Dean Winchester

Name: Dean Winchester

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Fandom: Supernatural, the TV show

Journal: surfaceshine


Quick Biography

(SPOILERS up to 5x04)
Dean is the older son of John and Mary Winchester, and lived a happy, nearly perfect life the first four years of his life. That all changed when his younger brother, Sam, was born and six months later Mary burned on the ceiling of his nursery, payment for a deal she had made years before. John couldn't deal with her loss and became obsessed with finding and killing the fuck out of whatever had torn his family apart, but managed to do that more thoroughly than any demon when he hit the road with his two sons and never looked back. This was the life Sam would grow up knowing, and the only one Dean would later be able to acknowledge as his own coping mechanism.

Dean hero-worshipped his father and was, despite his otherwise rebellious and devil-may-care attitude, the Good Son; he was raised to be a good soldier and to protect Sam, and because Dean has never done a thing in his life by half, he learned the role to his bones. He basically raised Sam, and did a damn fine job of it if you ask either Winchester, but it was basically a mutually assured destruction: Sam wanted out, and when Sam set his mind on something, he was the most stubborn of the lot. When he left for Stanford, Dean was devastated, but took care not to show it and continued (for a canonically dubious time of either two or four years) to hunt either solo or alone with John, trying to respect Sam's wishes to try to live a "normal life." That all went out the window when John went off the radar, though, and Dean's attempt to get Sam back on board to help him put their family back together ended in dragging the demon who had murdered their mother right to Sam's new life and Sam's new girlfriend. It's a guilt trip he still bestows on himself from time to time, years and more bullshit than you can imagine later.

Sam and Dean hit the road again, hunting things, saving people, and trying to track down John; they discovered that though things were rough and the distance between them had grown more than either had suspected, through Dean's dogged determination and Sam's steel resolve to find and kill the fuck out of the demon, they were still an awesome team and loved each other more than was healthy. They did eventually find the demon, and their father, and a whole new level of screwed up: After a showdown in a countryside cabin and a serious car crash involving being T-boned by a possessed semi-truck driver, the demon was gone, Dean was still mostly dead from the demon's attentions and now catatonic from added trauma, and Sam and John were in bad shape both emotionally and physically. Ultimately, John traded his life for Dean's in a deal with the demon who had tried to kill them that sent him to Hell, and the boys were left trying to pick up the pieces and figure out what to do next, complicated by John's dying directive to Dean: If you can't save Sam, you'll have to kill him.

The demon was still at large and in hunting it down, Sam's visions that he had begun to develop even before his girlfriend, Jess, had died became worse and forced the brothers to try to figure out how to deal with them. Sam's issues aside, Dean suffered from a kind of grief he had and still mostly has no clue how to deal with, his screwed up assessment of his own self worth allowing him to hate himself for needing John to trade his life for his; he became unstable and closed off from Sam, lamenting that "what is dead should stay dead" and mostly being more melodramatic than you would have suspected he was capable of. But Sam needed him and that drew Dean back to the business at hand, especially when Sam was kidnapped by demons and, just when Dean had tracked him down to rescue him and kill the fuck out of some demons, killed by one of the other people kidnapped because they all - along with Sam - shared demon blood. Sam dying in Dean's arms was more than Dean could have handled in a good year, which this one had definitely not been, and completely unable and unwilling to cope with a world without Sam in it, Dean found the nearest crossroads and traded his soul for Sam's life and a year to live it out with him. This would, ultimately, become a Huge Problem, but hey - at least Dean finally gets to kill the fuck out of the demon that started this whole mess twenty-three years ago. That's persistence for you.

Sam spends the year trying desperately to get Dean out of his deal, but Dean is both unwilling and unable to help with this because if he does, Sam will die again; and besides, Dean is tired of all the stress of their lives and the grief he STILL doesn't know how to handle, and for some reason thinks Hell will be a welcome respite to all of it. A demon escaped from Hell, Ruby, shows up to ostensibly help them in their endeavor, but Dean never trusts her, and besides Ruby is focused mainly on Sam. Despite everything, Dean's year ends and he is dragged to Hell by hellhounds, and there he spends forty years being tortured by every demon the Winchesters ever sent to Hell and then some. That's right. Forty years. The poor boy is THIRTY. Ahem.

Then things get really complicated: An angel pulls Dean out of the pit and resurrects him on Earth, but not before he has broken the first seal of the Apocalypse by stepping off the torture rack and agreeing to torture other souls. Remember how much guilt Dean felt over something he had absolutely no choice in, like Jess's death that he could not have possibly known about or John's deal for which he was comatose and dying himself at the time or Sam's death that he could not possibly have prevented? Well, let's just say shit gets real after he makes THAT decision, but he does not tell Sam about it for a good long while because Sam has been going a bit crazy while he was stuck topside for three earth-months without Dean. Both brothers become isolated from the other, Sam sneaking out with Ruby to do Very Bad Things and Dean trying desperately to deal with what happened to him without bringing Sam into it at all, and oh yeah - they started the Apocalypse so now they're supposed to stop it, only good luck with that. Mutual codependency and +10 stubborn attributes mean that while both Sam and Dean are trying to Do The Right Thing with this whole Apocalypse business, they no longer trust each other, but can't seem to get away from each other; Sam ends up killing the fuck out of Lillith, the demon that held Dean's contract (did I mention he does it with his Demon Powers? Yeah, Dean hated that too), and thus breaking the final Seal that allows Lucifer to escape his cage and really get this Apocalypse thing on the road. Dean ends up killing the fuck out of Ruby with Sam's assistance, and though this is some small comfort, shit has gotten even more real than before, and you got it: Dean manages to blame himself for that, too.

Now the boys are both trying to avoid being vessels for Michael (Dean) and Lucifer (Sam), which you'd think would be easy since angels need permission to possess a human, but you'd be wrong because angels cheat and also, it's ~* destiny *~ that they will both say yes and end up playing out the final battle. They distrust each other more than they ever have and Dean is very, very close to hating everything in the world including Sam, who is at least repentant but that only goes so far, but they also need each other more than ever because they are the only two in existence who can be trusted to have the other's best interests in mind. In the end, Dean decides that they need space from each other, for multiple reasons both practical and nonpractical, and Sam agrees enough to split them up; this lasts until hunters track down Sam and try to take the whole Apocalypse thing out of his hide (he is part demon, after all, and as you may have realized by now, hunters mostly do their level best to kill the fuck out of demons wherever they are - if their brothers let them). Shaken by this and Lucifer trying to talk Sam into agreeing to be his vessel, Sam calls Dean for help, but Dean keeps his foot down because he still really hates himself and most everything else and needs the space. This will prove to be a mistake, because this is where Carpe Horas comes in.

I'm taking Dean from a few weeks after 5x04 and that phone call, which is where in-game Sam has disappeared into the game; during that time, Dean has been back in his own world, receiving an angelic mindfuck in which he is basically thrown two years into the future when Sam has agreed to be Lucifer's vessel and the rest of the world has been decimated by a zombie plague with a few scattered survivors; naturally, he blames himself because Sam said yes when Dean wasn't there and future!Dean tells him that he and future!Sam had not spoken since that phone call in which Dean did not allow he and Sam to come back together again. So when he gets back to his own time, Dean immediately sought out Sam to make amends, only to… not find him. He did, of course, track his brother down to the bar he'd gotten a job at and the hotel he'd been staying in, but finding no trace, began to slowly lose his mind. Again. And that's basically where we're going to find him in game.

Physical Abilities

Dean is well trained in both physical and modern weapon combat and very comfortable with his body and what it can do; he's in good shape, but he's only human. Most of his resiliency comes from his indomitable heart and stubborn streak a mile wide rather than any actual physical attribute, but he's still stronger than the average modern adult male. He fights dirty, so mostly he goes into a fight expecting to win, and his life has not proven him wrong; he's an excellent shot with almost any handgun and even with a sniper rifle, and has been trained in knife fighting.

Superhuman Abilities

Dean has the ability to remain optimistic despite eternally getting the shit end of the stick and being tortured in Hell for longer than he has been alive on Earth (although that particular ability has taken a beating recently and is less solid than it used to be). He also eats more saturated fat than any human still alive and with that waist ever has a right to. Other than that, not really - he's just a human. Although he does passably at speaking Latin and has memorized a great many purification and exorcism rituals, so maybe that counts?

Unusual or Magical Possessions

Dean has an amulet that warms in the presence of God. No, really. He doesn't know it because to him it's just a gift from his brother when they were both kids, but that is apparently what it does (and he's keeping it because I want him to, so there). I'm also giving him one gun with a few different ammunition clips: silver, consecrated iron, regular lead, and rock salt.


Dean is 30 years old, 6'1" with the kind of muscle mass that only comes from a lifetime of physical work and an active lifestyle; he is also afflicted by being what has been affectionately called "permanently rough around the edges." He has dark, dark blonde hair that he keeps short enough that it could as easily just be called brown, hazel eyes that tend towards green, and handsome features. If he has his preference, he's usually found wearing multiple layers of clothing, usually consisting of work-worn jeans, CAT boots, a plain t-shirt or henley, a plain flannel, and some kind of jacket (usually the leather one his dad gave him). Also as many weapons as he can stash on his person, and as much crap as he can shove in his pockets and forget. (Played by Jensen Ackles)


Dean is the goofball and the optimist of the family, which is funny because he's also probably the most fatalistic. He has deep, deep seated family issues that tie into almost nonexistent self esteem, and often has trouble defining himself when it's not in relation to someone else; that is to say, he's most comfortable as John's Son or Sam's Brother, and when you take away John and Sam, Dean often becomes directionless and reckless, so the majority of his life has been spent trying desperately to keep his family together both for their sake and so he knows who he is. He will willingly trade his life or wellbeing for almost any other person, and this has caused problems in the past because all that self-sacrificial bullshit aside, Dean is stubborn, resourceful, and well trained. He can be sensitive, but mostly he's been taught to stuff his feelings down and never, ever, talk about them, so mostly he's just repressed and fatally codependent on his brother.
That's all underneath the surface - like good nougat, on the outside Dean is brash, crude, and as tough as they come, and has developed humor as a means to cope with most everything around him. More recently he has become highly suspicious of everything and everyone around him, but destiny and not being able to trust the one person you need in your life can do that to you. He is intelligent but mostly relies on his instincts, practical to a fault, and capable of being mightily self-righteous. Also, he may not be able to trust Sam as much as he would like, but nobody else gets to mess with his brother, ever. Just saying. Dean doesn't always try, but he never gives up and he has never known when to stay down.


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RP Canon

At SkyTides
I played a pre-series Dean in a steampunk airship world for a while, and while it's maybe a bit awkward to shoehorn that in, I'm going to anyway; he doesn't really remember it thanks to basically living a nonlinear life with multiple deaths and afterlives by this point, so it's all kind of fuzzy unless something (or someone) specifically reminds him. When Sam screwed off for an apprenticeship and John went MIA because he's a douche like that, Dean tolerated it for a little while, until John was clearly off the reservation. At that point Dean bought passage on the nearest airship to search for his missing father and also work his way closer to Sam; that ship was Serenity and she was a mercenary ship with a goodhearted but unheroic Captain caught in a time when governments were crazy enough to actually blow up their own floating continent to get the upper hand on each other. Dean settled in as a mechanic on the ship, searching for John when they docked to refuel, pick up a new job, or make repairs, and always hoping that their next job would take him in the direction Sam had gone. He probably died there, but like I said, it's all kind of fuzzy and he doesn't try too hard to make it all fit into a format that makes sense, so sometimes he remembers having goggles and that the Impala was an heirloom gun and not a car, and he's mostly okay with that because crazier shit has happened.

At Carpe
Dean just got here but he's already menaced Asato Tsuzuki, befriended Caliban Leandros, been befriended by Jaenelle Angelline, possibly taught Sophie Rackham what cannibalism is to Sugar's patient dismay, reminisced with Hisoka Kurosaki, ass-surfed (that's couch surfing, not the other kind) with Sir Agravain, been lectured by Paul the Historian, folded towels with Geneviève Émery, admitted he just fell off the turnip truck to Phèdre nò Delaunay, not been stalked by Aramat Drawdes, tried to piss off Spike, did not get his ass kicked by Lucivar Yaslana, and made cherry bombs with Icarus. AND THAT'S JUST THE FIRST TWO DAYS, PEOPLE.

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