Name: Draugluin, plus assorted unnamed wolves.

Gender: Male, with females in the pack.

Age: Mostly adult, but there are a few evil wolfpuppies running around.

Fandom: Silmarillion

Journal: elvesareyummy

Typist: The Mods

Quick Biography

Bred by Sauron to do his bidding. Draugluin, the largest, oldest and most evil, slept under his master's throne. The wolves are best known for eating the Nine Companions of Finrod Felagund when he was captured while aiding Beren in his search for a Silmaril. Felagund tore out the throat of one of the wolves with his teeth in a last attempt to protect Beren, he died soon after. Huan the hound pwned the vast majority of the pack, topping things off with his fight against Draugluin, who barely managed to report back to Sauron before dying of his wounds. Carcharoth was of Draugluin's line.


Unusually large, larger than normal wolves. Big, dark, shaggy beasts with evil eyes.


Inherently evil. Yes, even the puppies.


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  • Allies: Morgoth
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