Name: Galadriel (Nerwendë Artanis Alatariel)

Gender: Female

Age: Somewhere in the vicinity of 14,000

Fandom: Silmarillion, Lord of the Rings

Journal: lorien_gal

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

The little sister of Finrod and Angrod. She didn't quite participate in all the mass killing and questing in the First age - but she knows all about it and so that means she hates all of her Faenorian cousins. That means you, Celegorm. She eventually ran off to Beleriand with her hubby, Celeborn, and was hosted by Thingol for a while. Then came the second Age and Sauron, and Celebrimbor was her neighbor in Eregion, so she moved to what is well known as Lorien.
She didn't agree with the whole shiny ring plan, but still accepted to hold Nenya, the Ring of Water, when Cele gave it to her. She still doesn't like him, though. Tsk tsk tsk. What with having a nice and powerful shiny ring, she waited wisely for Sauron to be out of the picture and to lose his ring (ha!) before she used hers. And poof! Kingdom of golden trees, a.k.a. Lothlorien.
Then comes the Third Age and the Hobbits, and she helps them all out on their way to the Mordor picnic. Sweet. Somewhere in the middle of that, she has a kid, Celebrian, who will be the mother of Arwen, wife to Aragorn and Queen of the Fourth Age.
She's acknowledged to be the greatest threat to Sauron in the Third Age. Ah.
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Tall, blond, of very clear Teleri appearance. Her hair is said to remind the old Eldar of the light of the two trees. The only person she ever gave a strand to is Gimli. Not even Fëanáro got any, and he was the High King. So there.


Galadriel, at least in her earlier years, was of a somewhat proud and rebellious nature. She was free-spirited, and during her time in Aman had many dreams of wide unexplored lands. Her favorite brother was Finrod, for he, too, shared this vision. She could explore the minds and hearts of others, and her gaze was seeing. It may be because of her unusual beauty and power that she became proud.
But by the Third Age she is also seen to act with wisdom and gentleness. In The Lord of the Rings, she appears very gentle, firm, and wise. She was revered even more than Celeborn by the Galadhrim and all who met her.


RP Canon

2013 update

Galadriel - is surprisingly zen given the losses her family sustained in the Carpocalypse. Then again, she's also very old and has lost everyone once before. She's mostly holding it all together, because she realizes poofing into angst is not going to be productive.

At Ye New Mansion (2010)

Typist having failed to update this regularly, interactions may not be an exhaustive list, and are probably not exactly in the correct order.

  • Met Adaon and had very strange conversations with him.
  • Was greeted by Altra, of whom she thinks highly.
  • Has occasionally baby-sat for Aredhel.
  • Adopted Armand St-Just (novel) to compensate for the angst caused by Feanor's arrival.
  • Befriended Asato Tsuzuki, who has a patch in the greenhouse, and who was the one to fech her when Idril Celebrindal showed up.
  • Saw her daughter Celebrian once at the Mansion, and then never again.
  • Befriended Echo, whose thoughts she can read. The nymph has volunteered to help in the greenhouse.
  • Met Effy Stonem when they were both very small children, and engaged in quiet communication.
  • Talked Elrond into returning at Maglor's request.
  • Healed Fingon after he got his face destroyed by Caranthir.
  • Greeted Genkai and had an interesting conversation with her.
  • Greeted Gunji, who quite perplexes her.
  • Greeted Hisoka Kurosaki, whom she committed to introduce to Nerdanel.
  • Met Iskierka and managed not to get too antagonistic.
  • Befriended Isolde, who also has a patch in the greenhouse.
  • Had awkward conversations with Maedhros before he disappeared.
  • Met Marguerite Blakeney, with whom she has good understandings.
  • Greeted Nellas and Neville Longbottom. Both were invited to enjoy the greenhouse as much as they wished.
  • Greeted Will Treaty, who asks quite a lot of questions.

At Ye Olde Mansion

Galadriel was taken just at the beginning of the third age – she barely started using Nenya to build Lothlorien, and does not know of the outcome of the War of the Ring, save what she might find in her Mirror, of course. Currently reacquainting herself with her family.
On arrival, she:

  • was happily reunited with Angrod and Finrod;
  • had a sort of traumatic conversation with Celebrimbor;
  • argued with Lucivar Yaslana on the matter of would he please mind his own business and stay out of Elven feuds;
  • then had a similar argument with Jaenelle Angelline;
  • was thoroughly annoyed by Morgan le Fay;
  • was disturbed and concerned by Maharet, but as long as she doesn't eat her brothers, they should be cool;
  • offered friendship to Eilonwy.

She also greeted her son-in-law Elrond, and probably will be preparing for more troubles, as shadows forebode the end of peace. In a moment of FTW, she crackplotted herself into a boy for 24 hours, though her sole purpose was to amuse her girlified little-big-brother Angrod.
She also has been having complicated conversations with Jaenelle Angelline about power and responsibility, and found peace with Lucivar Yaslana. She almost found a pupil in Miranda, but the lessons were too harsh for the girl. Pity.
She and the Faenorions have taken truce for now, as the Eldar must be united in the fight against Morgoth, and though she may not lead the assault, her influence on the course of things is palpable.

Elves are like cockroaches, these days, and so she was very disgruntled when the Most Undesirable Cousin showed up (that would be Celegorm), even more annoyed when he went and tried to kill Draugluinand got himself lashed in the process.
So far, she's been healing a lot of people - it's pretty much all she does these days. That would include Jaenelle Angelline - mostly for psychological trauma, Kvothe after Morgoth broke out of his prison, Maedhros after he got attacked by Draugluin, and now the Most Undesirable Cousin, though she's helping that one with much less kindness than the others. It's not her fault she's running out of athelas, dammit!

She also got crackplotted into loving everyone, including the annoying relatives, and had a fuzzy conversation with Celegorm, much to their mutual distress once they got off their high, and disturbed highly Maitimo by giving him a hug. That was fun. She also got more trauma by getting Mae'd and Cleeg'd with the POV gun, and being kiddified with the MUC, thus realizing there use to be a time where Celegorm was indeed a pleasurable and trustworthy companion.

Needless to say, it's all very confusing, and she's talking to Fingon about that, trying to keep her head straight. She maintains adamantly that she hates her Feanorian cousins, but it's getting more and more difficult to be credible.

She had a bit of a precog moment where she saw that Celegorm would be taken by Morgoth in the stead of Finrod- and that she could say something about it, or not. Fearing that giving a warning would endanger her brother, she shut the hell up.
And now, she thinks she's what she hates the most. A kinslayer. Hello guilt. So now that Cleeg is back she's taking care of him, and with the guilt and the sorry, she's decided that what the hell, she was his friend (she's a bad person now anyway), and she's been having lots of arguments with Fingon about that - though he still remains her good friend, while her friendship with Jaenelle Angelline seems to be blooming in true confidantes. After his convalescence, Celegorm helped her build a greenhouse for the house of Finwe's winter needs.
Then Draugluin ate the cousin (Celegorm) and she went stabbity on wolves. Now still busy keeping the cousin together.

Has been snogging her cousin Fingon in secret, fist under mistletoe, and as the effect of a POV gun crackplot, snogs him a little more often, causing much awkward on both ends. We're sorry to report that she misses her husband less and less. She still misses her daughter, though.

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