Name: Elrond Peredhel Earendilion

Gender: Male

Age: Old

Fandom: The Silmarillion



Quick Biography

Elrond and his twin brother Elros were born to Earendil the Mariner and his wife Elwing at the Havens by the mouth of the Sirion, where Elwing had fled with the Silmaril after the sack of Doriath. The year of their birth, Earendil set sail for the Western sea, attempting to reach Valinor. Elwing remained behind with their sons at the Havens. Six years later, the surviving sons of Feanor, Maedhros, Maglor and Amrod decended upon the Havens in an attempt to retrieve the Silmaril. Amrod was slain, and Elwing escaped with the Silmaril by throwing herself into the sea, where Ulmo saved her life by transforming her into a seabird so that she could fly until she reached Earendil's ship, Vinglot. Their young sons were left behind and captured by Maedhros and Maglor, who took pity on them and spared their lives. They raised the boys, and they became close as family despite the manner of their meeting. It probably helped that they were so young and had never really met their father. When the boys had grown to adulthood, during the War of Wrath, they were sent to the High King Gil-Galad before Maedhros and Maglor went to reclaim the Silmarils. Maedhros threw himself and the Silmaril into a firey crevasse in the earth and died, Maglor threw his into the ocean and forever wandered the shores of Middle Earth, though Elrond never saw him again, though he searched as he could. Both twins were given a choice between the Gift of the Elves and the Gift of Men, Elros chose the Gift of Men and became the mortal king of Numenor, where he ruled for the remainder of his five centuries of life. Elrond chose to be counted among the Elves.

In the second age, Elrond became the herald of Gil-Galad. In this time he also knew and becamse close to the lady Galadriel and Celebrimbor, grandson of Feanor and lord of Eregion. He was among those who distrusted Annatar when he was among the Elves of Ost-in-Edhil. When Annatar's true identity and betreyal was discovered the Three Rings were sent to Gil-Galad, Galadriel and Cirdan, and Elrond was sent with an army to aide Celebrimbor, but Sauron's forces were too great and he arrived too late. The city was already lost, Celebrimbor dead and both the Seven and the Nine Rings under Sauron's power. He was driven back to a deep valley where he founded the stronghold of Imladris (Rivendell). He was placed under seige as Sauron attacked Gil-Galad's main forces in Lindon, in search of the Three Rings. Sauron was eventually routed, and on the advice of the White Council, Eregion was abandoned for Imladris and Elrond was entrusted with Vilya by Gil-Galad, the most powerful of the Rings.

At the end of the Second Age, the Last Alliance of Elves and Men was formed and marched on Sauron in Mordor, eventually placing him under seige in his fortress of Barad-dur for seven years. In the final battle Sauron's power was broken but Elendil the leader of Men was slain, as was Gil-Galad with only Elrond and Cirdan at his side. Elendil's son Isildur had cut the One Ring from Sauron's hand, physically destroying him, but he could not truely die as long as the power of the Ring remained. Isildur refused to throw the Ring into the fires of Orodruin, and when he and his guard were ambushed and slain on the Gladden Fields it was lost.

The early years of the Third age, though, were peaceful. Elrond returned to Imladris and married Celebrian, daughter of Galadriel. He likely had the right to claim the High Kingship of the Noldor in Middle Earth following Gil-Galad's death as he is decended from Turgon, son of Fingolfin, but he never did. Instead he remained lord of only Imladris, and was known as a Healer and Loremaster.


Tall and far, ageless in the manner of Elves with dark hair and grey eyes. Basically Noldorin, despite his heavily mixed heritage from his Elven, Maian and Human ancestory.

The ring Vilya, the Ring of Air and the mightiest of the Elven rings, is a deep blue stone set in a gold band. Its siblings are Narya, the ring of Fire worn in the third age by Gandalf, and Nenya the ring of Water worn by Galadriel.


Fair, honest, just, and "kind as summer." Astonishingly sane and sensible for someone who was descended from Finweans raised by Feanorians, really. He prefers to think of himself as a scholar more than a warrior, though he is more than competent in battle. Though he is known as the son of Earendil, he never actually knew his father and lost his mother at a very young age, so although they may not be the most popular of people in Middle Earth, he considers Maglor and Maedhros to be his parents as much as those who gave birth to him and tried to find Maglor after his disappearance at the end of the first age, not knowing that he was actually secretly watching over Elrond from a distance while he was in Lindon.


RP Canon

Entered: Aug. 1st, 2008
Elrond was pleased to be reunited with some people that he had known in Middle Earth, and to meet others who had died before his birth. He wasn't so happy though to meet Caranthir, who was seeing Melisande Shahrizai at the time, because Melisande wanted an object of power and Celebrimbor had refused to make her one. She met Elrond briefly and noticed Vilya, she immediately set about convincing Caranthir to claim the ring for her. Elrond was briefly successful in talking Caranthir down by telling him that Caranthir's brothers had raised him, but Melisande's grip on him was stronger and the second time he came upon Elrond in secret and stabbed him in the back. Elrond died, and Caranthir took the ring. He was ridden with guilt, though, and was quickly killed in turn by Melisande when she discovered that he was having second thoughts. Lydia, Celebrimbor's lover, was the first to find Melisande and reclaimed the ring before feeding her to the wolves. The ring was returned to Celebrimbor who kept it safe as they awaited the return of Elrond. It took him some time to return but he eventually did, much to his family's relief. There was incredible awkward with Caranthir, and Celebrimbor returned the ring to him. Not long after, though, with Galadriel's knowledge Elrond decided to withdraw to a place away from the Mansion, feeling unsafe within its walls and fearing that his presence and that of Vilya would cause unnecessary discord.

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