Name: Faraday

Gender: Female

Age: late teens to early 20s

Fandom: The Wayfarer Redemption Series



Quick Biography

Faraday loved Axis. Axis was a bitch, and while he promised to marry her, went and slept with another woman behind her back, had a kid with her, and proclaimed her as his. Later, Axis proceeded to allow Faraday to die rather horribly so that he could Save the World. Faraday is not a happy cupcake, as she is taken from immediately post death. She had a child not long before, by Axis, whom she gave up so that the World could be Saved. She is very angry about not being dead and therefore free, as she hoped she might be.


Thick, wavy dark red-brown hair, a beautiful face and large, doe-like green eyes. Looks young.


Faraday is, on the surface, quiet, shy, almost docile and doe-like. But underneath that runs a current of stubbornness and determination, and also a deep and almost bitter anger at the world, particularly men. However, the face she presents is almost always that of a refined gentlewoman, slightly distracted, perhaps.

RP Canon

Much to her own surprise, Faraday seems to be forming a…something…with Caranthir, though she continues to be flighty and nervous. She did somehow manage to talk some sense at him, though, which is always a feat in and of itself. However, a recent illusion of Axis (oh noes!) shattered her sense of security, and she's since feeling even more wary. And not sure how she feels about seeing that man again.

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