Name: Falkor

Gender: Male

Age: Over 100 years old.

Fandom: The Neverending Story.

Journal: 9891_miles

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Not much is known about Falkor's life prior to meeting and befriending Atreyu - though it is mentioned somewhere that he is one of six luckdragons and may or may not be their leader (he is the one to lead them in the battle for the Ivory Tower at the end of the novel). In the movie, Falkor appears to save Atreyu from the Swamps of Sadness and takes him to the Southern Oracle, but in the novel, they meet when both are caught in Ygramul's web.

Either way, Falkor takes on the role of being Atreyu's steed and advisor and calls him my little master, and is loyal to him in the remainder of their adventures. Once the young hero has undergone the Oracle's trials and lost the AURYN during the ensuing confrontation with the Nothing, Falkor is again the one to pick him up after he retrieves the AURYN, nearly at the cost of his own life. Continuing the mission against all odds and every despair, Falkor then takes Atreyu to the Ivory Tower, where the conclusion of their adventures unfolds. In the course of this, Falkor briefly ceases to exist, only to be revived by the participation of the Human Child Bastian Balthazar Bux.

In the ensuing adventures, Falkor and Atreyu are at the first to spot the changes in the human child and to advise him to stop using AURYN and when all else has failed, become the spearheads of the Fantastican Resistance movement. Once Bastian is healed of his megalomania, Falkor and Atreyu take on his debt to Fantastica, and set to finishing all the stories the boy started in his time there.

Physical Abilities

- Strength due to size: Falkor can probably whack the senses out of any vanilla being…
- Unusual physiology: According to Michael Ende, luckdragons never stop taking in air and heat through their scales, which makes eating unnecessary and makes water deadly to them if they are immersed in it for more than a few minutes. Luckdragons are capable of sleeping while flying.

Luckdragons are among the strangest animals in Fantastica. They bear no resemblance to ordinary dragons, which look like loathsome snakes and live in deep caves, diffusing a noxious stench and guarding some real or imaginary treasure. Such spawn of chaos are usually wicked or ill-tempered, they have batlike wings with which they can rise clumsily and noisily into the air, and they spew fire and smoke. Luckdragons are creatures of air, warmth, and pure joy. Despite their great size, they are as light as a summer cloud, and consequently need no wings for flying. They swim in the air of heaven as fish swim in water. Seen from the earth, they look like slow lightning flashes. The most amazing thing about them is their song. Their voice sounds like the golden note of a large bell, and when they speak softly the bell seems to be ringing in the distance. Anyone who has heard this sound will remember it as long as he lives and tell his grandchildren about it.
- Michael Ende, The Neverending Story

Superhuman Abilities

- Fire breathing: Unlike most of their dragon kin don't possess an immense physical strength, but they can still breathe fire, which is blue, as shown when Falkor fights the Nothing in the movie, and Ygramul in the novel.
- Flight: Despite not having wings, Falkor can fly. It is explained in the book that luckdragons are beings made from fire and air. When in flight a Luck Dragon is in constant motion and literally swims through the air.
- Luck: no, seriously. It's epic. Falkor has incredible, remarkable luck in everything he does, as exemplified by his apparent ability to locate Atreyu (and valuables, such as the Auryn) against all likeliness.

The battle between the two giants was fearsome. The luckdragon was still defending himself, spewing blue fire that singed the cloud-monster's bristles. Smoke came whirling through the crevices in the rock, so foul-smelling that Atreyu could hardly breathe. Once the luckdragon managed to bite off one of the monster's long legs. But instead of falling into the chasm, the severed leg hovered for a time in mid-air, then returned to its old place in the black cloud-body. And several times the dragon seemed to seize one of the monster's limbs between its teeth, but bit into the void.
- Michael Ende, The Neverending Story

Unusual or Magical Possessions

None! Though with modly permission, maybe the Auryn will turn up on day, for plot purposes.


Falkor has an elongated, wingless body with rudimentary paws and many white scales and hairs on the length of his body that appear pink in dull light. His head is likened to that of a lion's, and he is considered to have a mane. His eyes are mentioned as being the color of rubies. In the movie, he has a decidedly dog-like appearance, though it seems his novel version was more oriental in looks. Typist is okay with keeping it vague in that respect. His voice is described as a bronze bell's sound.

Falkor is longer than he is tall, with his body making a total of about 15 to 20 meters in length, from head to doe. His legs are about as long as Atreyu's body, bringing them to about 1,5 m in length, and making his paw about the size of a human head. His body's diameter, at its widest, is somewhere between 1 and 1,2 meters. His head is about a meter wide and high. Though he is by comparison smaller than Novik's dragons, for instance, it'd be easy to assume that he could swallow a vanilla human in one gulp.


Falkor is a decidedly good dragon - his voice is a low rumble, suggesting that he is probably over a century old, something confirmed by his assertion that he met the Childlike Princess when he was a young cloud-snapper with a head full of foolishness and Atreyu's great-grandfather must have been a little boy at the time. He can have a playful, mischievous side, and enjoys teasing others (particularly youngsters), but he can be trusted to show up and help his friends in the most desperate situation, just as he can be trusted to give pragmatic advice and wisdom when needed. Falkor prefers to leave planning and other such things to others, but he can be prevailed on to assist in a plan for a good cause. He certainly favors perseverance and optimism. Then again, he knows that being who he is, things always end up alright for him, and for those he chooses to protect. His typical answer to how it is going to accomplish a nearly impossible feat is always "With luck!" Despite such carelessness, it seems his luck never truly fails and is a valuable asset for his companions.

Falkor also has a slightly claustrophobic tendency and prefers to have as much open space as possible rather than be cooped up in a building, regardless of how spacious it may be. He also avoids contact with water as much as possible (but we swear that he doesn't smell!)


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