George Berger

Name: George Berger, usually goes by Berger

Gender: Male

Age: Late teens to early twenties.

Fandom: Hair

Journal: jusgimmehair

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

George Berger is a young man who believes in love, loyalty and equality among all men. Following these principles, he left his home and his family to live according to his beliefs.When Berger got kicked out of High School, he didn't care much. Like many others, he resists the Vietnam War draft and remains in New York to live a bohemian house with his friends, Claude, Sheila, and others. He and his friend Claude disagree about the draft ultimately, with Claude going to Vietnam (and dying), and Berger remaining behind.


He's been always represented as tall, with a wearing bell-bottom pants, and typically hippy clothes. He has long brown hair. And just generally lots of hair.


Berger definitely has ideals of a better world, insists on his freedom and his bohemian lifestyle, and believes that drugs are a means of achieving freedom and opening the mind. Generally, Berger is up for sex, but without engagement. He sees any kind of commitment as a limitation of his freedom, much to Sheila's distress.


RP Canon

On the Boat

On the boat, Berger was reunited with Sheila and Claude, with whom he had, for a time, a sort of threesome. Claude eventually disappeared, leaving him alone with Sheila whom admittedly Berger cares a lot about, despite his commitment issues. They do sleep together, but that doesn't mean he'll be serious about anything, if you ask him. He also has a sort of friendly acquaintance with Marguerite Blakeney and Armand St-Just, but of course, he remains quite aloof and carefree.

At the Mansion

He's currently waking up at the Mansion with Ilse's help. He was reunited with Sheila Franklin during Morgoth's exploding crackplot (he got covered in ketchup). He's also been meeting a lot of new people, including Tony Foster (he thought he was cool), Gellert Grindelwald (he asked for weed and was disappointed), Wendla (he tried to help her during her dramatic arrival), Muraki (he helped him find his lost glass eye on April Fool's day).

When Effy Stonem showed up, he was happy to help her out, and the two became fast friends (they even got high together during the summer fireworks event). He also met Reno, who seems to think he is a terrorist, and Victoria, whom he thought was weird. He also helped Brian Moser settle in, and gave him his shirt, which was probably an unwise move.

Other encounters include (in no particular order):

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