Emmeline Fox

Name: Emmeline Fox

Gender: Female

Age: late thirties, we're guessing

Fandom: The Crimson Petal and the White

Journal: non_foxy_widow

Typist: Matrix Refugee

Quick Biography

The daughter of Dr. James Curlew, the family doctor to the Rackhams, she was married to a Mr. Bertram Fox, who died before the events of the novel. She spends her time and energy working for the Rescue Society, a group of Christian women who seek to help London prostitutes off the street and into honest employment (usually as domestic servants). She's the closest thing to a ladyfriend of Henry Rackham, a would-be cleric and brother to William Rackham (if Henry would just get over his hang-ups and Get Busy with her, however one chooses to define that). At Henry's death, she inherits his property (including his furniture, his books and his cat), which ends up cluttering up her house: it's if, because she couldn't get the guy, she's happy to hang onto his stuff out of sentimental reasons.

Physical Abilities

The standard abilities of an average middle middle-class woman of Victorian/Edwardian England, but knows her way about a kitchen better than her peers. Good at discussing religion with people and will gladly share appropriate readings from the Bible with them, but doesn't jam it down people's throats (typist can see her trying to start a Bible study group at the Mansion, with hilarious results).

Superhuman Abilities

None to speak of, plain vanilla mortal

Unusual or Magical Possessions

None of those, either


Not pretty, not beautiful, and with her long face, is probably rather plain (William Rackham's crazy friends Bodley and Ashwell say that she "looks like a greyhound"). Her hair is described as being frizzy and typist had the mental image of it being a mousy platinum blonde starting to yield to grey. Rather thin as a result of her consumption-like illness, but She Got Better.


Surprisingly, she's not jaded by the depravity she's witnessed in her line of work. Generous and kind to a fault: she's known to wear out her own strength as she works to help the less fortunate, but she's not doing this to look good or because it's her Christian Duty: she does this because she believes in helping people. She's a genuinely optimistic person and a truly kind woman who believes in the inherent goodness of man and that people can better themselves if they put their mind to it and put their faith in God to help them as they help themselves. Her views on the relation between faith and reason are refreshingly open-minded: she thinks, for instance, that people arguing for or against Darwinian evolution are being ridiculous about it, especially since it ends up alienating people. In public, she's a proper and modest without being stuffy about it (in private, she's not above things like loosening her corset or sleeping in the nude, though there's an innocence about her).


  • Family: Dr. Curlew (father)
  • Lovers: Mr. Bertram Fox (husband, deceased)
  • Score card:
  • Friends: the Rackham family, particularly Henry
  • Enemies:
  • Allies:
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not):

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