Cyrano De Bergerac

Name: Hercule Savignien Cyrano de Bergerac

Gender: Male

Age: mid-20's to mid-30's

Fandom: Cyrano de Bergerac (play)

Journal: cyranosavignien

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Hercule Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac, a cadet (nobleman serving as a soldier) in the French Army, is a brash, strong-willed man of many talents. In addition to being a remarkable duelist, he is a gifted poet and is also shown to be a musician. However, he has an extremely large nose, which is a target for his own self-doubt. This doubt prevents him from expressing his love for his distant cousin, the beautiful Roxanne, as he believes that his ugliness forbids him to "dream of being loved by even an ugly woman."


Big nose, warrior build. Nothing more to say. Played by Gabriel Byrne because I can. His hat has three feathers, he wears a red cloak, and carries around a rapier and a musket.


Flamboyant, poetic, generous, chivalrous, brave and very, very unhappy, though disinclined to express it. Romantic to a fault. Very low self esteem masquerading as overconfidence. Can be excessively courteous, or unabashedly provocative. Makes many friends, and just as many enemies. Chivalrous, loud, independent, proud. Hard to remain indifferent in front of his extravagant ways. Oh, yes, and very, very verbose. You love him, you hate him, you rarely ignore him - he probably does it on purpose. "Deplaire est mon plaisir, j'aime qu'on me haisse." (To displease is my pleasure, I love to be despised.) His ego, we believe, is only matched by his nose. Do mention it. He'll be very pleased.
Per Ragueneau:
Cyrano de Bergerac, that specter, that paragon,
That terror of trifles from Norway to Aragon,
Both genius and monster, unique, unexplainable,
He has every quirk and every virtue obtainable.
His clothes? As outlandish as his personality-
Three huge plumes for his hat- To hell with frugality!
Bizarrest of all the birds hatched out of Gascony-
Is your cause a lost one? You've only to ask and he
Will rush to defend you with wit and audacity,
With valour beyond mankind's normal capacity,
This dreamer whose vigour, whose kindness, whose verity
Are great as his nose - God forgive my temerity!-
But truly that nose is the glorious cross he bears,
Like some raging sardonic demon's emboss he wears.
I've heard strangers cry, Wait - and we'll see it taken off!
But that man's nasal destiny cannot be shaken of!


RP Canon

In 2011

Cyrano's life has been mostly revolving around The Death of Agrippina, A tragedy in 5 acts, with recruitment of cast and crew and rehearsals taking much of his time. Cast and crew are as follows:

TIBERIUS, emperor of Rome. - Locke Lamora
SEJANUS, Tiberius' favorite courtier and head of the Praetorian guard. - Titus Groan
NERVA, senator, the Emperor's confidante. - Phoenix Wright
TERENTIUS, Sejanus' confidante. - Hisoka Kurosaki
AGRIPPINA, Germanicus' widow. - Paulinka Erdnuss
CORNELIA, her confidante. - Magdalen DeFoe
LIVILLA, sister to Germanicus et the Emperor's sister in law. - Bridget
FURNIE, her confidante. - Wilhelmina Benedict

DIRECTOR: Cyrano de Bergerac.
STAGE MANAGER: Alphonse Elric.
STAGE HANDS: Utena Tenjou, Malcolm Reynolds, Hunny , Neville Longbottom, Asato Tsuzuki and Dominic Cobb.
MUSIC: Lady Aramat .
COSTUMES: Tom Yarbro.

Nonetheless, he's found time to offer his sympathy to his friends of the Blood when Saetan SaDiablo vanished out of existence.

In 2010, at the new Mansion

Cyrano de Bergerac is writing a tragedy (Agrippina) and will be recruiting actors eventually. This is not public yet. So far, he's recruited Locke and Paulinka . He's also acquired a new student in Utena .

Other interactions include (but are not limited to):

At ye Olde Mansion

He returned to the Mansion, teleported in the middle of the battle scene. He doesn't know it, but he already hates his new typist (though he didn't seem to like his previous one much either).
Cyrano: Typist, your wit is but the scrub under my feet. I revel in the rabid insolence with which you choose to treat me. I spit on your boots, for the shine it would incur would as well out do that of the inept despair that is your mind.
See. He already hates his new typist.
Upon arrival, he found his cousin Roxane was there, and was adopted as a "special uncle" by Kalush's daughter Ariana, and, upon provocation by Locke Lamora, challenged him to a duel. The affair was ended by Jaenelle Angelline before anyone was killed, but Locke was rather hurt (due mostly to his own suicidal behavior).
He also got acquainted with Jessica Darling (he wasn't impressed), Firekeeper (he taught her how to roast a pheasant), Miranda (he thought she was a darling) and Caliban Leandros (who still couldn't believe it was /Cyrano/).
No rest for the wicked - storytelling for a new niece (Ariana), little sleeping, breakfast with family(ish) as it seems the Blood has adopted him - he doesn't know what bewilders him the most : the presence of Elves, the astounding amount of cousins he seems to have acquired, or the risk that he may eventually be girlified. That's the state he was when Anita Blake's moron (Locke Lamora) went down for booze and passed out on him, prompting chivalrous actions and much stitching. When he got stood up for a drink by Lucivar Yaslana, because of the apple crackplot's destructive effect on him, he thus looked up sister Kalush and baby Ariana.
Having promised Ariana a play, he locked himself up for a few weeks, produced it, and is now recruiting players for it - current cast is as follows:

As he and Locke are forming an unlikely alliance. Cyrano is seemingly forming a friendship with Helen Rossi, who has offered to help him for offstage matters. Quick to delegate, he promptly named her Stage Manager. Costumes will be prepared by Zara - who is a mystery to Cyrano - even if Mickle keeps on dropping clues.
He also was de!aged by a crackplot (possibly a mis-experiment by Jaenelle Angelline - and he seems to be becoming fast friends with her, even if he is a huge landen and she is the Queen of Queens) and as a child met once more Helen, Teen!Wilhelmina Benedict and Kid!Lucivar Yaslana.
Now reaged, he is still working on his play, spending time with his "family" (the Blood, OMG), and quite effectively courting Wilhelmina - as the crackplot gave him memories of her which predate his crush on Roxanne.
But his typist is evil. So. He not!kissed Zara and got a thorough slapping for it (he deserved it) and got girlified by Dionysus's wine (but he thinks it's Khardeen, in front of Ganymede, mind you, and got to meet Daemon Sadi, possibly the scariest in-law in the known universe.
That was fun.
He's currently busy trying not to shag Molly Seagrim and failing miserably, getting depressed over his relative uselessness in the fight against Morgoth, trying to keep Locke Lamora in one piece, and well, in general, playing moderator between Jaenelle and Anita, Jaenelle and Locke, Locke and Anita, Locke and Phedre, and pretty much everyone involved in the epic fail.
He's currently getting restless and wants to fight, though. We're assuming it won't be a good thing.
ETA: It was a bad thing. He and Sandor met, it went down badly, though he was saved from an untimely beheading by Jaenelle. He won't be dueling again any time soon. Mostly, lately, he has been acting as Robb Stark's sword master, snuggling Wilhelmina, spending time with teen!Arianna and writing lots and lots of sonnets.

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