Delilah Rose Johnson

Name: Delilah Rose Johnson, Nee Laughingbird

Gender: Female

Age: Twenty-one + 2

Fandom: Ernestine Shuswap Gets Her Trout

Journal: kamloops_rose

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

She's from the summer of 1910 (specifically, the day of the Laurier Memorial). Delilah and her friends Anabelle, Ernestine and her sister Isabel were tasked with preparing a meal for the Canadian Prime Minister. Alas, the new laws made their task impossible.

Conversely, Delilah Rose loved Billy Boy Johnson the Cowboy and was pregnant with his child. Delilah Rose loved Anabelle Okanagan and Ernestine Shuswap and most of all her insufferable sister Isabel Thompson who had raised her when their parents died. But the whiteman's law made it impossible for her people to live.

Caught between the two, Delilah took her own life with a pair of scissors the night Sir Wilfrid Laurier came to the Okanagan valley to discuss Indian matters.


Young and pretty, though by no means stunning. Her skin is golden, eyes and hair black, and she is relatively short.


Very suppressed, Delilah has a hard time expressing what she feels, which can be what leads her to extremes. She is extremely passionate, loyal to a fault, and proud of her Native heritage.


  • Family: Isabel Thompson and a host of relatives who are all back in Kamloops BC.
  • Lovers: In her canon, William Augustus Johnson, but she since moved on and is now in love with Daeron, with whom she lived for a few years until he died in the 2012 Carpocalypse.
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating): No-one!
  • Friends: Wendla Bergman, 11-12, Tsuzuki.
  • Enemies: None so far! Looks like Aramat might want to play with her, though.
  • Allies: Asato Tsuzuki.
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): None!

RP Canon

2013 updates

January 2013:
She's a bit broken due to Daeronbeing dead. By which we mean a lot. But she's also coping, she's had, sadly, more loss than one young woman should have in her life already. Has also lost Iskierka. She's strong and coping by being nice to others, mainly Iphigenia, with whom she is trying to understand human history, with the help of Paul.

In 2011

Interactions include:

In 2010

Delilah is meeting Aramat. This may not end well. She's also thought it was very strange that Adaon wouldn't be around anymore (and has been angsting about that offscreen). She successfully built a sweat lodge for Daeron. (Adrian and Maglor may however get a chance to use it later. She made a bff in Iskierka, against all expectations. She also met Will Treaty, to whom she is taking quite a liking. She's still madly in love with Daeron and is still trying to find a way to get him a harp in order to replace the harp Caranthir broke.

Other interactions include:

  • spending time with 11-12 talking about their respective manner of deaths;
  • befriending Adaon, then wondering where the hell he went;
  • being friendly with Asato Tsuzuki;
  • working on the new harp with Daeron and eventually finishing it after a year's hard work;
  • meeting Enide and having a bit of cultural dissonance going on;
  • befriending Icarus;
  • dancing dorkily with Ilse Neumann at the spring dance and being silly during the Christmas party;
  • learning Sindarin from Maglor, but then wondering where he went for a while, and worrying;
  • sharing cooking tips with the now disappeared Nellas;
  • helping Parsifal find cedar for the chapel;
  • greeting a bloody Pasha Antipov;
  • being terrified by an inadvertant vuvuzela*weilding Ryuk, which gave Daeron a chance to show his badassery;
  • greeting Temeraire and becoming fast friends with him;
  • helping Titus Groan find a better room;
  • befriending Wendla Bergmann and helping her reunite with Ilse.

At Ye Olde Mansion

Has stirred quite a commotion with her broken arrival. Healed by Jaenelle and Saetan, she's on the mend and developing a strong affection for Daeron, with whom she has slept more than once since then, mostly in an attempt for them to comfort each other.

She has a friend in Ilse , whom she likes very very much.

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