Elured and Elurin

Name: Elured and Elurin

Gender: Male

Age: 70 elf years, about 18 years of maturity.

Fandom: The Silmarillion

Journal: eluredelurin

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Eluréd and Elurín were the twin sons of Dior Eluchíl, son of Beren and Lúthien, and Dior's Elven wife, Nimloth.
Eluréd and Elurín were both named after their great-grandfather Elu Thingol, King of Doriath. Their names are Sindarin for "Heir of Elu" and "Remembrance of Elu", respectively. They had a younger sister Elwing.
The infants Eluréd and Elurín lived with their father in Menegroth, but during the Sack of Menegroth by the Sons of Fëanor they were seized by the servants of Celegorm and abandoned in the forest to die. The eldest son of Fëanor, Maedhros, repented of the deed and sought in vain for them.
According to The Silmarillion the children were never found, and were presumed to have perished in the forest. Tradition among the Nandor of Ossiriand held that they were led to the safety of the woodlands by birds and beasts, and survived.


Beautiful blond boys, identical physically. Shorter than any Noldo around, and visibly elven.


Elured is angrier, less innocent and more introverted than his brother Elurin who is therefore more naive, outgoing and overall carefree. The brothers cannot stand to be apart, yet fight all the time. As they grow older, Elured matures a lot and becomes quite self-contained and responsible, while his brother Elurin remains more fragile and immature.


RP Canon

At ye olde Mansion

So far were greeted by Firekeeper, Lucivar Yaslana, Celegorm, Ambarussa, Finrod and Daeron. They appointed the latter their guardian, adopted Finrod as an uncle and Firekeeper as a pack member. While Elurin and Telvo seem to be getting on well enough, Elured will be hard to conquer, for the Feanorians, honorary of otherwise.
ETA1: Gabrielle made cookies. The cookies made the boys into teens. They promptly got girlfriends: Elurin is dating Iphigenia, who doesn't know she used to baby-sit him, while Elured is dating Arianna, his childhood sweetheart.
ETA2: The boys are pissed off at Daeron for lying to them, at Caranthir for killing Daeron, at Celegorm for trying to abduct Luthien, and at Luthien for not caring about them existing. They're very happy that Finrod exists, though.
ETA3: The boys are currently grounded by Galadriel after a prank they pulled with Molly Carpenter at the expense of Kay. Alas, the game went awry and Galie got angry. The fact that they are now crackplotted back to toddler age and that Galadriel is a lioness has been putting things in perspective, though.
ETA4: After Curufin arrived, the boys became very close to Aaron, who has been training them. Elured intended to exact a vengeance on a Feanorian who seems to be very unrepentant. His brother isn't sure he approves. This eventually came down with Paulinka Erdnuss as a witness, and much drama ensued. They still have awkward conversations with Celegorm from time to time, and occasionally wonder where the hell Daeron went.

In 2010

Later issues have included Elured pissing off Saetan, Elurin finally getting over Iphigenia (who had disappeared due to her abduction by a pre-reset Steerpike) and both of them befriending Ilse.

Other encounters include:

  • Meeting Adrian Ivashkov and taking him on as a sparring partner (as well as being introduced to beer by him);
  • Greeting Asato;
  • Hanging out with Locke Lamora;
  • Befriending Tsuzuki after some awkward;
  • Pranking the Mansion and therefore incurring the wrath of Kazutaka Muraki, which he has yet to express on them;
  • Greeting Celebrian and helping her find Elrond;
  • Helping Duck with getting a bar for her exercises in the ballroom;
  • Befriending Nellas and greeting Idril Celebrindal (thus fanboying her quietly) before both disappeared;
  • Snubbing Melou magnificently;
  • Meeting up with Murata Ken and eventually helping pick up the critters which were later over grown by Morgoth (thankfully, they do not know this), and in the same night rescuing Curufin from a giant snake and teaming up with him against a monstrous spider, which led to much awkward;
  • Starting a food fight with Ilse at Robb Stark's wedding, only to be interrupted by Blind Mag, whom they adopted then as an aunt figure;
  • Having long and extremely interesting conversations with Temeraire.
  • Being kiddified with Fuchsia Groan and Katniss Everdeen, with whom much awkward was had.

2013 update

Elured and Elurin are certainly in some sort of limbo. They’re currently up a tree in the apocalypse’s aftermath, with Ryuk – and I’m not sure if that’ll get them to come down or not.

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