Fuchsia Groan

Name: Fuchsia Groan

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Fandom: Gormenghast

Journal: drownedfuchsia

Typist: Spymuses

Quick Biography

Fuchsia is the eldest Groan child, and her parents Gertrude (I would rather hang with my cats & crow than my children) and Sepulchre (I'm a literate death owl), really didn't pay that much attention to her. Very little happened in her life (except tradition, neglect from her parents, Nannie Slagg's attention, and Prunesquallor's notice) until Titus was born. At first, she didn't like her baby brother, but he grew to be one of the two most important people in her life. Titus is one of the few people she can talk to her who actually talks to her. Thus, she is rather possessive of him.

In between growing to find her baby brother perfectly wonderful, her father went crazy and vanished (died), leaving her bereft and with even fewer people to notice her existence. With that, she retreated into a world of irrelevance and imagination.

Enter, Steerpike. That went, well, if by well one means very badly. The one love affair Fuchsia ever has is with a self-serving sociopath. In the end, this causes a moment of contemplation, a slip, a fall, a crack on the head, and drowning.

Physical Abilities

Upon her arrival at the mansion, Fuchsia has few abilities. Having been almost entirely irrelevant, no time was taken in discovering her talents, or nurturing any skills.


Fuchsia is neither tall nor short, beautiful nor ugly, thin, with long black hair, and, preferably, a crimson dress. Her movements are often gauche, and somewhat uncertain. Though 32, she appears to be in her early 20s.


Fuchsia is immature, playful, self-conscious, proud, frightened, and has the distinct feeling of being unloved. She is quick to anger, and quicker to hurt. Sensitive is an understatement, as she's been an also-ran in her own life since the age of 15. She's got a streak of romanticism and will escape into her imagination when needed. Despite this, she is not as stupid as she can sometimes appear to be. She's just never been told that sometimes she can be right. The most important aspect of Fuchsia's personality though, is her absolute desperation to be loved for herself.

Her thinking isn't organized, or logical. Such things are difficult for her, as she's never been forced to think logically. In fact, no one bothered to make sure she matured, as she was left to her own devices.

Like her father, she could easily slip into madness, should she be distressed enough.


  • Family: Titus
  • Lovers:
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating): Didn't Gawain kiss her at one point?
  • Friends: Gawain (poor Fuchsia, forever friend-zoned…), Falkor
  • Enemies: Steerpike
  • Allies: Carol, despite her skepticism.
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not):

RP Canon

(What's happened to them in previous RPs, and since they arrived here)

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