D'Eon de Beaumont

Name: D'Eon de Beaumont / Lia de Beaumont

Fandom: Le Chevalier D'Eon



Quick Biography

The story begins in Paris 1742, when the body of a woman named Lia de Beaumont is found in a casket floating along the Seine. The only clue regarding her death is the word "Psalms", which is written in blood on the lid of the casket. D'Eon de Beaumont, Lia's younger brother and a knight in service of King Louis XV, takes it upon himself to investigate his sister's mysterious death, along with the strange disappearances of a number of French women. In his journey he discovers the mystifying reality of the Royal Psalms and becomes closer in spirit to his sister than might be considered normal.


D'Eon is slight, with long wheat blond hair and greenish blue (or bluish green) eyes in an earnest face. When he's not disguised as Lia, he wears his hair in a long tail down his back. As Lia, his hair is usually down, and often he will wear a dress. Otherwise he dresses as a minor noble of baroque era France.


D'Eon is intense and passionate about his love of France and his older sister. When he was younger, he was known as a bookish sort, more likely to wield a pen than a sword. He can be very shy around women, masking his nervousness behind false distance or unconcern. When he accepts Lia's spiritual guidance, he grows to be more astute politically and able to make difficult decisions.

About the swords

(Caution: spoilerific)

The eagle-wing hilted sword Lia is wielding in the icons is now at the bottom of the Seine. I did a detailed analysis (wow, that sounds so erudite) of the final episode, which features no less than four swords (including Lia's own sword from a flashback to her death).


I have to start almost at the beginning (though only revealed through flashbacks at the end). Maximilien had a sword as a member of Le Secret du Roi. It was apparently a silver basket hilt sword with a black scabbard. Louis is seen unsheathing it in a flashback while he and Broglie are explaining that Maximilien abandoned it when he left on his mad quest to unlock the Royal Psalms.


This, apparently, is the same sword that Louis used to kill Lia. It appears again in Louis's hand in his bedchamber when D'Eon and Lia confront him about his crimes. He cannot kill himself with it, but he is able to stab the gargoyle Saint-Germain. Lia also stabs Saint-Germain with the eagle-wing hilt sword, which snaps in half under the strain.

When Maximilien shows up, he's carrying Durand's sword, which he drops when Saint-Germain arrives. Cagliostro attacks the gargoyle with it, then drops it at Broglie's feet. This is how Broglie is able to have it. Maximilien destroys Durand's sword and attacks Broglie's eyes with the Psalms. He's apparently unhurt and leaves.

Louis begs D'eon/Lia to kill him, free him from his throne, but she only salutes him with the sword, and goes to meet with Maximilien in the gardens. When he dies, she takes the sword with her, so that is the one she has at the Mansion. D'Eon leaves the hilt of the eagle-wing sword on Lia's casket when he floats it out onto the Seine to burn with Lia's body in it to release the last of the Royal Psalms.


Lia de Beaumont

(probably more spoilers than even above)

Lia was older than D'Eon when she was killed, so she is very protective of her younger brother. She is also the better skilled with a sword and a Poet who can use the Royal Psalms. In life, she was an accomplished diplomat and spy and well-loved by nearly everyone in the French Court. In short, live!Lia was a Canon Sue and dead!Lia was more a force of nature than a person most of the time. She's found a lot of inner peace by the time D'Eon brings her to the Mansion.

But she still wants to be with her lover, since the impediments against them in canon aren't in force here. One, in D'Eon's body, she's no longer a child of royalty, just nobility, and not Maximilien's half-sister. And two, she's dead. Even if she were in her own body, she thinks being dead should make it not incestuous.

D'Eon doesn't have to hide her existence here, but since it freaks some people out, he doesn't advertise it either, and she honors his wishes by not advertising either, although she's comfortable in both dresses and trousers and is more likely to be since dressed out of gender, although she will leave her hair down more often than he does.

About Psalms/Poets

(more coming)


  • Family: each other
  • Lovers: maybe Maximilien Robespierre
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating): n/a
  • Friends:
  • Enemies: Maximilien Robespierre (sense a problem here?), maybe Sandor
  • Allies: Adrian Ivashkov
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): France

RP Canon

This looked like a great place to relax, for both of them, until Maximilien showed up. D'Eon would cheerfully kill him again (well not so cheerfully but he doesn't like him), and Lia wants to snog him or worse. Headache time or an entire bucket of brain bleach for D'Eon.

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