Name: Finrod Felagund, or Findaráto.

Gender: Male.

Age: About 14,000, give or take.

Fandom: Silmarillion



Quick Biography

Findaráto is the oldest son of Arafinwe Ingoldo (Finarfin) son of Finwë and Earwen daughter of Olwe, High King of the Teleri. He is also the oldest brother of Galadriel He was born in Valinor during the Years of the Trees, and he joined the group of Noldor following Feanor to Arda. He became the head of his family and their followers when his father turned back upon hearing the Doom of Mandos, and led them across the Helcaraxe into Arda. In Arda, he was the first to encounter the secondborn Men, who gave him the name 'Nom' meaning Wisdom. He was sent a vision by Ulmo, Valar of the oceans, warning him to build a guarded city which would serve as a retreat against the Enemy. He created the realm of Nargothrond on the river Narog, an underground city which was inspired by his cousin Thingol's Thousand Caves and influenced by the art of Elves, Men, and Dwarves who gave him the name Felak Gundu, which was shortened to Felagund. Finrod, as he was called in Sindarin, fought in the Dagor Bragollach where he was assisted by Barahir of the house of Beor when he separated from the main host, and in return gave Barahir his ring and pledged friendship and aid to Barahir and his house. This pledge was called upon by Beren son of Barahir, who had been ordered by Thingol to retrieve a Silmaril in exchange for the hand of Luthien his daughter. Celegorm and Curufin, sons of Feanor who were staying at Nargothrond, spoke against him and asserted their right to the Silmaril. Their skill with speech was such that nearly all of the people of Nargothrond turned from him, but when Finrod cast down his crown and would have gone forth alone, Edrahil stepped forward and pleaded with the King to appoint a regent with his stead. Finrod passed the crown to Orodreth his brother and went forth with Beren and the ten remaining loyal warriors, led by Edrahil. The other nine are possibly the only characters in Tolkien to remain unnamed. Everyone else has four or five names, and these guys don't even get one. Go figure. Through magic, Finrod disguised them all as orcs in order to pass by Tol-in-Guarhoth, a guard tower built by Finrod that had been overrun by Sauron and his werewolves. They were waylaid by a party of orcs before they could make it away, and were brought before Sauron. He and Finrod battled with songs of power, but in the end the Elf King was overpowered and their disguises were stripped from them. They were imprisoned in the dungeon until one of them would tell him their names and purpose. They were eaten one by one by Sauron's werewolves, but none would betray their lord. When only Beren and Finrod remained Sauron learned their names by overhearing them talking and announced that he would kill Beren and get all the information he wanted from Felagund through torture. When the wolf came for Beren, Finrod summoned the last of his strength to tear free from his bonds and attacked the wolf, killing it with his nails and teeth. He died soon after of his wounds, in the dungeon of a tower that he had built.


Fair skinned, with bright blue eyes and golden hair due to his Telerin and Vanyarin heritage. In fact, he hardly looks Noldo at all when you really think about it, but he's got his share of the crazyFinwean genes hidden in there, believe it or not. He is described as the fairest and most beloved of the House of Finwë.


Kind and very friendly, except where Sauron and werewolves are concerned. He is very just, honorable, fair-minded, and is called wise and faithful. This doesn't mean he is without his own share of Issues, however, he is Finwean after all. He is capable of falling into a dark, cold rage when Sauron or werewolves are involved, and he's also mildly claustrophobic and has a very slight paranoid streak after his stay in the dungeon. Not that he'd admit it, just don't put him in a small area without a clear escape route. He enjoys the outdoors and is often to be found wandering the grounds when he is not reading or carving something.


RP Canon

Entered: Jun. 24th, 2006
He arrived very confused, because he had never ended up in Mandos, and as far as he was concerned, he'd come straight from the dungeons of Tol-in-Guarhoth. He was overjoyed to be reunited with his father, sister and two of his brothers, as well as his mortal friend Andreth and many of his cousins including his best friend Turgon. He was less than pleased to see Celegorm, as he is still angry and hurt over his betrayal shortly before Finrod's death. He was even less pleased to find Sauron present, and they had a brief confrontation in the library that ended in Finrod dying again, though not without causing some damage to Sauron. He now has a sword made by Feanor to prevent it from happening again. He'd never admit it, but he's a little bit claustrophobic after his experience in the dungeon. Edrahil recently arrived, and Finrod couldn't be happier. It's also done wonders for his general emotional state and sanity (and oddly enough, his relationship with Celegorm), possibly because he no longer feels the need to beat himself up over getting Edrahil and the rest of the ten et by the big bad wolf. After a slightly angsty discussion with Angy he agreed to talk to his totallybff about all those feelings he's been repressing, and after Edrahil went for a walk and came back two months instead of two days later, he finally got around to it. And there was snogging. …Or, well, they kissed and then he said it. Either way, there was snogging and declarations of love, and there was much rejoicing. Yay.

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