Dahlia Hawthorne

Name: Dahlia Hawthorne

Gender: Female


Fandom: Ace Attorney



Quick Biography

One of the twin daughters of Morgan Fey (before Pearl was born) Dahlia's parents divorced and her father took custody. When he remarried she gained a half-sister, Valerie, and lost her true sister Iris who was sent to a convent since her father didn't want three children (lovely guy, huh?) She plotted revenge on her father for ruining her childhood and with her boyfriend and Valerie's help, staging a kidnapping in order to steal her father's expensive jewels as ransom. Since then, she's been murdering, coercing others to suicide, and framing others for her crimes to cover up her trail. Her victims include said boyfriend, Terry Fawles, her own step-sister Valerie, and her boyfriend at Ivy Univerisity Doug Swallow. She nearly succeeded in putting away past-boyfriend Phoenix Wright as a killer for her murder of Swallow, and attempted to kill Prosecutor Diego Armando (but the poison only left him comatose for years). Dahlia was convicted of the murder of Swallow by Mia Fey, and was sentenced to death by hanging. Even from beyond the grave she attempted to murder Maya Fey, and nearly succeeded.

Physical Abilities

Nothing special, but she definitely uses her sweet, innocent looks to her advantage. By batting her eyelashes, she can convince nearly anyone of anything.

Superhuman Abilities

None; despite her spirit's dark grasp on people in her world, the properties of the Mansion prevent that by giving her a corporeal body again.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

None; just her classic, white-with -pink-lace parasol that marks her a mile away.


Petite, beautiful, unassuming young woman with red hair.


She looks sweet, but can be very bitter - even lethally so. Classic M.O. is to seduce and cute her way through her deceptions. Despite her big eyes and crocodile tears, make no mistake this girl is 100% trouble, cold and heartless.


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