Name: Curufin

Gender: Male

Age: a couple thousand

Fandom: Silmarillion



Quick Biography

Curufin is the fourth son of Feanor. This is generally considered a bad idea, as they got into a lot of trouble. Fanatically devoted to his father and definitely his favorite (Maedhros just wasn't special enough), Curufin had a talent for smithing up until his father went a little crazy and swore an unbreakable, damned oath. Curufin hastened to follow suit. However, then, daddy died, and Curufin was left with a set of brothers he thought of as unmotivated louts. A kidnapping, a few murders, and a very well planned betrayal later, he found his way to Doriath and died, thank god.


Tall, dark, and handsome. No, actually. Not as tall as his brothers but still quite a bit over normal human height, Curufin is a very pretty boy, the mirror image of his father, if you knew him? but harder. His hair is pitch black and his eyes are iron-grey and usually about as warm as that metal. He has sharp cheekbones and when angry, flares his nostrils. When furious, a tic starts jumping in his jaw. That's when you run.


Cold, calculating, vicious. Curufin is utterly and completely devoted to the obeying of his father's wishes at any cost, and does not take well to obstacles. He cuts them down as they crop up. He has an uncommon spirit and affinity for pain, is very good at threatening and intimidating people, and accustomed to getting his way. He strives for emotionless as the ultimate state, but has an uncontrollable and raging temper when it rises. Curufin is utterly ruthless, in truth, and counts the death of anyone - cousins, sons, even brothers - as worthy if it furthers the Oath.

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