's annoying someone and they want him to stop. Give him the tiniest opportunity and he'll boast for ages about one of his quests, or the splendour of King Arthur's court, or how cool his father is, or whatever else he can think of.


  • Family: Gawain (father), Medraut and Agravain (uncles), Melou (cousin)
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