Dancy Flammarion

Name: Dancy Flammarion

Gender: Female

Age: About sixteen or seventeen

Fandom: Alabaster

Journal: booradley_girl

Typist: Matrix Refugee

Quick Biography

Her birth was foretold by an angel to her mother, Julia Flammarion; wanting to prevent such a disturbing birth, Julia tried to kill herself by drowning herself off the Florida Gulf Coast, but she was rescued by fishermen. Nine months later, Dancy was born, in her grandmother's cabin in the middle of nowhere in the Florida panhandle; she grew up in seclusion, with only her grandmother, her mother, and their nearest neighbor, a cemetery caretaker named Mr. Jube for company. She came to the attention of the supernatural when something came out the swamp and approached the door of Mr. Jube's cabin during one of Dancy's evening visits, eying her suspiciously before slinking away.</span>
When Dancy was fifteen, something else came out of the swamp, attacking and killing her mother, and then her grandmother when the older woman went after it with the family's Winchester rifle. Dancy succeeded in killing the monster, then after placing the bodies of her family in the cabin, she collected a few belongings and set fire to the cabin. Guided by her angel, she set out on the road, but she was soon picked up by the police. She was made a ward of the state, but due to her ramblings about angels and monsters, she was remanded to a mental hospital. She managed to escape, though not after killing a handsy male orderly who'd been overly familiar with her and some of the other female patients.
Still guided by the angel, she set out on the road again, cutting somewhat of a swath among the nastier denizens of the dark, and making a name for herself among their kind. She had some near misses, though, including a time when a dark faery queen sent a twisted Nephillim to take her out (though she managed to kill the Nephillim instead), or a time when two monsters captured her, one intending to break her and end her mission. They didn't succeed: it would seem that it's hard to break her after she'd already been shattered…
At length, she was hired by a man known simply as The Bailiff, a gofer employed by one Aramat Drawdes, who wanted the girl to take out a particularly sinister bottle containing "30,000 ways to die". But this was a front for another job, namely, taking out Miss Drawdes…

Physical Abilities

She's very proficient with a knife, perhaps too proficient…

Superhuman Abilities

This is where it gets ambiguous: She claims that she has visions of an angel, directing her to kill certain monsters, but as evidenced from Threshold, it's questionable if she's really seeing an angel or if she's delusional and it's just the voices in her head being projected. She also seems to have the ability to see monsters and other preternatural beings as they really are. However, at the Mansion, those with preternatural pups reserve the right to reveal this to her at their (ye player of ye preternatural) discretion. Also, she won't be going off on a rampage and killing preters left and right, but if anyone wants to plot a bit where she does try to take out theirs, feel free to PM me for plottage (or tap me in one of the Monthly Plot Posts).

Unusual or Magical Possessions

Not really magical, but she'll be arriving with a dufflebag containing a few changes of clothes, as well as a large butcher knife and her grandfather's cutthroat razor.


About sixteen years old and short with a slight, slender build. Carries herself with confidence but without boldness. But what's most notable about her appearance is that she's an amelenistic albino: white hair, white skin, and pinkish-red eyes. She tends to dress for cover rather than style: long-sleeve jerseys and leggings, under man-sized tee-shirts and baggy shorts, with combat shoes for walking. Wears wraparound sunglasses on the brightest days.


Generally, she's quiet and calm, even a bit introverted, but far from being shy or withdrawn: she can be quite frank when she's talking, and there are times she can be downright rude or nasty (generally to monsters or when she's frightened or cornered). She hasn't been formally educated, but she's a voracious reader and she's fairly intelligent. She might be perceived as somewhat crazy since she's had a rather superstitious upbringing, and since she talks about angels and demons and other preternatural creatures as if they were the most commonplace things. Plus, she's known to be straightforward when talking about the things she's seen: whether you believe or not doesn't seem to faze her. She's used to people thinking she's weird due to her appearance, having people thinking she's nuts just sort of falls into the same category.


  • Family: Julia Flammarion (mother, deceased), Grandmother (deceased), Grandfather (deceased), Unknown Father
  • Lovers:
  • Score card :
  • Friends: Genevieve Emery, Tom Yarbro
  • Enemies: All a manner of spooks…, Aramat Drawdes
  • Allies:
  • Affiliations:

RP Canon

She was on the road to Macon, Georgia, following her encounter with Aramat Drawdes and her ladies, when reality rippled and Dancy found herself walking up the trail to the Mansion. She's had a shy presence about the Mansion, partly due to her own reticence, partly due to a strange reunion with Miss Aramat. But she's made a few friends among the young people of the Mansion, and at Genevieve's encouragement, has signed up for classes with the Mansion's high school. She's also been undergoing therapy with Helen (M2)at the encouragement of Carol Peletier

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