Name: Firekeeper

Gender: Female

Age: 16-17

Fandom: Firekeeper Saga



Quick Biography

Firekeeper's parents died in a fire that destroyed their colony in a village. Her given name was Tamara, but she does not know that, or know who her parents are. She was thought to perhaps be the lost prince's daughter, and was consequently brought back from her wolf family, accompanied by her "brother" Blind Seer, to be human again. She still has some trouble with grammar and speech, and has a strange accent, and resembles a wolf in movement and action, with a wolf's understanding of authority and social structure.


Dark hair, dark brown eyes. Wiry.


Fierce and loyal to the few who gain her trust. Wary. Small understanding of manners - sometimes gets frustrated with human niceties and what she sees as stupid customs. Oddly friendly, in a wolfish sort of way - doesn't have a dominating personality and is very curious naturally, with a desire to learn as much as possible. However, she's stubborn and almost stupidly brave, as shown by the fact that she actually tried to stand up to Draugluin.

RP Canon

Very quickly befriended Mabon and was also quickly granted her wish, to be a wolf in body as well as soul. However, by poking her wolfly nose at several armed and wolf hating men, she managed to get herself killed in a month or so after she arrived, by one Henry Lascelles. Mabon brought her back and helpfully killed Lascelles for her, but unfortunately the return to life caused her to lose her wolfliness. Somewhat. Now, she is sort of a werewolfly thing, though in constant human form, she's rather more wolf than human. It is probably a somewhat unnerving combination. More recently, another crackplot gave her her dearest wish - to be able to change from wolf to human form with ease. She's been enjoying this ability greatly and scaring several people. She has, however, made unlikely friends with Edward Cullen, his fiancee Bella and Sir Kay, as well as Edgar Huntly. She's learned a lot in the past few months, and is probably the most well adjusted to the Mansion of all the typist's puppets, oddly enough.

She's also been a good friend to Anita Blake, keeping her warm when she's not sleeping with her boyfriends, and taking care of her when she's ill. Anita and her are quite close, to the point of having confusing conversations about sex and magic babies. She also seems to be gaining a friend in Sugar.
Firekeeper got a bit in trouble recently and was brave in the face of Draugluin's pack - this ticked off Mabon - it's going to go down really well, we're sure.

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