Name: Eda

Gender: Female

Age: Assumed early thirties.

Fandom: Black Lagoon

Journal: nuns4money

Typist: Pashchan

Quick Biography

Not much was known about Eda, (at least at her home, the wretched hive known as Roanapur) it was in this place, where Eda worked at an illegal imports storehouse that had a front as a Catholic Church, named "The Church of Violence". It was there she sold various illegal imports, mostly weapons. They were often known to mark up the price of weapons and do double dealing. Earning them another name, "The Rip-Off Church". To those that actually know Eda, she is a C.I.A. agent that was sent to Roananpur undercover for still unknown reasons. (Eda most likely isn't her real name, but due to the fact that this typist is working with canon that is still ongoing, it will still stay unknown.)

Physical Abilities

Due to a combination of C.I.A. training and the powder keg surroundings that Ronanapur provides on a near daily basis, Eda is a very capable shooter and hand to hand combatant. Despite her friend Revy's complaints that she's "second rate". Also, due to her work as a weapons seller, she knows many kinds of firearms and weapons and possibly knows how to use them.

Superhuman Abilities

None to speak of.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

A Glock 17L that never leaves her side.


Rather tall, (is at least 5'7) with long sandy blonde hair, and gray-blue eyes almost always hidden underneath pink Kamina-esque shades. (Never takes them off, unless in disguise, or in offiical field work.) Is athletic in body structure, however is *very* well endowed in the chest area. Is mostly seen in a nuns habit, but dresses in skimpy clothing outside of work. (Her excuse is that she works in Southeast Asia, and things tend get hot and sticky.)


Amoral, immature, temperamental, bawdy, greedy, and snide. Although it is really all a front. When she isn't in "character", her personality is a lot like her character. (Except mature, less bawdy and subtle.)


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RP Canon

(What's happened to them in previous RPs, and since they arrived here)

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