Favrielle nó Eglantine

Name: Favrielle nó Eglantine
( approximately means of, marking her affiliation with Eglantine House)

Gender: Female

Age: Mid-twenties

Fandom: Kushiel's Legacy by Jacqueline Carey

Journal: a_roughsketch

Typist: Jules

Quick Biography

Favrielle nó Eglantine is an adept of House Eglantine who had a fall just before her debut that left her scarred (some say this was not an accident; but rather an incident, staged by envious rivals so that she doesn't meet her House's canon). She is a clothier, and to begin with she designs Phèdre's costume for her re-introduction into the Service of Naamah. Phèdre ends up paying Favrielle's marque, so that she can set up as a clothier in her own right, instead of being forced to work off her marque in servitude to Eglantine House.

Also, a couple of words about House Eglantine are in order: they are of course part of the Night Court, one of the 13 thus alleged, and do train adepts to basically serve Naamah. This House, perhaps more than others, comes with a twist. Its canon is madcap genius; artists' House - players, poets, artists, musicians, dancers, and tumblers, and clothiers; limit to the acceptable number of freckles; repository of lore and learning; supports behavior in its children reckoned brazen in Cereus; know the art of telling tales as well as that of draping cloth.

Their main belief is that Naamah charmed by the beauty of her singing, and their motto is To Create Is To Live.


Phèdre reckons she's younger than her by a year or two. She has wide gray eyes and a mop of red-gold curls. The bridge of her nose is sprinkled by freckles, meeting the canon limit. There's a scar that twists her upper lip, albeit slightly.


Blunt, fearless, straightforward, and not really caring for appearances – that's Favrielle for you. She's perhaps one of the very few characters who can stand up to Phèdre and get away with it unstung. The two of them start an uncanny partnership once Phèdre buys her marque and frees her from the Eglantine House's service, allowing Favrielle to build a name for herself on her own – and so she does. She's creative, talented, and bold; a true seaming genius. Intelligent and witty, she'll usually take a lot of liberties when handing her customers, knowing they'll be so satisfied with the result that they won't care about being bossed around. Phèdre describes her as 'sharp-tongued' but 'gifted', and says that Favrielle never allows her to forget how the gift of freedom she had offered her is unwelcome, no matter how much she'd prize the end result.


RP Canon

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