Erica Reyes

Name: Erica Reyes

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Journal: betapack

Typist: Shar


Quick Biography

Erica is a freshman student at Beacon Hills who suffers from epilepsy and is taken to the hospital after a seizure. There, Derek gives her the bite, promising that her illness will go away. Erica is the second member and the first female werewolf in Derek's pack and also changes remarkably, becoming more confident, stylish and beautiful.

Derek attempts to use her to drive a wedge between Allison and Scott with the ultimate goal of bringing Scott into his pack. The plan fails.

She reveals that she used to have a huge crush on Stiles but that he never noticed her. She also shares that once a group of fellow students took a video of her having a seizure with their mobile phone, including her wetting herself, and then posting it on the internet; she is justifiably bitter about this.

In the pack, Erica is closest to Boyd. At the end of season 2, she and Boyd leave Derek to find a new pack; they are captured by Gerard, but are freed by Chris. While fleeing, Erica and Boyd are then trapped by an Alpha pack, a pack consisting of only Alpha werewolves, leaving their fate uncertain.

Spoiler: As she is not part of season 3, it's fairly certain she met a tragic fate.

Physical Abilities

She can cook and knit well. Most of her notable abilities now are supernatural.

Superhuman Abilities

Beta werewolves in her world are a supernatural species of half-wolves. They usually appear in human form, but can shift to a certain degree into a wolf. Even in human form they possess supernatural abilities and powers. Enhanced strength, enhanced speed, enhanced agility, accelerated healing, heightened senses (smell, see and hear), pain transference (can absorb and alleviate pain from other people/creatures) and memory transference (can transfer memories by inserting claws into nape of an individual's neck).

Unusual or Magical Possessions

Her leather jacket, a gift from Derek.


Erica's epilepsy has caused her a myriad of painful teenage side effects, from weight gain to acne. When she's bitten, her physical appearance completely changes. Like Pygmalion, she becomes beautiful. But she's a Pygmalion with teeth and claws. After choosing to take the werewolf bite, she is described as "sensational". She has blonde hair and brown eyes, and is fairly tall.

(Isaac Lahey, Erica Reyes, Derek Hale)


Erica is a fan of music, particularly Sufjan Stevens, Paramore, and She & Him. She likes knitting, jewelry-making and cooking. Most of her interests formed pre-bite took her epileptic condition into consideration. Now that she's a werewolf, she also likes more active hobbies, like Zumba Fitness and running.

Her reserved manner pre-bite was more because of her illness rather than her personality. She actually likes having claws and isn't afraid to use them - verbal as well as literal. She admits to having imagined what it would be like to steal someone's boyfriend.


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