Name: Findekáno, which Sindarizes to Fingon

Age: About fifteen thousand at a guess, counting time spent dead.

Fandom: The Silmarillion, and related backstory.



Quick Biography

Fingon was born into a Family with Issues, both nouns fully meriting the capitalization. He had several siblings and a lot of cousins, one of whom he famously rescued from a cliff, cutting off his hand (his cousin's, not his own) in the process. Once his grandfather and his uncle both died, his best friend/totallycousin gave up the title and his father died, Fingon became High King of the Noldor, which was nice but short-lasting, as he was messily killed by two Balrogs soon afterwards. (The cousin, incidentally, was understandably shattered and went a little crazy.)


Grey eyes and black hair, which he wears in great plaits braided with gold. Of respectable height, but as he's usually found in the company of Maedhros, who is scary-tall, he probably seems shorter than he is. Thoroughly Finwëan.


Thoroughly Finwëan. Which means: noble, loyal, courageous and dedicated, not to mention inherently a little insane, and in the case of his particular branch: daft. Also pretty incredibly proud, very, very stubborn, and with a formidable temper. Has a blind spot the size of a large mountain when it comes to Maedhros, and definitely not for anyone else Feanorian.

RP Canon

Arrived in bad shape, scaring several people, proceeded to a) traumatize Maglor b) confuse Mae c) set Galadriel on the straight and narrow and d) be veryvery angry at various Feanorians, namely Tyelkormo.

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