Former Locations

Former Locations

Some characters in Carpe Horas have a history predating their arrival at the Carpe hotel. They can't generally return there, but those locations play a large role in who the characters have become.

The Previous Mansion

The previous Mansion and the Carpe Mansion are essentially the same, transplanted from one game to another. The description of the Carpe Mansion still applies.

The Hotel

The Hotel was a large, mysterious hotel on the beach of a tropical island that funtioned much like The Mansion. Characters would arrive and find a key with their name and a room number waiting for them on the front desk, but there were never any employees to be found. There was a parking garage outside where vehicles that had been owned by the characters at home could be found and a short series of looped roads around the hotel, but no sign of land other than the island was ever found.

The Boat

The boat was, well. A boat - something equivalent to a cruise ship, with all the amenities one can expect, a bar, a kitchen, a ball room, decks, etc. Food was delivered by room service, but again, there were never any employees to be found. The boat sailed on endless waters, under never ending sunshine.

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