Geoffrey Chaucer

Name: Geoffrey Chaucer

Gender: Male

Age: Late 20's

Fandom: A Knight's Tale - movie only



Quick Biography

Chaucer doesn't speak much about his past, preferring instead to look to his present and future; what is clear, however, is that his intense curiosity has caused him to lead a vagrant lifestyle, traveling far and wide in search of inspiration for his writing - and his pocketbook. He achieved some degree of success by signing himself on with self-made Sir William Thatcher and company, acting as herald, confidante, and advisor as they navigated the twists and turns of medieval noble society. He has since left their company, though, preferring not to settle down just yet.

Physical Abilities

Geoff is a bit on the weak side, preferring to exercise his brains over his brawn; he's tough, though, and hardier than one might think to look at him. Nothing inhuman. Unusual for his time period, he can read and write.

Superhuman Abilities

Some might argue that his prose is other worldly when he's inspired, but overall, none; and we'll see about that prose thing when his writing is filtered through this typist.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

A suspiciously modern wardrobe for his time period.


The first word that comes to mind when looking at Chaucer is lanky; standing an unusual 6'3" for his clearly medieval time, he is whipcord thin and long-limbed, with a kind of almost jaunty movement about him. He has pale, freckle-smattered skin, light blonde hair, and pale blue eyes. He tends to favor serviceable cotton and/or wool clothing and no jewelry, though his cold-weather attire of choice is actually what resembles a fine yellow-leather trenchcoat lined with black wool. (Played by Paul Bettany)


Chaucer is highly intelligent but commonly raised - he is calm and curious, for the most part, perfectly friendly to those who are friendly with him. He tends to give as good as he gets, though, as he can be feisty and stubborn when riled. His is a bit of an addictive personality in all ways - words, people, drink, and gambling - and his passionate side sometimes scrambles his otherwise sensible priorities and makes him act illogically with his daily example. Energetic.


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