Name: Genkai (Former Name: Chiyo Maruyama, gained the name 'Genkai' later in life and goes by that name.)

Gender: Female

Age: Early Eighties (However, due to the fact that she passed on at that age, she really could be anything from late nineties to early hundreds.)

Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho

Journal: gettin2old4this

Typist: Pashchan

Quick Biography

She was born Chiyo Maruyama in a small village that wasn't too far away from a shrine that had ghosts and spirits. When she was around three or so, she saw her first spirit. When she was five, she spotted her first demon and managed to send him packing. Her village became fearful of the child's abilities and her parents sent her away to live with the local psychic. This psychic trained her the best he could, but eventually realized that the child's abilities were above his own, he then sent her to The Seishin Sento-ki Academy when she was thirteen. A prestigious but very strict academy with VERY hellish training methods. Chiyo was known as a 'child prodigy', and was suggested that she could become a "Genkai", a master of mixing both martial art skill with psychic ability. She eventually earned the title when she was in her early twenties, being the youngest (fully human) master. As tradition dictated, she changed her name to the Title.

It was there that she met the Toguro brothers. She fell madly in love with the Younger Brother, and as soon as they graduated, she along with the Brothers started a Dojo. They had many students, and were fairly happy. Until a powerful Demon named Kairen broke into the dojo and killing all of the students within a single night. Genkai became devastated, and Younger Toguro became forced into 'The Dark Tournament", a sadistic bloodsport of a tournament organized by Demons that has one 'guest' (usually all human) team every year. Younger Toguro disappeared for three months but eventually came back with a team to fill in the guest spot, it consisted of his Older Brother an Genkai herself. They fought and eventually became champions of the Tournament. As victors, the prize was a wish that can be granted. The two brother wished to become Demons, which greatly angered her, who saw it as an insult to their students. After the Tournament, she lived in solitude and training in her Dojo, only coming out for the odd demon-hunt. More information about Genkai's exploits during the series can be found here.

Physical Abilities

You really don't want to get into a fight with her.You don't. Despite her very small size and old age, she can beat grown men into a quivering pulp and more powerful enemies among with them. However she laments that she isn't as good as she was when she was younger. She's also good at most feats of hand-eye coordination. (Including video games.) Can also make a mean cup of tea.

Superhuman Abilities

Has an incredible amount of spirit awareness, and can use her psychic abilities to do various things. (Including strength, quickness, and healing.) More information about Genkai's abilities can be found here.

Unusual or Magical Possessions



Very, very, short and tiny. Is barely taller than most children. (A side effect of the Academy's training upon her young, still growing body. Don't mention it, unless you want a foot to your face.) Is very aged, with large brown eyes and wavy grayish-pink hair. However, when she was young, she was incredibly cute. Body is muscular and rather… modest chested. (Both old and young.)


Due to very hellish training and a painful life. (Parents shunned her, moved from place to place before she was fifteen, saw all of her students dead, and lost the love of her life.) Genkai is often cold, and hard and doesn't take bullcrap from anyone. However, she can be warm and loving once you gain her trust and is a very valuable ally to have. She is also surprisingly pragmatic, and breaks a lot of rules involving honor in fighting. "There's no honor in a fight." is her favorite saying.


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RP Canon

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