Felix Harrowgate

Name: Felix Harrowgate

Gender: male

Age: 28

Fandom: Doctrine of Labyrinths



Quick Biography

Felix was the son of a whore named Methony. At a young age, he was sold to a Keeper as a kept-thief, trained brutally to obey, as whenever the children did not. Keeper would either beat them with his nun's scourge, which left several scars on Felix's back that he allows no one to see, or shoved them underwater in the river, drowning more than a few of them, leaving Felix with a deep and uncontrollable fear of deep water. When he was nearly ten, the city burned, killing his Keeper, his mother, and his one good friend, Joline. He was sold to the owner of a brothel, the Shining Tiger, which catered to tarquins (sadists) where Felix stayed until he was sixteen when a strange wizard named Malkar Gennadion found him and recognized his potential. Binding Felix to him with illegal spells and teaching him brutally to hide his Lower City accent and identity, he was Felix's lover and absolute master until he broke free at twenty two, as Felix hates and fears, but is unable to deny, Malkar. A few years after he believed himself to be free forever, the emergence of the truth about his past as a whore drove him back to Malkar, who stripped him of his will using drugs, brutally raped Felix so he could use the latter's more powerful magic to break an important protection of the wizarding community before sending him deliberately mad to prevent him from speaking of what had been done to him. Only after great trials and the help of his estranged brother, Mildmay, did he regain his sanity, return to his home city, and kill Malkar. We look forward to screwing with him via crackplot.


Very pretty, long, rather uncontrollable deep red hair, pale skin, a fine boned face and extraordinary height. His left eye is yellow and his right is pale blue, and often they have two different expressions. Tattoos, colorful and gaudy, from elbow to knuckle, and is almost never seen without his ten rings that show him as a wizard of the Mirador. His right eye is almost half blind from an unfortunate blow by his Keeper, though he almost never reveals this. Also, his back is marred with a veritable map of scars that he allows no one to see; not even his lovers.


Felix is capable of being a total bitch and absolutely charming. He has a truckload of issues that he refuses to admit exist, and is resistant to showing weakness or vulnerability to the extent of essentially jabbing people verbally to get them to stop asking. He has a very sharp tongue, is arrogant beyond measure, and tends to forget that other people have feelings too - but when he does remember, he is intensely guilty and is very hard not to forgive. He does not take sex seriously, and while he has sadistic tendencies, he's good at masking them. He tends to get absorbed into projects and often convince people to help him with them, even if doing so is risky. Often that risk to them only occurs to him after they get hurt. He's nearly incapable of keeping a normal relationship, fights with the people who spend time with him almost obsessively, and is incredibly neurotic about slights, real and imagined, due to his lower past. When he is deeply distressed or unhappy, his Lower City accent shows through, otherwise he speaks with precision, as though he's been taught what to say, and moves the same way, oddly ungraceful even if he isn't clumsy, like he's been repeatedly shown how to move. In short, this man is extremely screwed up.

RP Canon

Felix arrived in a flurry of flirtation, frustration, and other words starting with f that are rather profane. He was greeted by Pascal Rougon, who was not aware he swung that way until being flirted with by Felix. Who promptly proceeded to sex Pascal up gleefully, which made Pascal awkward and Felix just very, very happy.

This arrival was only the beginning, as Felix moved on with more sniping at Cyrano and continued his relationship with Pascal. However, this was interrupted with Morgoth's arrival, as Morgoth sent Felix reeling halfway back to his madness due to nasty, nasty nightmares. After Pascal dealt with that, Loki made sure that Pascal was going to have a rough couple days by crackplotting the gullible Felix back to his whoring teenage days; upon which he slept with Valen, also similarly crackplotted; and inadvertently pissed off Pascal with the bruises that one sustains being a sadist's whore.

Oh! And then he got eated by Draugluin. That was fun. :D Now back, but rather still in pieces. Just…less literally than previously. The boyfriends are keeping him together.
And apparently Felix is major deathbait, as he got killed again. Fortunately, he came back with no memory of it, so he stayed mostly sane. Until he got treated to an illusion of Malkar, which nearly broke him. Fortunately, it wasn't real. His little brother Mildmay arrived and basically…well, there were issues.

Major issues that led to Felix becoming near suicidal and attempting it, once.

They still haven't actually made up.

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