Name: Gabrielle

Gender: Female

Age: Mid-to-late twenties

Fandom: The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop



Quick Biography

Gabrielle is Queen of the Dea al Mon, wife of Chaosti, and kin to Surreal and the SaDiablo clan. Two of her closest friends are Jaenelle and Karla. All three girls have the exceedingly rare triple gift: They are Queens, Healers, and natural Black Widows. She wears birthright Opal Jewels descended to Red. She became pregnant with her and Chaosti's first child a few months before arriving here.


Slender and sinewy, with long silver hair and large forest-blue eyes.


Dea al Mon witches are known for their fiery tempers, fortunately Gabrielle doesn't bring hers out that often. She can be biting, though, when irritated. She tool great delight in tormenting Lucivar while she was pregnant, knowing that he couldn't retaliate.


RP Canon

Entered: Jul. 26th, 2007
When Gabrielle first arrived, her inability to use her Craft because of her pregnancy was a source of great frustration to her and stress to her husband, knowing that if anything bad were to happen she wouldn't be able to retaliate magically. Fortunately, the remainder of her pregnancy passed if not without incident, at least without anything life-threatening. Their son Aiden was born a strong and healthy little Warlord Prince in the middle of winter, bringing much joy and relief. He is almost two, and she adores him. She and Chaosti have tried to keep to themselves for the most part since Aiden was born, knowing that the mansion can be a dangerous place, and far more unpredictable than Dea al Mon or SaDiablo Hall.

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