Dr. Franken Stein

Name: Franken Stein

Gender: Male

Age: mid-forties-ish

Fandom: Soul Eater

Journal: suture_guy

Typist: Matrix Refugee

Quick Biography

Franken Stein is a mad scientist hired to work as a teacher at DWMA (The Death Weapons-Meister Academy, an organization founded by the Lord of Death and located on the edge of the mortal world, in the Nevada Desert, as a place to train gifted humans known as Meisters and their partners, called Weapons due to their ability to physically morph into actual weapons [yes, it's that kind of anime] to battle demonic entities known as kishin and nasty magic users known as Witches. The canon is sort of what one would get if you crossed Harry Potter with Yami no Matsuei and had Tim Burton handle the art design) early in the story. He views everything in the world as a specimen to be experimented on, including himself. He has a large screw sticking through the side of his head, and his skin and clothes are interweaved with stitches. He normally serves as a kindly father figure to his students, though he suffers from chronic bouts of madness that compel him to try and dissect anything in sight. Other than being a scientist, Stein is considered to be the most powerful meister to ever graduate from DWMA. He uses his Soul Perception ability to read his opponents' souls and use the data he acquires against them. He works well with many weapon partners, including his childhood partner and Lord Death's current weapon Spirit — who he experimented on in his sleep — and his old flame Marie Mjolnir. Even without a weapon, Stein is a master martial artist and can perform potent attacks with his soul wavelength alone.

Following Asura's resurrection, Stein's insanity worsens under the effects of the kishin's spreading madness wavelength to the point where Marie is assigned by Shinigami to be his weapon, her soothing soul wavelength quelling his insanity.[ch. 23] However, he falls victim to Medusa's plans after she has Crona plant a magical snake inside Marie that worsens Stein's condition even more.

In the anime, the snake in Marie's body is left undiscovered, driving Stein completely insane and causing to leave DWMA and join Medusa. He is later rescued by Maka, Crona, and Marie, the last of whom returns him to normal with her soul wavelength.

Physical Abilities

Besides being an excellent surgeon and physician, he's also very skilled at unarmed hand-to-hand combat.

Superhuman Abilities

He's able to read the souls of people around them and gauge their strengths (though this won't happen without another player's permission). He can even weaponize his own soul wavelength (somewhat like a person's spirit energy) and turn it into a small blast resembling a greenish electrical discharge.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

None on him


Tall and slim, silver-haired with a pale complexion, usually seen in a white lab coat and peering through round-lensed eyeglasses.

Wait, that sounds like someone else…

Well, yes, they look like they could be *twins* (and in some strange world, maybe they are and they were separated at birth), but the similarities end there. This guy is fond of…dissecting things, including himself and thus there are surgical scars and stitches all over himself, including his clothing. Also, there is a large machine bolt through his brainbox, which he's often seen turning when most people would scratch their heads whilst thinking. It appears to be some sort of enhancement of his own devising, but how it's put in there isn't certain. Mun's guess is that it's some odd implant that allows him to use more of his brain power at a time than most people can.


Stein is, first and foremost, a man of science, who seems to be married to his work as both a scientist and a weapons meister, with little room for a wife and a family or many friends. On the surface, he comes across as a cool-blooded sort, who's only too happy to dissect anything and anyone around him, not just his enemies, but also the people he considers his friends — even himself, as evidenced by the suture scars zig-zagging across his body. This urge to explore the anatomy of others is driven, not by cruelty (though he does seem to take a coolly sadistic delight in his dissections), but more by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an insatiable curiosity toward the body, human and otherwise, in all its shapes and sizes: When he presents a rare species of bird as a subject, he responds to his students' protestations that a rare creature is better left unharmed, by pointing out that it's better to examine it before it goes extinct and that knowledge is lost. But his madness and his drive to satisfy his curiosity at all cost are held in check as a result of his highly disciplined training in both armed and unarmed combat, as well as his devotion to the DWMA and to his students.

He may come off as a bit of a sadist, but he's more cheerful than cruel about it (which doesn't make him any less unsettling). Also, while he has a sense of humor, it's a jauntily weird one: he calmly informs Spirit, at one point, that he's swapped his partner's middle toes while he was sleeping; it turns out that Stein was messing with him, but Spirit's horrified reaction is proof that Stein just might do something like that. Somewhat of a solitary man, he's still capable of forming fairly close friendships and partnerships, but there's still a hint of cool detachment at his end. Love isn't something that he completely comprehends, except as an aspect of human behavior. But it seems his friendship and Meister-Weapon partnership with Spirit Albarn, starting when they were both fairly young has helped him to open up to people more. Even still, his living space has a clinical feel to it and virtually everything has suture-like markings on it, as if to symbolize how tenuously stitched-together his own sanity is.

There's no real Freudian Excuse for his urge to dissect people, and it would seem he's a born sociopath. But he is a quietly heroic one with a strong moral code: he takes a certain pride in treating his patients and in passing on his knowledge to his students. Later in the anime, when he's possessed by one of Medusa's snakes and is no longer able to hold back his madness, he willingly leaves the DWMA to keep from harming his students and the people he trusts. What looks like an act of betrayal is in fact an act of loyalty, with his own characteristic weird slant to it.


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