Dr. McCoy

Name: Dr. Leonard Horatio (Bones) McCoy, MD

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Fandom: Star Trek (Reboot)

Journal: drleonardhmccoy

Typist: Meg

Quick Biography

McCoy was born and grew up in Georgia, from a young age wanting to grow up to be a doctor like his father, David. He attended medical school at Ole Miss, where he was a bit of a prankster, he and his friends would often play jokes on each other. As a student he also met and married Pamela Branch. He loves medicine and has a great talent for it, but nothing he did could help when his beloved father was stricken with an incurable, incredibly painful disease. All of his efforts at curing him failed and eventually his father's pleading with him to be taken off life support wore him down, and he helped his father die. Soon after, a cure for the disease was discovered and McCoy was consumed by guilt.

His guilt over his father's death damaged his relationship with his his wife, and though the relationship survived for another three years the damage had become irreparable. The divorce was bitter and painful and she took everything.

With nothing left and nowhere to go, McCoy joined Starfleet despite his aviophobia, bitterly commenting to a battered and bloodied young man that his ex had taken even the planet in the divorce. He had no way of knowing then that the kid would just never go away, and would end up defining the way that he would spend the rest of his life. If he had, he'd have talked to him anyway (though he might have left out the comment about having nothing left but his bones).

After three years together at the Academy, McCoy was close enough to Jim Kirk to smuggle him aboard the newly completed USS Enterprise when an emergency distress call came in from Vulcan. He became the ship's Chief Medical Officer after the original CMO was killed in the initial attack from the Narada, and rallied a diminished medical division in a damaged medbay to deal with not only the injuries resulting from the attacks but the arrival of over ten thousand traumatized Vulcans following the destruction of their planet and Captain Pike, who had been tortured by Nero. Following their return to Earth, when Kirk was officially named Captain of the Enterprise, McCoy was named her CMO.

During the Enterprise's explorations, McCoy was occasionally a member of the landing parties on new worlds, though he would regret it on Nibiru, after he and Jim found themselves running for their lives and jumping off a cliff to avoid angry natives and Spock nearly died in a volcano. He remained CMO when Jim was briefly demoted following the incident and was aboard when Jim took the Enterprise to the Klingon capital of Quo'noS in pursuit of John Harrison. He examined Harrison after the criminal was taken aboard, in the process drawing some blood for analysis, one sample of which he injected into a dead tribble in order to see what it might have on necrotic flesh.

Though he was less inclined than Kirk to give any credence to Harrison's vague comments regarding the experimental missiles the Enterprise carried, he accompanied Dr. Carol Marcus to investigate them because she had requested the steadiest hands on the ship. After a scare when his arm became trapped in the missile, they were shocked to discover that the weapon actually contained a man in a cryogenic pod. There were 72 such pods aboard the ship, and after Harrison, really Khan, took over the heavily armed USS Vengeance with Kirk, Scotty and Carol Marcus aboard, on Acting Captain Spock's orders he removed all 72 of the cryogenic pods from the missiles so that they could be beamed aboard the Vengeance in exchange for Kirk, Scotty and Carol, and detonated.

After the missiles were dealt with he was busy in medbay dealing with Carol's broken leg and other injured personnel, not to mention coping with the ship spinning wildly out of control and throwing everyone everywhere, so he didn't know that Kirk had entered the highly radioactive warp core without a containment suit until his body was deposited on one of his tables in a body bag. Absolutely stunned and crushed by the death of his best friend, he could only collapse into the nearest chair. A sound caught his attention and he looked up to find that the dead tribble was now very much alive. He immediately ordered for one of the cryo tubes to be opened and Kirk placed into it to preserve his brain function as he informed the Bridge that Khan needed to be taken alive to save Kirk. Thanks to Uhura and Spock he was, and McCoy spent the next two weeks before Jim woke closely monitoring his friend as he slowly recovered from the brink of death, spending a great deal of time with Spock in the process and becoming more comfortable with one another.

Nearly a year later, following a memorial service for those lost in Khan's attack on San Francisco, McCoy was again on board the USS Enterprise as her CMO, under Captain Kirk, as they set off on their five year mission. God help him.

Only now he's at some old mansion in the middle of nowhere on some planet that thinks its Earth, and nobody's answering the communicator. Dammit, he knew he hated transporters for a reason!

A Note On Alternate Universes

Elements of McCoy's backstory predating his enlistment in Starfleet have been drawn from the background of the Prime universe character from TOS, including his place of birth, medical school, and the death of his father. The name of his wife has been taken from the comic books set around the movies. The name of the woman his Prime counterpart married is generally accepted to be Jocelyn, so the typist is considering them to be different women, and as such his Prime universe daughter, Joanna, does not exist. TOS and comic information is taken from Memory Alpha/Beta.

Physical Abilities

His physical ability is average for a man of his size and build. He's getting pretty good at running for his life, but that's Jim's fault.

Most of McCoy's abilities lie in the field of medicine, mostly as a surgeon and physician but he is also studied in the fields of exobiology and psychology. Also Kirk wrangling. But mostly medicine. He may not be able to cure a rainy day, but dammit he'll try.

Superhuman Abilities

Dammit he's a Doctor not a superhero.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

A communicator (uselessly out of range), Starfleet tricorder and medical tricorder (both now burnt out on arrival at the Mansion), field med kit containing a hypospray, spray applicator and a small collection of medications for use with them, and massive quantities of snark.


6'1”, dark hair parted neatly on right, clean-shaven, hazel eyes. His shipboard duty uniform consists of black pants tucked into black boots, and a long-sleeved blue shirt with a shallow v-neck and the Sciences insignia on the left breast over a higher-necked short-sleeved black undershirt. Silver braid on his sleeves shows his rank, as a Lt. Commander it has one wide braid topped with one narrow braid. He wears his Starfleet class ring on the little finger of his left hand.


At first glance, McCoy can seem to be an angry, cynical sarcastic bastard. But when you look deeper, you'll find that he is, in fact, an angry, cynical sarcastic bastard, who's struggled with guilt issues, become embittered by his ugly divorce and has some difficulty dealing with people as a result. But past the abrasive surface he cares, deeply, and he is deeply loyal to those he cares about. He doesn't consider himself a brave man, he's deeply distrustful of technologies such as transporters and struggled with aviophobia on his entry into Starfleet, but he's strong and determined enough to face those fears, even if he complains the whole way.


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