Denzel Crocker

Name: Denzel Quincy 'Crackpot' Crocker

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 10 - 53

Current Age in Carpe: 53

Current Point in Canon: Post Grow Up Timmy Turner

DOB: March 13th, 1962

Fandom: Fairly Oddparents



Quick Biography

The Crocker line is infamous for trying to prove the existance of magical creatures. Starting back to 1665, with Alden Bitteroot. However, unlike the other relatives, Alden makes false claims that somone, male or female is a witch. Since Alden is a witch himself. Then the Crocker line presumably every male in the family is hunting something. The last two being Uncle Al, who hunts Genies and Denzel who hunts Fairies. Basically, a family line of truth seekers on the male side only.

March 13th, 1962
Denzel was born. According to The Jimmy/Timmy Power 2, Denzel's birthday is March 13th and in The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker, it is stated that in 1972 Denzel is ten years old.

March 14th, 1972
First thing about kid Crocker, he was vastly different then his adult self. When Timmy is looking for Crocker as a child, Timmy is looking for a miserable kid. Rather, they find a very confident, super popular and yo - yo master. Basically, Denzel is totally radical. Which Crocker carries into the AU version of himself, in A Wishful Life.
Apparently,Denzel has a pair of parrots. A pair of pink and green parrots. That turn out to be none other then Cosmo and Wanda.
Which vastly confuses Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda who had time traveled from the future;

Timmy: "What are you guys doing being Mr. Crocker's fairies thirty years ago?"
Cosmo: "I don't know. I don't remember being Mr.Crocker's fairy."
Wanda: "Neither do I. And I'm the smart one."
Timmy: "I don't understand how he can have - FAIRY GODPARENTS!"

Wanda: "I don't understand it either, sweetie. All I know is that March 15th, 1972 is the worst day ever."

Timmy: "And tomorrow is March 15th. If you guys don't remember being Mr.Crocker's fairies. Crocker must had done something to lose you forever!"
Wanda: "Don't be silly. All fairies are masters of disguise."
Cosmo: "Yeah, I know I wouldn't do anything to give myself away."

1970's Cosmo: "Hi icecream man. Hi group of children. Hi birdie. I can fly too because I'm a fairy. Wheeeeeeeee."
1970's Wanda: "Get in here you idiot!"

March 15th, 1972
Denzel goes to City Hall for Denzel Crocker Day for having had been the 'groovest' and most 'far out' kid in Dimmsdale. In other words, completely selfless with the use of the magic with his fairies. One of the most outstanding things he did was save Timmy's Dad as a kid from being hit by a truck.
Little Crocker's speech, that starts off, "Fellow citizens, I was born in a log cabin 10 years ago…" Sound familar? Little Denzel's pink and green parrots are also around.
Timmy, along with present day Cosmo and Wanda, are there watching when suddenly this dawns on Wanda and Timmy goes to cut the power from the microphone and tell Cosmo not to do anything stupid. Timmy tackles little Crocker, whom gets sorta pissed off that he's being followed, and finally asks who Timmy is. In reply;
"With this genetic tracker. It can find anyone anywhere."
Little Crocker: "Wow. That's astounding."
Timmy: "But you have to go home. Your secret is in great danger. Trust me. I'm from the future."
Current Cosmo that came with Timmy: "Hey, what does this do?" [Turns the power back on the mic]
Timmy: "If you're not careful, this will be the day everyone finds out you have Fairy Godparents."
Parrot Cosmo: "A fairy? That's absurd. If I where a fairy, I'd look like this." [Poofs into a fairy with hippie clothes and a big sign saying 'A Fairy Godparent']

Jorgen Von Strangle comes down from Fairy World, along with some other fairies, with the help of his MIB Mind easing pen, because Denzel broke [Rules] of admitting of having a Fairy Godparent. However, before Jorgen could overly mind wipe Crocker, Denzel was able to grab a piece of hair off of Cosmo and place that in the Tracker and write on the back, Fairy Godparents Exist!
Jorgen then proceeds to say, "You will now lose your Fairy Godparents. From dis moment on. You will forget you ever had a fairy. Everyone in town will forget all the wonderful amazing things you're done with them and no magic on Earth will ever change dat!"

The first mindwipe however doesn't do anything much as Little Crocker;
"Even a fairy?"

So, Jorgen erases Crocker's mind a second. Where Little Crocker replies, "Are there even fairies?"
Finally, the third time, is when Little Denzel transforms, as if all the stress of his life at one unfold, if he had never had fairies and his back hunches and his teeth are made into an exaggerated overbite.
Later on, after having been chased by the angry mob, that had come to honor Little Crocker but no longer remembers what the kid has done with magic, the Tracker in Denzel's pocket beeps,
"Something's happening but I don't know what." Flips the device around, "Fairy Godparents Exist? Fairies DO EXIST! FAIRIES!"

Meanwhile, Timmy goes back to the Future, see March 15th, 2002, and then he remembers that he left the Tracker in the past. However, since Jorgen banished Timmy the month of March 1972, Timmy can't try again to undo what he did.

March 15th, 1982,
After having graduated from Dimmsdale College. Harvard was sometime later. [Transparents and Remy Rides Again] New Baltimore he was kicked out of. Stupor Highway//) And spending four years on proving the existence of Fairy Godparents, Crocker was presenting to scientists and the US government his findings. His findings lacked scientific backing, (bad pictures and just words) though his pitch on the subject was profound,

"How would you like it if whatever you wanted just magically appeared?"

He was able to know that these ‘Fairies’ are assigned a child, and he wanted to collar these children so that the Fairies could be captured and Crocker (along with everyone else) could control the magic. He was laughed at. Laughed at horribly. Mocked. By EVERYONE, the Scientists, the Government, the Newscast. The random people there including Timmy's Dad, Timmy's Mom and Crocker's Girlfriend (actually his girlfriend broke and cried) It ended as Denzel’s second worst day of his life, and the only person who ever dated Crocker(surpise surpise Geraldine) broke up with him. As she cried, she stated;

"Denzel, no. I'm in love with a psychotic moron."

Very much implied it was not a mutual breakup. (As he later random says in Abra Catastrophe, that he loves her and she says it's unwanted) Denzel was considered a ‘crackpot' for his fairy belief by the world. Denzel will spend the rest of his life trying to get the smell off of him that "Fairies don't exist". Geraldine very sadly, left Denzel when he needed someone the most but she rather keep her popularity then be with him after this happened. Rather than be seen what everyone is now calling a 'crackpot' or 'insane' person.

Sometime between, 1982 and 1992, Crocker attends, New Baltimore, Harvard and Oxford College/University. The first one he was kicked out of.
*References, Remy Rides Again, Transparents and Information Stupor Highway.*

March 15th, 1992
Denzel starts teaching at Dimmsdale Elementary, despite his 'Crackpot' nickname that everyone knows by now. Even Timmy refers to Denzel, later when they meet as 'Crackpot', his old girlfriend, whom had broken up with Crocker exactly ten years prior was the Princpal of the school now and apparently hired Crocker. As he drives to his new teaching job he claims that, "Mustn't be late for my new teaching job because where there's a school, there are children. And where there are children there are bound to be - FAIRY GODPARENTS!"

Also, Timmy was born this year, as he's seen in his mother's tummy. That Cosmo remarks, "Why did she eat, Timmy?"

In Transparents, Denzel Crocker is still an Elementary school teacher for the town of DimmsDale (almost 10 years later from when he started in Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker in 1992) who you will find in various episodes teaching different subjects. Denzel's fellow peers, workers and everyone else consider him to be critically insane and make open mock jokes about him. Still going on twenty years later, such as;
"How many Crackpot’s does it take to screw in a light bulb? Who cares? Crocker’s nuts."
Every time Crocker thinks something is the work of Fairies, shouts out like a mad man, and even hurts himself at times, very painfully that insurance companies would go broke from his accidents, physically from screaming ‘Fairy God Parents’ out. You also find out that Mr. Crocker is out to RULE THE WORLD once he captures a Fairy. Which brings me to my next point about Denzel, because of everyone thinking Crocker is insane: No one will believe it when Crocker shouts, ‘Fairies’ or 'Fairy Godparents, when something is the work of these creatures, hence the man’s need to have psychical actual proof. Denzel also torments the children, especially his classroom, for his rotten life.
His main enemy is Timmy Turner. Crocker constantly picks on Timmy during class, and even if Turner gets the answer correct, he'll give him an "F" usually in the form of a marker; Denzel's able to get away with things due to not only being a crackpot but also having tenure. Quoted from this line;

"All I have to do is get them to sit in my special Fairy detector chair. If they survive they're FAIRIES! If they don't - I HAVE TENURE!"

The reason Crocker is so horrible to Timmy is because he highly suspects Turner has Fairy Godparents. Denzel never suspected until one day when Timmy brought in a purple live dinosaur for show and tell. Knowing the only way Turner could have gotten that dinosaur (and being the only one besides Timmy who believed the dinosaur to be real), Crocker called a Parent Teacher Conference, knowing his actual parents could not show up because of what the project was. So, rather than seeing Turner’s actual parents, Denzel figured he’d meet whatever was really the cause of that dinosaur existing. This of course had to be the result of Fairy Godparents.
Denzel rambles to himself;

"Only magical creatures could had created that dinosaur. Now's my chance to wipe the stench that 'fairies don't exist' off me forever.
Whether it was Harvard, New Baltimore Community College or right here at Dimmsdale Elementary.
I've always been the butt of many a cruel jokes. Due to my 'so called' crackpot theories on the existence of - FAIRY GODPARENTS!
But that will all change soon but first I must prepare for the FAIRIES! To the Crocker Cave!

It may just be a phone booth inside the janitor's closet. OUCH! But after I capture Timmy's fairies and harness their magical powers for my own use. DARN IT! I'll not get only the proper equipment but also the respect and- OW! Admiration that has so long DELUDED me!
Mine will be a New World Order, with I, Mr. Crocker as the Supreme Magical Ruler!

Then… Only then… [Cuckoo sound effects]
Ah! Timmy Turner's Fairies will never escape the ever vigilant eye of my - FAIRY FINDER! Patent Pending.
Ah ha! They're here! Any of my Fairy originated traps are bound to expose them for what they truly are. FAIRIES!

[Cuckoo sound effects]

You're next."

Turner's real parents do not show up (as Crocker planned), and he gets to meet a human form of Cosmo and Wanda (whom Crocker refers to as Mr. and Ms. GodTurner). Considering Denzel grew up with the real Mr. and Ms. Turner, he knew Turner was lying to his face about it. Not that Denzel could prove those two creatures (Ms. and Mr. GodTurner) aren’t humans to everyone else. So Denzel leaves various traps for the Fairies, like a washroom labeled ‘Magical Creatures’ (since they wouldn’t know any better and the toilet inside was booby trapped). However, Denzel ends up trapping the principal, Crocker's old girlfriend, instead. Timmy wishes the dinosaur in the box to be a dog and just as Denzel thinks he has proof, that proof poofs away magically into a dog. So, rather than the purple dinosaur that was inside the box, it was actually a dog (or was it?). Crocker opened the box and was confused, upset and insane-looking. Denzel had been so close to having his physical proof. Therefore, Denzel told Turner as they sat in detention together;

"You may have outsmarted me this time, Turner. But I'm on to you. They can't keep me in detention FOREVER!"

*Special Note* This is the very first epsiode with Denzel in it.

Information Stupor Highway
Crocker is forced to wear dresses so his mother can hem them. As much as Crocker complains about having been forced he states,
"Although this does make me feel pretty."

Meanwhile, Denzel hears a ping and comments, "Someone opened my files! Most people would assume this was the work of a hacker but I know that some child wished himself into the internet with the help of his - FAIRY GODPARENTS!" Which then he goes to follow the IP address of virtual Timmy.
Crocker manages to web cam record, Wanda and Cosmo in Timmy's room during a magic fight.

Cosmo: "I don't know. Let's have a magic fight. Just for the heck of it."

Wanda: "Oh, why not. It's not like anyone can see what we're doing in here."

[Magic fight starts. Unknowly are being recorded]

Cosmo: "Yeah it would sure stink if someone was actually recording this and had irrefutable proof that some kid had -"

Crocker: "FAIRY GODPARENTS! YES! EXCELLENT! Ha, ha! I, Mr. Crocker finally have irrefutable video proof that fairies EXIST! Now, all I have to do is upload this data. Then using the internet transmit this to every computer in the world! And then I will crease being a laughing stock! Everyone will know fairies are actually - REAL! And with the unparallel speed of my computer should take no time at all."

Computer: "Download commissioning. 1 %."

Crocker: "YAY!"

Computer: "Zero percent."


Computer: "Negative one percent."

Crocker: "Drat. Once this unload is complete, I've programmed it to hack into the main frame of the interent and route it to every computer and tv screen in the world! Then everyone will know fairies exist!

Denzel goes after the pink hatted computer virus with his Anti virus Crackpots (the KILL button) However, Cyber Timmy (aka pink hatted computer virus)deletes the evidence and replaces it with Crocker in a dress, that goes around the world, instead. Crocker at the end, when everything is going wrong states; "Can this get any worse." Which enables, Murphy's Law, in the world, so Denzel is arrested by the goverment, right after he says that, for the outbreak of the world wide 'pink hatted' computer virus.
You also in the internet epsiode get a look at Mr. Crocker's website; Fairies R Real dot wand As well as newspaper articles including; Crocker's personal ad;
Single Crazy Causation Male Seeks Equally Crazy Female to Discuss Belief that Fairy Godparents Exist
As well as; about being kicked out of New Baltimore community college for stealing funds to build a trap for Fairy Godparents. As well as other places like money 'mysteriously' disappearing from the Elementary school's funds.
Not to mention the Red Rubber Dress web cam moment that he recorded by mistake

Apparently, Mr. Turner thought the picture of Denzel in that dress, "Well, it does make him look pretty."

March 15th, 2002
The entire, Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker episode. When Timmy time travels back to March 15th, 1992, March 15th, 1982 and March 14th and 15th, 1972, in that order. In which, Turner causes the Grandfather Paradox on Crocker. In order to find Crocker in the past, Timmy has AJs, Tracker with a piece of Denzel's hair. That will find him anytime and anywhere. However, Timmy doesn't come back with the Tracker.

Timmy's oringal intention was to change Crocker's life for the better by going back in time. Bascially, this Grandfather Paradox is, as long as Timmy is in existance, Crocker's life is going to be miserable, [A Wishful Life].
As Jorgen states; "Since you where not around to muk up his childhood, Crocker became Harvard’s most successful professor."

Mind Over Magic
Cosmo Con - Mr. Turner on Mr. Crocker;
"Those eyes. That hair. That figure. Oh my gosh it's worse then I thought. He's gorgeous!"

In Abra Catastrophe, Crocker DOES take over the universe and does control free will. Crocker has gone madder with almost limitless power, absolute power corrupts. He makes all the people in DimmsDale (now Slavesville) turning everyone into his obedient slaves and most importantly loving him and not mocking him! Reshaping the whole world into his image; Mt. Rushmore with his faces on it, Statue of Liberty becomes Statue of Crocker etc. Out of his long want of showing them all, wishing himself a magical Overlord. For he found and took a bite of the all mighty, Fairy Versy Muffin that Timmy received for his Fairy –versary, the Muffin, allowing one rule free wish, to anyone who eats it and Crocker wishing to find a Fairy, the closest one being Wanda, who he imprisons, with a butterfly net, later followed by Cosmo. Meanwhile, Jorgen Von Strangle forbids any Fairy to go to Earth while a Fairy Godparent is captured by that insane man. Expect for Cosmo who is still on Earth with Timmy. There's an epic battle of magic vs. magic takes place between Overlord Crocker and Timmy Turner. Timmy, is the only person, who didn't get hit by Wanda's magic that Crocker used to enslave the Earth, because he hide in Santa's magic bag, and magic does not affect other magic. The battle taking place in Slavesville, on Saturn's rings in space, Ancient Egypt and on top of a pencil eraser Due to the fact Overlord Crocker uses magic to create wormholes.

Claiming this on his psychosis;

“I’ll show you what magic. Along with proper planning and a little psychosis. Can really do!”

Denzel seeing he can’t win with magic; mid fight finds out Timmy, was one the behind the glasses, so then goes to use Turner’s parents and puts them at wand’s end point instead, and is going to transport Ms. and Mr. Turner to the sun. Of course, Timmy saves the day by, first; telling the TRUTH, that he has Fairy Godparents to mom, dad and Crocker and breaking the biggest Da Rule of all, exposing your FAIRIES! Or rather admitting that they're Timmy's since Crocker knows they're Fairies, Timmy's mom and dad of course didn't know they were Fairies, however, Mr. and Ms. Turner, have a rare light bulb moment. Da Rule book comes and takes Cosmo and Wanda away. Overlord Crocker having a rather ironic line of,


Timmy then attains the magic muffin from Crocker, wishing Cosmo and Wanda as his Godparents again. Then wishes that no one, expect Timmy, and the Fairies, remembered any of this ever happened and it is so, plus there's no trace left of this ever happening either, as everything Overlord Crocker did to the world is now *magically* gone. In the very end, Jorgen Von Strangle isn't pleased with Timmy having exposed his Fairies, even if it was to stop Overlord Crocker and then using the magic muffin to bring them back and being untrustworthy to even have that magic muffin, Timmy knocks Jorgen in the head with the Forget Me Knob and Jorgen forgot why he was there, and ends up re assigning Cosmo and Wanda to Timmy and then goes off to Scramble the Fairies. Meanwhile Crocker is seen locked, inside an asylum, where Crocker smells Fairy magic in his cell as the Fairies return to Earth from Fairy World. This is Crocker’s second memory wipe. The only good thing that comes out of all of this, is the sub plot of lying, Timmy's parents now are truthful to him, while Timmy continues to lie about his Fairies.

Mr. Right

Shelf Life

Big Super Hero Wish
Channel Chasers - was cured of his insanity for about 10 seconds. During which, Crocker wanted to use cold fusion he figured out to help humanity. However, there was a mind wipe wished up by Timmy for everyone in Dimmsdale, whether they where involved in the adventure or not to forget, so Crocker goes back to being insane and runs back to the ayslum laughing like a manic.

Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour 1 - Crocker takes over Fairy World, his famous, "Dust to dust" statement when he's about to vaporize Jimmy Neutron. Another memory wipe at the end of this though for him.

Birthday Wish
Remy Rides Again
Hassle in the Castle - Denzel can be seen in the GodKid Hall of Fame.
Presto Chango - Mr. Turner comments how Mr. Crocker, "is a hunch back dream of a teacher. " And that Mr. Turner in Mr. Crocker body is 'gogerous' when Mr. Turner and Denzel swap bodies.

Back To Norm
Future Lost - Helped Timmy
No Substitute for Crazy - Helped Timmy, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
Fairly Idol
Grow Up Timmy Turner

The movie starts, 13 years later into the future. Timmy Turner is now 23 years old (his birthday in fact) and refusing to grow up, move out, get a job or fall in love. As long as he doesn't do any of those three, Turner can keep his fairies. Turner, still is attending Mr.Crocker's 5th grade class. Denzel is beyond highly suspicious of why a 23 year old man is still in the 5th grade. In fact, Crocker manages to tell you the plotline of the movie and that Crocker will capture Timmy's fairies. Challenging Turner to make a wish, Denzel ends up with the atomic runs. Denzel swears he'll capture those - fairies! And use their power for his own… Right after he uses the restroom.

"Riddle me this class, how does a 23 year old man still manage to stay in the 5th grade all of these years? How does he do it? How is it even possible? Yes! Now, I remember he has - FAIRY GODPARENTS!"

Timmy: "I've been in your class 13 years. How come no one seen these Fairy Godparents?"

"Oh, they will Turner. You see, I know you're staying child like in order to keep your - FAIRIES! I'll play along with your game. But soon, I will catch them and then it will be I, Mr. Denzel Crocker who will be making the wishing around here! Go on. Make a wish. I dare you."

Timmy: "Ok, I wish you had the atomic runs."

"I need to use the restroom. Silent study until I return. Enjoy this one Turner, because it will be your last."

Later on, Timmy is heading out of school, Jorgen Von Strangle is determinded to make Timmy grow up by falling in love. So much in fact, that Von Strangle takes Cupid's bow and arrow and three times thoughtout the movie tries to hit Turner. Each time unsuccessful. There's a press release in Dimmsdale Park, where The Mayor (and Choppy the Goat) introduce Hugh J. Magnate Jr. Whom is trying to tap Dimmsdale Park for power supply. Turner watches someone protest against Hugh and chaining themselves to a tree (which he saves her from being hit by a bulldozer (which Turner magically wishes to have broken down) and from chainsaws (that magically turn into balloons) Turner finds out he saved Tootie. Yes, Tootie. The little creepy obsessive girl, who is Vicky's younger sister and stalked Timmy everywhere when she could. Timmy had found himself hypnotized by Tootie (before Turner knew it was Tootie) and when they hugged the love meter went up and Timmy knew it and pushes Tootie away on a claim of a sunburn. That isn't real.

Meanwhile, Hugh isn't pleased with his pants being eaten by a goat or that his industrialized power source was somehow stopped. Almost magically. Hugh gets a not so mysterious phone call as Mr. Crocker phone disguises his voice but was interrupted because of his mother. Denzel meets Hugh, at a restaurant called, "The Alley" and says, that Crocker is the answer to Hugh's problem. Showing Hugh a file of Timmy Turner and fairy pictures and the most recent ones from that afternoon in the park. Denzel finally manages to convince Hugh to give him the money Crocker needs to build his new fairy capturing device. Hugh is hesitant to believe any of this, well until Crocker says, "The chainsaws turned into balloons." Hughes finally buys into Crocker's, well what he thought was nonsense, on the claim that only magic could stop Hugh J. Magnate Jr. However, Hugh later on, finds Tootie to be more hostage material then those fairies Crocker keeps on going about that belong to Turner. Denzel goes on to say, that the fairy magic can be either used against Hugh or for him. Crocker of course, having all the intents of keeping the magic for himself. However, Crocker promises to build Hugh's industrialized thing a ma bob, in exchange for the cash to build the new fairy capturing device. Apparently his teacher's salary doesn't cut his hobby bill. Denzel and Hugh celebrate their over a bowl of pasta, that a piece of pasta links the two, Lady and the Tramp style. The two stopping just inches from the other's mouth and staring at each other,

"I didn't plan this." Crocker comments.

The next day, Turner finds himself sick or rather love struck. Literally. Butterflies in stomach and so on. Which makes Cosmo and Wanda more nervous. The love meter is getting higher! But there's still hope! That's when the door bell rings. It was Tootie and Mom and Dad where already telling Tootie that she was married to Timmy. In their continued attempts to make Timmy grow up. Turner jumps out of his window, however was still seen by Tootie. Turner continues to try and hide from Tootie, however she finally finds him and convinces Timmy to go to the park with her. Timmy promises his fairies on his blackberry he's not going to fall in love.
At the park, Hugh and Denzel are wearing Groucho Marx glasses as they both watch Timmy and Tootie fly a kite. Denzel stalks Timmy using the latest in surveillance technology. A dragonfly camera. Because wherever Turner is, the fairies are close by, "After 13 years, I'm closer then I've ever been!" Apparently, someone was mind wiped one too many times. Back at Hugh's company headquarters, Denzel shows Hugh the blueprints Crocker has drawn up for his latest fairy capturing device and how it works. Meanwhile, they watch Timmy and Tootie in the park. Tootie and Timmy on the other hand, are unaware of being watched and just flying a kite. With Timmy being literally dragged around as Denzel comments;

"Look at the Manchild, go. Patience how he won't grow up. Despicable how he rebels in his bubble of no responsibles.
But without his fairies. His cushy carefree life is over. After 13 years, I'm closer THEN I'VE EVER BEEN! Where Turner goes the fairies follow and we will be able to track him with one of my greatest inventions. The latest in surveillance technology. The dragonspy. And once the trap is spung we will capture Turner's - FAIRY GODPARENTS!"

Then Tootie and Timmy go out to a place called 'The Fancy Restaurant'. Which is what the name implies. Cosmo and Wanda as salt and pepper shakers on the table see Timmy falling more for Tootie so they poof off of the table and turn into human waiters and dump pasta and sauce all over Tootie. Which makes Tootie leave to wash up. Timmy out raged at his fairies asks what that was all about, Wanda explains, that Timmy, you're falling in love and suggests to poof Tootie somewhere, like Alaska but rather, Timmy asks for Tootie to be magically washed up. As well as one more thing, when Tootie comes back. Timmy asks her to follow him back to the park,

Back at the park, is now magically redone to how it use to be when they where both kids. Human Cosmo and Wanda, scroll baby Poof in a stroller in the park. Watching Timmy grow up and there's nothing they can do about it. Considering, on many occasions Wanda has read from the Da Rules book, "Magic cannot interfere with true love." Wanda and Cosmo watch Timmy and Tootie up in the tree and see that one kiss will do it. As Wanda states on how she's going to miss Timmy, Cosmo says, "Don't worry you'll always have me." Wanda cries and causes Timmy to fall out of the tree. Tootie confused asks Timmy what was his problem, why couldn't you kiss me? Tootie pissed off in a lack of a decent reply leaves the park and on the way, finds a bunny 'trapped' by a dumpster. Tootie goes to save the bunny, only to be trapped herself and taken away by Hughes in his limo. Timmy's 5th grade friends, see Tootie being kidnapped and rush off to tell Timmy. Meanwhile,

Cosmo and Wanda, are so happy about having stopped Timmy from growing up. Until, Poof stares guilt into both of Cosmo and Wanda. Since Wanda and Cosmo want Poof to grow up, why are they stopping Timmy from growing up. In a fairy group hug, lasting only moments before Mr. Crazy pops in with his Atomic Fairy Incarcerator, capturing the fairies and heads off. As Cosmo and Wanda scream for Timmy's help inside the device. As Crocker laughs. Turner's 5th grade friends find Timmy lying on the grass and tell them of Hugh's kidnapping Tootie, Timmy states, "Well, I certainly wish she wasn't kidnapped." Silence, Turner tries again and his 5th grade friends look at Timmy like he's gone mental. Turner was baffled on why his wish wasn't being granted. Unaware of his fairies having been fairy napped, until Turner reads the buttons on his backpack reading, Help, us. Timmy! In the meantime, Tootie is being dragged to Hugh's Evil Lair, located in the very basement of his Corp. Building. Hugh explains why his evil lair is filled a twisted indoor McDonald's playpen. How, Hugh never got to play with others. Since daddy wouldn't let him. His lost childhood he can never have. As Hugh sounds more and more mental. Denzel is in the evil lair working on perfecting the final part to the plan, a wish remote control that reroutes the fairies magic into whatever the presser of the remote wants. Giving the remote to Hugh's says, "Just press and wish. And anything you want is yours." Hugh says he's always wanted one of those great big ball pits that daddy never let him play in because daddy said Hughes would get pink eye. Hughes then wishes for the ball pit to be bottomless, Denzel pushes one of Hughes goons in the ball pit, "That's bottomless, alright." Then laughs. Hugh's tolerance for Crocker being around wore thin and back stab the man. Wishing Crocker into the bottomless pit of plastic balls because truthfully, you do need a lot of tolerance around Crocker. Though Denzel yells, "I thought we had something special!" Not many people bother with the man. Well, unless you count the lovely staff at the insane asylum but that's more because they have too. Even his own mother, Denzel will drive up the wall with his obsessiveness. You continue to hear Crocker's screaming into the bottomless pit ball thought out the scene, at one point Crocker makes a remark, "Still falling!"

Cosmo comments to Hugh,on how Hugh isn't scary villain looking or rather, you're not creepy like Crocker and where's your upper body strength? At that Hughes wishes for upper body strength and then pulls out a toy robot that he wishes to life as his personal body guard, that can dance! Tootie is trapped in a steel play cage and using Timmy's yo -yo manages to grab the wire with the release button.

During which, Timmy seeks out Chester (who is now an officer of the law) and AJ, to help him save Tootie and his fairies. They both look at Timmy like what kind of friend are these? Turner goes, pretend friends. They eye Timmy. Finally, Turner says they're his fairy godparents that have been granting his wishes for years. Both AJ and Chester think Timmy is really mental. Fairies? Really? Timmy you insane like crackpot. However, Turner says he'll wish them both hot dates if they help Timmy. Finally, at Hughes Corps. they're locked out and Chester uses his knowledge of his field to get in or rather looks under the door mat for the key. AJ and Chester bail on Timmy so Turner goes in alone, into the elevator and presses the button that reads, 'Evil Lair'. To the Evil Lair floor!

Timmy goes to the basement of the Hughes company to face a more buff, Mr. Hugh and giant toy robot body guard. Tootie who had escaped her cage but now was dangling from a cross ladder over the bottomless ball pit. Turner wishes for Tootie to be saved but Crocker's encasement of the fairies has rerouted their magic. Well, there was that and the fact that Cosmo, Wanda and Poof's magic was almost completely drained into Hughes remote control. No wishes. Timmy must do this on his own. Wanda yells to Timmy behind the anti magical glass, that Mr. Crocker fell into that ball pit before, it's bottomless. You hear Mr. Crocker still yelling as he still is falling. If Tootie falls - SHE'LL BE GONE FOREVER! Oh, and there's a robot that wants to kick your butt. No pressure. Turner takes out the batteries in the giant toy robot and is left to save the fairies or Tootie. Timmy relieves as long as Hugh has control of the fairy magic he can't win, so Timmy goes to rescue Tootie and kisses her. Cosmo, Wanda and Poof start to fade away as they say their good byes to Turner. Having saved them from their imprisonment and almost having been magically drained by Crocker's machine. Timmy Turner grew up and fell in love with Tootie.

Look at that Timmy Turner is all grown up. Hugh loses everything he had wished for and is placed in the insane asylum because Hugh claims fairies made him to do. Hugh's assistant takes over the company and uses solar power over raw minerals.

Back in the park, Tootie and Timmy are reading the newspaper and Jorgen, running from crazy Vicky, that by mistake fell in love with Von Strangle is looking everywhere for Jorgen and Vicky goes off screen. Jorgen tells Turner he knows Timmy grew up and has a surprise for Timmy.

Jorgen, Tootie and Timmy are poofed to Fairy World, before the Fairy Council. In between the Fairy Council is a copy of Da Rule book, as Jorgen reads the new loop hole, known as 'The Timmy Turner Loop Hole'

Because of loving and keeping his Fairies for over 13 years and saving Fairy World many times, Turner is allowed to keep his fairies as long as he wishes for others and not his own selfish purposes. Timmy agrees and is reunited with his three fairies. Then introduces or a proper introduction to Tootie, Tootie this is Cosmo, Wanda and Poof.

Back on Earth, Timmy starts up a Wish Foundation that will allow the fairies to travel and help others wishes come true and keep their cover and stay together as a family, Tootie included. The van then magically flies away. As Timmy has moved out of his parents house. Speaking of his parents house….

Mr. and Ms. Turner are finally in paradise or rather on their front lawn in lawn chairs and beach sand and topical shirts. With their son finally moved away it's paradise.

You hear Denzel screaming falls from the sky. Closer, closer to the ground and wham! Onto the Turner's front lawn. Getting himself up, empties his shirt of plastic balls and looks over at the house and states, "Everything ends at the Turner's." Right where it all began. 13 years ago.
Interestingly enough, Denzel doesn't get mind wiped at the end of this.

Special Note; Rather then having had fallen onto the Turner's front lawn, Denzel instead having had fallen into Carpe Horas.

Interestingly enough, this all goes over Crocker's head.

Some Friendly Time Travel Notes
A big note is that Crocker doesn't know some of his life at all. Considering, he was mind wiped and doesn't remember the truth of having fairies as a kid, but rather remembers his life without ever having Cosmo and Wanda and obviously never remembers having met Timmy before Timmy was even born. Since Turner finally caught up to Crocker in time. So, it's no coincidence, that Crocker doesn't even have a Fairy track till Turner is in his class in 2001. Yet, Turner has yet to wish to go back in time to Crocker's past.


Needless to say, Denzel is not handsome. According to the Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker episode, Denzel is 5’ 10’’ and 128lbs. He has a hunch on his back; from a memory wipe incident, as well as ears on his neck, a large nose and disjointed teeth from the memory wipe. Denzel's has very greasy, black hair, which is really just a cheap wig. There are also two sets of three freckles on the side of his head. He had these when he was a child, which is contrary to the belief these freckles are liver spots. His attire is very white collar, white button up shirt, tucked into his black pants, a black tie around his neck, and with black dress shoes. To finish off the look; thick nerdy glasses.


Crocker is a very bitter man, but a man of his word. . Denzel wants to prove to the world that there is magic in the world by capturing Fairies. This way his long earned respect, which has driven him to the point of madness trying to prove the existence is earned, and not have to keep with standing humiliation he keeps enduring, for his ‘insanity’. Also to smite those people he doesn’t like. For example, in Transparents, Denzel monolugues to the 4th wall;
"Only magical creatures could had created that dinosaur. Now's my chance to wipe the stench that 'fairies don't exist' off me forever. Whether it was Harvard, New Baltimore Community College or right here at Dimmsdale Elementary. I've always been the butt of many a cruel jokes. Due to my 'so called' crackpot theories on the existence of - FAIRY GODPARENTS! But that will all change soon but first I must prepare for the FAIRIES! To the Crocker Cave!
It may just be a phone booth inside the janitor's closet. OUCH! But after I capture Timmy's fairies and harness their magical powers for my own use. DARN IT! I'll not get only the proper equipment but also the respect and- OW! Admiration that has so long DELUDED me! Mine will be a New World Order, with I, Mr. Crocker as the Supreme Magical Ruler!"
Which, in Abra Catastrophe Crocker kept to that promise. Not that he remembers that. As well as having an eccentric speaking pattern.

Despite being one of the main villains in Fairly Oddparents, Denzel has redeeming qualites to him. For example, in A Future Lost, Crocker helps Turner save the world.
In, No substitute for Crazy saves Timmy's life from the even crazier substitute teacher. Crocker claims, "Have you ever heard the pharse the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

As well as, he was not a bad child. In fact, according to Hassle in the Castle and Sercret Origin of Denzel Crocker. Crocker is in Cosmo and Wanda's GodKid Hall of Fame! Denzel has been double crossed by the other villains in teamups, with Norm the Genie Back to Norm and Hughs Grow Up Timmy Turner.

However, he did enslave the world in Abra Catastrophe and took over Fairy World in Jimmy/ Timmy Power Hour 1. Is in general overall, a jerk to his students;
Timmy: [Cheerful] "Good morning, Mr. Crocker."
Crocker: "……… Hello, Turner." [Confused]

[Timmy reading Crocker's mind with ESP] "That poor innocent sap. Who has no clue I'm going to pop a quiz on Botswana. The capital which is Gaborone. Maybe he'll cry. THAT WOULD BE GREAT! I could bottle his tears and sell them on the internet."
Now, contrary to belief, Denzel is not a scientist because science in his world doesn't believe in things like magic and aliens, which don't exist. There's a sciencfic reason why whatever Timmy may do with fairy magic does happen.

This being said Crocker is on the mad scientist.

He's knowledgeable in many subjects. Such as, math, social studies, science, language arts, computers and magic. Considering Denzel is a teacher, one has to assume what he assigns Timmy for homework, Crocker does know the subject. As well as, Crocker in Shelf Life, gives the students a pre approved books for their 500 page book list, including classics such as, Moby Dick, Sherlock Holmes, Huckleberry Finn and Frankstein. Questionable that Crocker should have them reading college level books in 5th grade but that's another manner all together. Denzel as a teacher is a lemon teacher with a twist. Rather then the typical lemon teacher whom teaches below the grade level. Crocker teaches way above the grade level. Either extreme however, the kids aren't going to be learning very much. Which I'm positive that Denzel is horrible in this sense with teaching because of his life. A free life lesson in life isn't fair, expect Crocker isn't trying to teach life isn't fair.
He wears heart printed boxes.

He lacks confidence and why he's always trying to destory children's self esteem. Besides the constant failure he gives Turner, there's also; "Children, in my on going attempt to scar you for life. We will be playing. MUSICAL LAB PARNERS!" Shortly followed by, "Mmmm. It appears Miss Tang, Turner is the only living thing available so you will be paried with - THIS ROCK!"
Which also goes into his personality of only picking on those smaller then him and never those bigger or his size. Unless, he has magic or some way of having the upper hand. Crocker also has a horrible temper, "WHY AM I STILL A MISERABLE SCHOOL TEACHER? Or WHY DOESN'T MY TRACKING DEVICE EVER FIND ME A - FAIRY GODPARENT!" In which he spazzes his body in three impossible ways, Grow Up as well as in the cartoon, "WHY DON'T ANYTHING OF THE THINGS I WISH FOR EVER BECOME REALITY?!" [Door slam and cracks the walls] or "FIDDLE STICKS!" Denzel also, besides his famous spazz of FAIRY GODPARENTS! Or FAIRIES! As well as, spazzes other words, for example; "HAVE A NICE DAY!" "TENURE!" "POP QUIZ!" And so on.

Crocker's only good trait may be his persistence. As Cosmo comments on in the IC commentary of Abra Catastrophe, (DVD only) the constant hunting of those Fairies.
"He may be creepy. He may be crazy. But you have to appreciate his dedication to the job."

Mind you the creature he's chasing after is making the comment.
In short, he's very blurt with his emotions and thoughts.

RP Canon

Greet person: **
Love interests: **None

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